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31 October 2009

FT Island Hope mv version 2 Eng Sub

Music Core (31.10.2009)

credit : codemonmonseason4

Yoona in Saipan

credit : as tagged

Hyun Joong’s Tony Moly CF

SNSD for 'Photographer'


Who Wore It Better? Jonghyun vs MIR

fary : who wore it better?SHINee's bling bling leader,Jonghyun or FT Island Lee Hongki look alike,MIR? keke ^-^

credit : allkpop

SHINee me2Day update after winning Music bank!

[SHINee] We're so happy, bells are going off in our heads. 'Ring Ding Dong' 2009, Years Of Us! Now begins!

[Onew] Today I will hold back the tears^^ Our happiness today, we owe it all to you.

[Jonghyun] The reason why we do music...is... Y.O.U.

[Key] Here is our happy little place. We love you, thank you~!

[Minho] Thank you so much to all those who have always supported us and shown us love. You guys are the best!

[Taemin] Please accept my face that is just like the trophy ^^;;;

credit : allkpop

FT Island's 2009 Litmus Winter Pictures

credit : primanoona

Countdown for 2PM new album?

it was posted up on 2PM's official website.is it a teaser for their new album?

fary : I should be happy for their comeback,but,without Jaebeom,it feels empty T-T

source: 2oneday, 2pm's official site


Source : Youcapturedme

30 October 2009

SM-TVXQ Contract w/r/t/ Income Distribution

The Court has granted the injunction filed by the members of TVXQ against SM Entertainment.The Court found that the Contract between SM and the Members was unconscionable and against public policy. Following this victory, the Members are proceeding with the main suit to ask for the rightful shares of all income generated from their activities.

The following is a summary of the outrageous terms of the Contract that relates to the distribution of income. The clear conclusion is that the TVXQ members have received next to nothing for their six years of work, and that virtually all money we spend to buy SM products stay with SM. Please read the below to see the extent of the injustice.

Please keep in mind that SM's contract with TVXQ has been amended five times and therefore the applicable terms have varied over time. Accounting for all the resulting complexities, the truth adds up to the following:


I. TVXQ has received $0 for their album sales prior to July 2008, and only a negligible amount after that date.

Prior to the fifth and final round of amendments on July 1, 2008, the Contract read that for any album or single with sales not exceeding 500,000 copies, SM would be entitled to 100% of the profits, leaving the members with nothing. From the time of TVXQ's debut in late 2003 and until TVXQ's release of their 4th Korean album "Mirotic" in September 2008, no Korean album had sold more than 500,000 copies. Therefore, prior to July 2008 TVXQ has had absolutely zero income from their album sales.

On July 1,2008, SM amended the Contract to give each Member 1% of total sales for each album that sells over 200,000 copies. For any albums that sell fewer copies, the members are to receive 0.6% to 0%. SM has not honored even these outrageous terms, as it has not paid TVXQ a single cent since February 2009.

In sum, SM has kept 100% of all sales that TVXQ has generated with the sales of their albums and singles prior to July 2008, and has kept 95% or more of the sales after that date.


II. TVXQ has received $0 for the sales of concert DVDs and albums featuring recordings from such concerts.

Under the Contract, the Members are not entitled to receive any share of the profits generated from sales of concert DVDs and "live" albums.


III. TVXQ has received $0 for their appearances on TV programs.

Under the Contract, Members are not entitled to receive any share of the profits made through their TV appearances if the appearance is of a temporary nature. As all programs on which TVXQ appeared have featured the Members as "guests"and therefore by nature have been temporary, SM has kept all profits that TVXQ has generated from these TV appearances.


IV. For all other possible sources of revenue, SM subtracts from the total revenue all expenses, including salaries of other staff, stage preparation expenses, rent, travel expenses, food expenses, and the like, then gives TVXQ only a fraction of the remaining amount.

As for all other sources of income, the Contract states that TVXQ is entitled to varying percentages of the "net income." The Contract defines "net income" to be the amount remaining after the applicable "operating costs". The "operating costs" are defined to include such expenses that are traditionally expected to be covered by the employer, including but not limited to 1) salaries of the staff (manager, clothing coordinators, makeup artists, dance crew, and the like), 2) performing stage preparation costs, 3) living expenses, including rent and water/electricity bills, 4) travel expenses, including plane ticket costs, 5) meal expenses, and the like.

