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31 January 2009




credit uploader :dbsk sleepless nights

More pictures of Lotte Premiere Talk Show in Seoul

The event was 2 months ago (2008/11/08 ) but we just found these pix today all right

credit: KellyUknow+tvxqbaidu+sharingyoochun@wordpress + dbsk dream

[SCANS] Seventeen Magazine

Credits: As tagged + DBSKnights + HERObaidu + DBSK DREAM

Yunho -- a man of many scars

I am turning into a doctor for Yunho oppa! (well that's my field of studies anyway, Now I am sure I shouldn't change it) Usually girls try to become singers, dancers. Like me you have possibly encountered quite a number of people who has auditioned for sm just so they can be slightly closer to the boys. Or maybe you are one of them. I know I would try out if SM was near me.

Anyways back to the main point Yunho visits the hospital atleast 30-40 times a year. WOW!!!

Scar on the left side of his face

There’s a light scar on the left side of Yunho’s face, many people thought that it was left due to the injury during sports. Actually, this scar has existed since Yunho is 2 years old. The story goes like this: One day, Yunho’s mum and 2 years old Yunho were playing bom bom car at the rooftop, at this moment, the phone rang and Yunho’s mum went to pick up the phone. During this blink of time, little Yunho fall off from the rooftop and landed first with his face on the ground, hence, his left face become bloody and that’s how his scar was left.

Scar on his forehead

It was undeserved for Yunho to have that obvious scar in the center of his forehead! One time, Yunho was standing in front of a book shelf and he was thinking of getting a book from the top shelving, but who knows, just when he was taking the book out from the shelving, the book shelf collapsed at the same time and it was just pressed against Yunho’s forehead. Yunho’s face was full of bloods after being rescued out from the book shelf. The wound have recovered after that, but the scar stayed on his forehead forever.

Scar on his neck

The long scar on Yunho’s neck was left due to operation. When Yunho was young, his vocal and singing was absolutely awesome, but nobody knows why suddenly there’s something growing on his vocal cords. After the doctor diagnoses, he straight away suggested having an operation to remove it. After the operation, Yunho’s neck emerged a long scar. It is also because of this operation, Yunho’s voice was seriously affected, his beautiful voice was having difficulty to send out again. Originally, we thought that Yunho’s throat will be fully recovered after this. However, lesions occurred again in 2006. At that point of time, it was coincided with TVXQ’s Japan Live Tour Concert. All the way from Yunho’s throat to his nasal cavity were full of spores, besides forgetting the unbearable pain at that time, his throat was still unable to send out any voice. Facing the upcoming concert, Yunho could only inject an emergency treatment injection and the effect of this injection was not to remove the virus, it was to turn those non-virus parts into virus, so that Yunho’s throat would be able to be in the state of paralysis. After struggling through the whole concert, Yunho was sent to the hospital straight away and was hospitalized for a week. (The doctor originally advised to stay in the hospital for a month for treatment, but due to the working reason, Yunho could only stay for a week and discharged.)

Incident of falling off from the building

Should I say that Yunho was dogged by bad luck or lucky? There is also a breathtaking moment of Yunho falling off from 4th level when he was young. Yunho was playing catching with his friends at an old 4-levels building. Being the mischievous ones, Yunho was afraid that his friends might found him, so he hung himself outside the wall on 4th level. Just when Yunho was pleased with himself that he had found himself an excellent hiding place, one of his friends ran over with a loud "WOW" and Yunho was scared by it. Then his hands were loosened and fall off from 4th level with his back facing downwards.

Translated: JaesicaCredits: ????????09.1 + ?????????? @ TVXQBaidu + fangirlmitz
Shared By: Dbsk dream

TVXQ's survivor VS Kat-Tun's Rescue???

We all know that TVXQ / DBSK / Tohoshinki has been successful in Japan with a multitude of #1 hits on both the Oricon Daily and Weekly Charts. However, every time they achieved #1, the big JE (Johnny's Entertainment) groups weren't around. Things are about to heat up, because TVXQ's next single "Survivor" will be going head to head with KAT-TUN's "Rescue." Both singles are scheduled to be released on March 11th.Many fans have suggested that TVXQ move the release a week earlier to March 4th, but Oricon Toppers Arashi and Koda Kumi will be releasing their singles on March 4th. Can TVXQ survive with "Survivor?" They probably won't beat out KAT-TUN for the top spot, but things are getting interesting. Thanks to anonymous and five stella nights for the tips.-- kpop

That makes me nervous. I always wish to see TVXQ rock the charts. I wish them all the best!

