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27 November 2010

Siwon’s growing up photos disclosed and his consistent beauty becomes the focus

SJ member Choi Siwon’s growing up process has become the focus of the public.

Recently South Korea’s major websites disclosed SJ Member Choi Siwon’s Kindergarten period to his high school graduation period photos, attracting the attention of the netizens. Choi Siwon’s natural beauty that came through these photos is clear at a glance, his kindergarten looks and his present looks are exactly the same, another photo of him taking a bath in a child’s bathtub with a funny expression is the same as the current Siwon. The photo of his high school graduation is really special, the Siwon at that time already has no less than an idol’s excellent appearance, his skin was also flawlessly white, his tall body also seemed the most eye-catching to his classmates. Allowing people to think that he captured the heart of many girl classmates during his high school times, and received a steady stream of confessions.

After looking at the photos, fans have praised “Choi Siwon’s beauty! He is simply god’s beloved~” “How can he be so handsome?” “Siwon is more handsome!” “A pretty man who has never touched a knife before~” and more.

Source: koreastardaily
Translated by callinginsane@sj-world.net
Posted By: Carolina Pham ^^ (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

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