Even after all these "operating costs" are deducted from the net income, the Members are only entitled to a small percentage of the remainder while SM keeps the rest.


In conclusion, please realize that SM has kept virtually all of the profits that our Members have generated over the past six years. Our Members have received, literally, next to nothing.

Following thevictory of the granting of the preliminary injunction, the Members now prepare for a suit to claim their rightful share of the profits that they themselves generated. Please help them win the lawsuit by boycotting all SM-made products and merchandises (this excludes all Avex-made products, which includes Japanese albums and singles released in Japan).

Please remember that every cent you spend on SM will be used to fuel SM's efforts against our Members in the main suit. We as fans support TVXQ in their rightful fight fortheir rights.

Source: dnbn
Translation: Inklette @ dnbn
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com

JYP to keep contract with JaeBum, “Time is the problem”

JYP Entertainment will maintain and keep its contract with 2PM member JaeBum, who has left the group recently and is currently staying in the States.

The contract period for JaeBum is 7 years. Currently, it has been over a year after his debut, and there are still 5 years left on the contract. So what remains now is when he will return to Korea to resume his activities, and what many calls “the problem of time”.

JYP will be holding an audition in Seattle coming 7th November, and through one of the officials from the company, JaeBUm has also been scouted during the audition by JYP in 2004.

It is still not decided if Park JinYoung will be present at the audition in Seattle. An official said, “Because of JaeBum, there has been much concern about the audition this round.”

JYP Entertainment has also been very careful when asked if JaeBum will return to Korea and resumes activities sooner. But what we know is JaeBum’s contract with JYP will remain.

An entertainment industry expert said, “Because his contract with JYP will be kept, it is high chance that he can return and resumes activities naturally, but time is the key here.”

Source: sookyeong

fary : There's still hope :D Hottest wants their Leadja back! ^^

TVXQ will Resume Activities in Japan

After the last October 27th Court decision of terminating some effects of exclusive contract, the five members of TVXQ will be back to Japan and resume their activities there.

On the 29th (today) Daily Sports Japan met TVXQ’s official from their signed Japanese label AVEX, and as quoted from the official, TVXQ members should be back to Japan to continue their full activities this fall.

The official did not mention a specific schedule, however he said that the year-end events such as “The 51st TBS Japan Record Award” (organized by Japan Composers Association) and especially “The 60th NHK Uta Gassen” are included in the current schedule.

According to Sankei Sports on the 29th, the popular group Tohoshinki will also participate in theme song for NHK new drama “とめはねっ!铃里高校书道部” that is starting on January 7th next year, the song is entitled “BREAK OUT!”

NHK side commented, “We’re gathering image as Tohoshinki is one of the most popular group in Japan right now.” . While TVXQ leader U-Know Yunho said about their new song, “We hope through this song, we can give even just a little cheering hope for the youngsters.”

source: chaehee@yna.co.kr
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

After U-Know Yunho Appointment as Advertising Model, EVISU is Having Steady Rise in Revenue

Ever since the appointment of TVXQ leader U-Know Yunho as unique casual jeans EVISU advertising model for 2009 F/W season, the brand’s sale in Seoul as well as sale throughout the region has experienced a steady rise.

Each product ads that is using U-Know Yunho has been crowned as best sales item including U-Know Yunho “HOPE campaign t-shirt” and “U-KNOW t-shirt” which are the having the best response and large share in revenue.

In addition, starting from September to November, will be released sequentially “poster calendar” item revealing U-Know Yunho’s autumn to winter pictures which is going to be updated monthly. With various EVISU special images of the energetic-look U-Know Yunho, another great response from fans to this product is expected.

This EVISU’s star marketing efforts has generated around 100 million monthly sales from EVISU stores all around the country.

Source: OneTVXQ
Translations: SYC

2PM new album release date on Cyworld taken down; Underground moves on with their 2nd boycott exercise

Following the chain of speculations and discussions after the date 10th November was stated as PM’s comeback new album release date on Cyworld on 28th October, the release date for the album was taken down from Cyworld on 30th October.