Credit: dbsk dream

[NEWS] Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide released in Korea

Yesterday, on January 29th 2008, Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide–TVXQ’s single which is supposed to be for their Japanese market–was released in Korea as well.

Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide is TVXQ’s 25th single which was released in Japan on January 21st and became ORICON topper both in Daily and Weekly Chart, thus makes TVXQ as the first foreign group who breaks ORICON top #1 for 6 times in Daily basis and 5 conscutive times in Weekly basis in Japan.

Bolero is a song composed by Girl Next Door’s member Suzuki Taepo who also composed their former hit, Love in The Ice whose Korean version is also well known in Korea. This song also becomes the main soundtrack of a Korea-Japan-Hong Kong joint movie, Subaru.

While Kiss The Baby Sky and Wasurenaide are songs composed by TVXQ’s members Micky Yoochun and Youngwoong Jaejoong, respectively. Kiss The Baby Sky was used as background song of a Japanese show, Zoom In! Super and Zoom In! Saturday (from October to December).

Bolero/Kiss The Baby Sky/Wasurenaide single which was released in Korea has the same spesification as the Japan version one. Breaking in 2 jackets, jacket A which contains CD + DVD and jacket B which contains CD only.

Quite different from the Japanese version one, in the CD, is inserted also one of their former Japanese single, Doushite Kimi Wo Suki Ni Natta Shimattan Darou? (remix ver).

The DVD itself contains of Bolero MV and behind the scene, and there’s also a pictorial booklet of 12 pages to complete the package.

source: Central Daily News + Hey JJ + Mr.TVXQ + Misu@TVXQINDO + Dbsk dream
news written by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

30 January 2009

[VIDEOS] 090129 Channel-A Soccer~

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Credits: Our Official YT #2 DBSKsleeplessNights + dbsk dream

[INFO] Tohoshinki #1 in Seacrh Egine + Jewelry Sales + Amazon.jp rank


Avex Seacrh Engine ranking~

Jewelry rank~

And remember those really expensive necklaces? I guess they are popular and many people are buying them. Look at the rankings!
Number 1 is Jaejoong's 'J' with that snowflake thing,
Number 2 is Micky's 'M',
Number 4 is Yunho's 'Y'
Number 5 is Xiah's 'X'
Number 9 is Changmin's 'C'

The rest are just normal letters without the snowflake decoration I think

Amazon Japan rank

Credits: Fairily_Spark@soompi + DBSKnights + DNBN

[FANMADE] DBSK's Future Girlfriends~






Credits: baidu + xietinloveshero + DBSKnights + DBSK DREAM

I think some are way off, First off YUNHO's ideal he has already certified it 100x that its someone like Jun jihyun~ and he likes LONG STRAIGHT Hair so Yunho is kinda wrong, doesn't look like Jihyun at all~

Changmin's is kinda correct a Small face and the girl resembles 2 of Changmins Love Han Ga-in and the old Movie of Romeo and Juliet, Juliet~~

Yoochun, has the right Motherly Feel~ but Yoochun prefers Straight hair~ and it looks like her mom so ++++

Jaejoong goes for the sweet outside naughty in the inside and Pretty hands so, it feels like its right~

Junsu's future Gf~ Looks like him~ someone who is sporty, bright, bubbly and cute~ he likes those so i think its right~

Then again~ we still don't know anything or what the future holds,~

[TRANS] A Fanmade Video For YooSu Lovers - YOOSU GOT MARRIED!

Here's the link to the video~ http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/S2DMNj9Yz-4

Here's the whole content of the audio :]

YC: Yoochun
JS: Junsu
U: Uknow
J: Jaejoong
M: Max(?)

YC: Hi everyone! I’m TVXQ’s DisneyWorld, Micky Yoochun!
JS: Hi everyone! I’m TVXQ’s ‘What time is it?’!

YC: Junsu ah! Let’s start a relationship~
JS: You sure?

DJ: If you’re a girl, which member would you choose to be your boyfriend?
YC: (Whispering) Choose me~
JS: I will choose Micky! Ahahahaha~

Q: What is the birthday present that Junsu wish to get?
YC: I thought he already had me?
JS: It would be great if Micky is a girl..
YC: Junsu ah! Let’s get married~

JS: Micky ah~
YC: Oh
M: So mushy
JS: I feel so sorry for my fans.. I am going to marry with Micky…

M: What??
JS: Really.. Really.. Yesterday I slept with Micky
YC: Xiah..

M: So you’re Yoochun’s woman?
YC: Hehe.. Yes…
JS: Micky just wouldn’t cover himself with the blanket when he was sleeping, so I
covered him with the blanket and kiss him at the same time, the feeling of our lips are awesome and sweet..

M: I think such thing is better not to say it out!
YC: Xiah.. Xiah.. Xiah..
JS: Ahahahahaha~ Micky ah I love you~~
YC: Xiah I love you~

DJ: Who have the most popularity among the five of you?
YC: Xiah~..
JS: No, is Micky Yoochun!

U: What is the couple that Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu have been called as?
DJ: Ah, like this~

YC: Xiah I love you!
JS: I love you too~~
YC: I love you to the max..

U: Both of them still take very good care of each other on the program..
YC: But that wasn’t acted out..

DJ: Xiah! Oh~ Xiah’s popularity is the highest~
U: Actually Xiah really have great appeal!
JS: Thank you~

DJ: What kind of appeal? Those that would give guys good feeling?
U: Yes, some sort..
YC: It’s really like that.. It’s true..

YC: Junsu have the type of feeling that would make guys fall for him!
JS: Hahahaha~

Q: Which part of the girl would you see when you first meet her?
YC: I think should be the curve of the neck. The curve from the neck to the shoulder.
YC: (Xiah) uses his neck skin to attract people~

JS: Yoochun ah~ I feel so happy when I’m together with him~ Deeply attracted~ This feeling is really great.

YC: I wish to go on a vacation~ I really like to travel a lot!
JS: I wish to travel around the world.

Q: Which movie gives you the deepest impression?
YC: First [Titanic]
JS: Till now, the most affected movie would be [Titantic].

JS: I like the player, Il Cheon Su the most!
YC: Oh~ I love Il Cheon Su~

JS: It’s so weird~ I can’t seem to eat any cold foods. How?
YC: That thing is cold~ Junsu can’t eat cold food.

DJ: Only Micky is “outrageous”?
JS: “Outrageous”
DJ: Ah, Xiah also?
YC: I love you

JS: I only love one guy.

Q: I heard that Yoochun like Junsu?
JS: Yes, that guy like me, haha~

YC: My perfect S Line woman~ It’s only gonna be Xiah Junsu!
JS: Help me ah~ Micky Yoochun~

JS: Yoochun ah~
YC: Junsu ah, ah!
YC: Brat, do you know how much I’m worried about you?

JS: Yoochun-san~~~ Yoochun-san, look at here~~

YC: Is Xiah my follower?
JS: Hehe..
YC: It just looks like that.
JS: Haha~ It’s not~~

JS: Let me shoot for awhile (Shooting Yoochun)
YC: I will feel very loathe if I let you shoot me~
JS: Yoochun neh~
YC: I really hate it a lot.

YC: Why must be me? Give it to other people.
JS: Say something.
YC: I hate Junsu.
JS: Hehe.
YC: Is the shooting good?

Q: The most unforgettable memories in summer?
YC: Must be kissing with me at the beach.
JS: Yes, ahaha

YC: I think I’m crazy. I actually have feeling for you this kind of person..
JS: How come I was being kissed by you? I’m so vexed now..
YC: Hahahaha

YC: I’m hurt today because of Junsu.
JS: Why?

YC: Xiah always like that. He will never understand my heart….

JS: I love Micky, but Micky feeling towards me..

YC: I love Xiah. Even though I love him, but I hate him at the same time too. What am I talking about? I love him.

YC: I’m looking for the girl that makes my face sweat like mad. Her (His) surname is Mala and her last name is Yisia.
JS: Oh~ Yisia is very pretty ah~
YC+JS: Oh~ Yisia Oh~ Yisia

YC: Oh~~ If you’re Yisia, then you’re the one that I like.
JS: You must have the surname, Yi.

YC: Whenever I listened to Rising Sun, I will always thought of sun and Xiah.

YC: Junsu’s alias is “Red Human” because from his head to toes are all red.

DJ: 9913 asked: In HIYAYA Summer, there’s a part where Junsu oppa and Yoochun oppa have the hi-5 action, is it originally from the dance itself or it’s a impromptu play?
YC: Don’t have..
JS: There isn’t any in the original dance. But during the first performance, just nice that our gazes meet after we jumped, then we did the hi-5 action.
DJ: So originally, it was not included?
JS: Yes.. I wasn’t so sure about it at that point of time. It’s just nice that our gazes meet again and it seems naturally that we did that action.