And on 28th October, fan union Underground handed over 6192 passbooks with 11,000 KRW in each to JYP headquarters in ChungDamDong, asking to return JaeBum to the group with the money the fans will be using to buy 2PM’s upcoming album.

The album release date and also new song preview release date on Cyworld and Melon respectively was posted up 2 days back.

But on 29th and 30th October, the dates were taken down from the sites.

And at the same time, on 28th October, 2PM fan union Underground return 6192 passbooks with 11,ooo KRW deposited in each one to JYP Entertainment. In each passbook is written, “We wish to use the money meant to buy 2PM’s new album for JaeBum to return” and “I ♡ 재범” at the back of the passbook.

UnderGround members revealed that this is one of their boycott measures to demand for JaeBum to return to 2PM.

And for this boycott exercise, fans from middle and high school, college, working adults in their 20s and 40s, parents and also overseas fans were mobilized.

source: sookyeong

fary : T-T

[TRANS] 091026 f(x) - KBS Kiss The Radio

This is originally posted by ek10 @ Soompi Forums

Eeteuk asks Amber that she gets a lot of misunderstandings of being a boy or a girl, How does that feel/What do you think? Amber replies saying that when she was young in America she got a lot of misunderstandings and so now she doesn't think about those things anymore. Eeteuk then talks about the hanbok picture and how all the other girls wore the woman's traditional dress but Amber didn't, wearing the men's hanbok. He then says "Because you're a girl, don't you want to dress up pretty?". Amber replies saying I don't wear dresses that much and that I find pants more comfortable to wear. [Don't know the name of the women who asked Amber, I think her name is Lee Soo-young ] asked how old are you and Amber said I'm 18 [Korean age]. Eunyuk goes on to say the two chains wrapped around your neck makes you look tough[?-not sure how to translate that] Dont' know who said it but whispered in the background, "Amber looks a bit scary" [hmm, I don't think so]. Eeteuk talks about how it's only been two months since F(x) debuted then to 2am and then to Lee Soo-young(?) that it's been 10 years for her. Lee Soo-young says that there isn't any difference me sitting next to F(x), I look like I'm in the group [Everyone laughs].
Eeteuk asks the F(x) group whether there is anyone who wants to do a bit of DJing right now. Sulli answers and the music goes on, Sulli says "Hello, This is Kiss the Radio and I am Su-Su-Sulli. The weather is nice today isn't it? This Kiss the Radio show please listen to it happily and let's all Lacha, Lacha, ta ta~!". Eunyuk says wow did you learn it? and Sulli says yes I have prepared it a little. Then Luna says she has prepared a little DJing as well. The music goes on and Luna starts saying in a reporter-type accent "Hello, This is Kiss the Radio Luna. This LuRadio is my first introduction, wipe all your worries and listen to LuRadio. Let's start with listening to Lachata!" Eeteuk asks Soo-young which person did the best DJing and she replies saying that they were all different, Sulli is morning and Luna in the afternoon.
Sings Lachata and fans scream in the end.
Eeteuk asks him what type of girls from F(x) do you like? and Chungmin (from 2am) says I like the kind and cute type..Sulli ssi.

After that the guests are asking questions to Eetuek and Eunyuk.

Source: translation of ek10 @ Soompi Forums
Translator: ek10 @ Soompi Forums
Credit&Shared By: miyachan11 @ aff(x)tion forums

Time Magazine introduces Korean idol group Big Bang

American weekly magazine ‘Time’ wrote an article introducing Korean idol group Big Bang.

The article was posted up on Time Magazine’s website on 29th October. In the article, Big Bang was introduced as one of the most promising singer groups in Korea and their journey to advancing into the Japanese music market.

A part of the article goes:

The vocalist Rain — among the TIME 100 in 2006 — remains the international face of K-pop, but a host of other artists are eager to follow in his wake….

Rain himself has struggled to make an impression in the U.S., despite a ton of MTV appearances and onstage backup from the likes of Omarion and Diddy. That leaves Japan as the prime foreign market for the talented, preening young acts that South Korea produces by the score.