JS: I was shocked when I saw the sight of Yoochun’s back in the hostel.
DJ: Xiah.. Why you were shocked?

JS: When I saw the sight of Yoochun’s back.
YC: You have fallen for me?
JS: His hair was very long, wow~ I really had a shock.

DJ: The sight of his back isn’t pretty?
JS: Oh, a bit looks like girl, hahaha (Quiet moment + laughter)
YC: Junsu! Junsu!

JS: When I saw the sight of his back after he comes out from bathing, I was really shocked.
YC: Junsu will always attach to me at that point of time.
JS: Hahaha

YC: Junsu can’t drink.
JS: Whenever we went to places for drinks, Yoochun will look at me fiercely. But I have already ordered a glass of soft drink for myself, but he still continue to…

YC: In our group, I (Stammer) Junsu and I are friends. When we were out with friends (Stammer), we will be very happy and tends to be unable to control our moods.
JS: Hahaha

DJ: Micky Yoochun, you found out that you forget to bring money out with you after you’ve finish refilling your car oil! So what will you so?
YC: I will stop and give Junsu a call and ask him to bring the money over.
JS: Will I go?! Hahaha~

YC: Especially when Junsu is having difficulty in stretching. Junsu~ Stretch!!!
(Stretching Exercise)

YC: Junsu should be last. Junsu! Junsu! Junsu!
JS: Why you must treat me like that?
YC: Because I love you!!

YC: I wasn’t feeling well at that point of time. I’m sorry, Junsu.

YC: Ah, last time when we were in Korea, I did asked Junsu out to watch movie, but he replied me “Ah, I’m sleepy”
DJ: Really? Previously, he said that he will go, so actually he was lying. Then I think I need to change the score to 87 already. From 97 change to 87.

JS: He dated me at 7am in the morning!
DJ + YC: Ahahahahahaha
DJ: Ah, then it will still remain at 97 marks. So it actually is at 7am in the morning.
YC: But when Junsu dated me, I will go.

JS: It was like that. Last time (Laugh) during the Christmas in my primary school time, it was raining heavily, no.. Should be snowing.
TVXQ: Oh~~

JS: I’ll always play.. play.. snowball fights with my friends together at that time, when we were playing snowball fights, there is this friend who is as bad as Yoochun.
J: That’s the main point.

JS: He will put stones in the snow and hit me. Then my head was injured. I wasn’t able to step out of my house for 3 days.

YC: Personally, isn’t Junsu having the dolphin voice~ I really wish to hear it.
F: Shout one time! Shout one time!
Dolphin JS: Ah~ Ah~

YC: Junsu ah, well done!
JS: Stop lying!
YC: Then what are you doing just now?
JS: Er.. I don’t know!

DJ: What is the thing that Junsu afraid the most?
YC: Junsu is perfect.
DJ: Perfect?
JS: Hehe, no, it’s not like that.

J: Junsu is afraid of Yoochun.
DJ: Is Yoochun scary?
JS: Eh, very scary. When I’m singing loudly, he will said fiercely “It’s so noisy”

J: Once he starts singing, Yoochun will said that it’s very noisy.
YC: No, my, my heart…
DJ: Yoochun is a scary hyung ah~
YC: No, no.

JS: Scary ah..
DJ: Hahahaha~ Junsu said scary in a very soft voice.
JS: Haha, just kidding.

YC: How about changing the voice?
YC: Junsu ya!
JS: What is it..

YC: I don’t have many friends in Korea, but in our group, it would be Junsu.

YC: Junsu yo! Firstly, Junsu.. Estimate that later during dinner, I’ll cut on Junsu’s face when cutting the cake. Oh.. Junsu.. He’s really my friend in the group, the member that I love, TVXQ always..

YC: Of course, there are also other members included, but for Junsu, he will always be by my side whenever I’m sad, he will also take care of everyone , give everyone strengths and courage, he’s a friend that I will be able to learn lots of things from. Therefore.. I love him very much.

J: After Junsu cut his hair short, the outline of his face had shown out and that’s how he get his handsome engraving man title.
U: It suits him very well (YC: Become more handsome now) But at first, I’m worried
that short hair might not suit him.
JS: Hahaha.
YC: Everyone will definitely say that he look handsome after seeing him.