The most promising of these is Big Bang, a domestically successful five-man hip-hop group formed through a Making the Band – style reality show in 2006.

And also:

Tracks like “My Heaven” (a collaboration with top Japanese DJ Daishi Dance) and “Love Club” have plenty of dance-floor appeal. As for swoon factor, well, their track “Let Me Hear Your Voice” has been selected as the theme for the new Tokyo Broadcasting System romantic comedy Ohitorisama. If your work is popping up on Friday-night prime-time drama, total domination can’t be that far behind.

Read the full article here: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,1933111,00.html

credit : sookyeong

idol group star who most suits anime character Naruto

Anibox did a survey from 20th till 27th October on Tooniland online on 1729 netizens asking the question “Which idol group star suits the anime character Naruto the best?”and DaeSung was chosen as #1 with 533 votes.

The reason that netizens chose DaeSung was that he is very energetic and likes to play and jokes around, similar to that Naruto.

Guess which other idol group members were chosen on the survey.

The rest of the results to the survey:

  1. DaeSung (533)
  2. TVXQ UKnow YunHo (304)
  3. 2AM Jo Kwon (128)
  4. 2PM Nich Khun (125)
  5. SS501 Kim Hyun Joong (116)
  6. SHINee TaeMin (72)
  7. Super Junior ShinDong (54)

This was in line with the 10th anniversary of Naruto, there is also a movie released for the 10th anniverary of the anime.

credits : sookyeong

SS501 'Tattoos'


fary : I cant stop watching 'Love Like This' mv! =.="

MBLAQ 5 People 5 Colours

Cheondung, Mir, Seungho, G.O, Lee Joon

With their intense charisma, new group MBLAQ are capturing the stage. What are the five guys like in real life?
As I give them a pen and paper and ask them to write about the other four members’ real personality, laughter bursts out here and there – “Hehehe”.
“You have to write really honestly and well.”
Leader Seungho gently threatens the other members to write about him nicely. However, Seungho’s request is instantly thrown into the air and broken into pieces. And without a moment’s hesitation, the members’ exposés began.
“Joonie, you really need to wash.”, “What, so we’re really going to go all out like this?”
The members’ pleasant back and forth of attack and defence started. The following is a summary of the members’ words from pen and mouth, a refreshingly honest view of MBLAQ from MBLAQ.

Seungho, “All-round man” but “dark circles”…
Seungho gets called “Docile daddy” by the others members. He is good at fixing machines, and can fix any problem related to electricity, so he is called the “All-round man”. When a problem arises, he immediately rises up as spokesman and doesn’t hesitate as an “honourable man”. He really seems like a typical gruff blood-type B guy, but when the conversation starts he can turn into a “chatty guy”. Also, his nerves can get sharpened [= gets annoyed easily] when he can’t eat at the right times. He is really alike to his mentor Rain.
However, he also has abundant sensitivity. His piano playing skills are also at a high level. He can also perform card tricks. But Mir is slightly worried about Seungho’s dark circles. “I hope they don’t get any bigger…”

G.O, “Hair-glass”? In reality is a “spotless guy”
He is the deputy of the group. His nickname “Hair-glass” comes from a combination of his beard (털[teol]=hair) and his trademark sunglasses. Despite his serious appearance, he is a skillful talker. His outer appearance is very manly but his insides are more sensitive than most and he is very considerate of others. He has experience of cooking for himself so his cooking skills are quite good. But his “tidy-disease” is tear-inducing for other members.
“He takes one hour to shower. So the people after him fall asleep waiting. He is a guy that loves his own skin.” (Lee Joon)

Lee Joon, the truth about “Fourth dimension” and “Dirty guy”?
On stage, he is the member who most resembles Rain. However, he is MBLAQ’s official “fourth dimension” [= somewhat eccentric]. From head to toe. Sometimes he comes out with absurd comments like “In the depths of the water there live giant squid the size of the 63 Building”.
Further, the members have picked him as the “person who washes the least”. It is the opposite of his clean image.
“We wish he would wash a bit.” (Mir, G.O)
But his body is top grade. But he is addicted to exercising. His hobby is exercising in the early morning.

Cheondung, “Sweet guy” but “terrible” at gags
Out of MBLAQ, he is the unique “good-looking young guy”. His nickname is “DoongDoong”, from his name. He is very nice and beautiful, but has a bit of “Prince Syndrome” [=aloof, up himself, i.e. thinks he is a prince]. He wears unbearably cute pyjamas at their house. He is also the odd one out in everything.
The most serious problem is his gag skills. His humour is really no good.
“I would like him to develop his gag/comedic skills.” (Mir)

Mir, “Atmosphere maker” but also “mischief maker”

The team’s youngest is the “atmosphere maker”. He occasionally hears that he looks like FT Island’s Lee Hongki. He also has the nickname “Chucky” that Cheondung made up for him. The reason is because they look alike. His gag skills are excellent but he can also be the “mischief maker”. In the team, he and Lee Joon are the unmatched masters of not washing.
“He is very satisfied about showing people his dirty/unclean side.” (Lee Joon)


JGS calls SNSD Tiffany!

fary : aww~they're close!

Music Bank@30/10/2009!

fary : click read more to find out Music Bank winner for this week!
Its......*drumrolls* hehe XD

[Audio] Heechul - Chobyeol

shared by: dbskdream

SNSD Chocolate Love mv version 2

Behind-the-scene to WonderGirls’ upcoming Cafe Mori CF

Ye Eun : "We're still very close to Hyuna"

Although Hyuna had dropped out of her former girl group, Wonder Girls, it doesn't mean that they've lost contact! The Wonder Girls revealed on a Chinese Internet/radio show they're still close with Hyuna.

On the 29th, Wonder Girls went down to a recording session for Sina, an Internet/radio show where they answered questions about life and their upcoming first-ever Chinese concert later on this year in December.

"Yes, we are still very close with Hyuna, especially Yoo Bin," Ye Eun stated after the Interviewer asked if the Wonder Girls are still close with former member, Hyuna, "She had left when her health was not in a very good condition.. but now seeing her in another group and being healthy, we are very happy and proud of her."

Earlier this year, Sun Mi had also said she missed Hyuna and was happy she was doing better and could enjoy singing and dancing with her new group, 4minute.

credits : omgkpop

Hyuna wants to make clothes for Shindong!

4Minute HyunA has revealed her dream to be a fashion designer.

On KBS Drama Super Junior’s ‘Miracle’ aired on 31st October, 4Minute appeared on the show as hope messengers.

When they were talking on the topic of dream on the show, HyunA said, “I dream to be a designer. Because I have much interests in fashion, I want to be a designer in the future.” Lee Teuk then asked, “Which Super Junior member do you want to make clothes for?”

HyunA replied, “I want to personally make clothes for ShinDong.”

Also member GaYoon said, “When I was young, my dream was to be a singer”, youngest member SoHyun said, “I want to live in a spacious 2-level house and live life as a farmer.” and HyunA said, “And then rear sheeps and ostrich on the farm.”

ShinDong also said, “As a producer, I want to produce a girlgroup like 4Minute.”

credits : sookyeong

2PM Hanami CF

Zhang Liyin “Love Me” feat. SJM Henry

Netizens use some imagination on f(x) Amber

With SM new girlgroup f(x)’s debut this year, much attention was also paid on member Amber who stood out with her boyish charms.

Amber is also spotted in boyish outfits and styles, but netizens decided to play around with the idea and gave Amber a little touch of femininity.

Go under the cut to find out!

In one of the online noticeboard posts by netizens, there was one titled ‘f(x) Amber is a pretty girl with long hair!’

And in the post are the photos:


after :

A netizen decided to play with PhoShop and gave Amber long wavy hair and long lashes.

Other netizens’ responses were:

  • “Still, she looks like a boy”
  • “Wow, she looks really pretty”
  • “She looks like Lee JunKi now”
    • “I thought I saw Yoon Do Hyun”
  • “I actually thought she looked like Tiffany in this new image”
    • “Wow Tiffany!”
  • “Is there by any chance that her twin is standing in for her in the group” <—— reference to drama ‘You’re Beautiful’, I love it!
  • “Charming and beautiful”
  • “She was a woman?”
  • “I think people should stop talking about this topic, we never know if Amber really feels hurt reading these posts and comments”
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