YC: You cannot say that Junsu trying to act as if he’s very handsome because he had
become more handsome by nature. Can’t you see?(Shaking hands)
JS: Best Friend
YC: Hahahaha

DJ: Who suit their new hairstyle the most?
YC: I think is Junsu. He have slim down after cutting his hair short. That’s the play of the charm.
JS: I think that Yoochun is the most handsome ones.

YC: Don’t Junsu have it too? (Area that he think he’s attractive of)
JS: For charm, it would still be Yoochun!
YC: Boo~

U: I hope everyone please look after Jaejoong.
JS: Do take care of Yoochun too!
U: Because Yoochun already graduated.
YC: Yup.

U: Ya! Kids, how about adding in a jumping move?
YC: But Junsu isn’t feeling very well.

JS: I saw Junsu when I look at it while pressing the button.
YC: Haha~
JS: Then it becomes Yoochun…

JS: Oh, our Micky.. He’s really very adorable ah~ Very bright~ Makes everyone love him..

YC: Junsu that makes everyone love him.
JS: Yoochun that makes everyone love him.

YC: Look at Junsu, he’s drawing me again.
DJ: Is this really Micky Yoochun?
JS: This is me kicking football on Yoochun’s forehead.

YC: Well done, Xiah! Xiah ah~ “Angel Xiah” in the legend~

YC: During the Xiah’s singing part of the line “During the mere distance”, Xiah has sung it very well. I LOVE IT VERY MUCH!

YC: My perfect face.. That’s my attractions.
JS: Ah~ Yes, totally perfect!

JS: If I’m a girl and I must choose one, then I would choose Yoochun.
DJ: If you’re a girl (Who will you choose)
YC: Eh, I ah, I will choose Junsu.

YC: I love you.
JS: I love you too.

YC: Ah~ Xiah. We are the YooSu Couple!
JS: Ah~~~~

YC: Here’s KM.
JS: Here’s KM.

YC: Junsu ah, he need tonic…

YC: Xiah ah, Malaysia..

JS: This is our TVXQ’s Your Excellency..

JS: Our Micky.. Is an oasis in the desert!

YC: Junsu~ Junsu~ Junsu~ Junsu ya~ How, Junsu? Junsu ya, dressing room (WC)!

JS: Micky~ Micky~ Our Micky~ Our Yoochun~ My Yoochun~

YC: Go Junsu! Go Junsu! Go Xiah.. Go Xiah..

JS: Yoochun (Pa~ Pa~ Pa~) Yoochun (Pa~ Pa~ Pa~) Yoochun (Pa~)

JS: At that time, we have been praying for Yoochun everyday.. Our Micky must get well soon.

YC: If Junsu was here.. Ah.. I miss you. Junsu, I miss you!

YC: Fox rain.. I’ll play the piano while Junsu sing.
JS: I can’t remember the lyrics.
YC: Anything will do, just sing it as you wish.
JS: Let’s sing together, together..

JS: Xiah & Micky! YOOSU! YOOSU!

YC: Junsu ah, happy birthday!
JS: The best present in my life. Thank you~

JS: Happy birthday.. I LOVE YOU~



YC: Pretty Junsu~
JS: Ahehehe~ I love you~~~ Hohohoho~~

YC: Micky Yoochun~~
JS: Fighting!

YC: Xiah I love you! YooSu Couple fighting~~

Translated: Jaesica
Credits: 夏天 @ http://yoosu.tvxq.cn + shirfyl @ TVXQBaidu + fangirlmitz + dbsk nights + dbsk dream

[PHOTOS] Yoochun Ice Cream Eating Contest

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN + DBSK DREAM

[TRANS] Tohoshinki SHINE 2nd Artist Book Interview - Changmin

Q: What is the happiest thing that has happened to you since you’ve debuted in Japan?
A: The happiest thing was the final show of our second tour at Budoukan. It’s a bit embarrassing to say this myself, but in Korea Tohoshinki is a group loved by many people. But when we started holding activities in Japan, we were newcomers with no achievements in Japan of any kind. So we would be singing on very small stages, and when we compared this to Korea there were a lot of feelings of vexation and loneliness….Those kinds of memories came to mind when I stood on the stage of Budoukan. I was extremely happy at that time when I thought, “So we’ve come to have this many people love us even in Japan.” It was a moving moment.

Q: What kind of image was reflected in your eyes at the moment you actually came out onto the stage?”
A: There were so many guests that had come. I could see many red lights. I tried to hold it in, but at the moment I witnessed this scene, it was like my tears were already going to fall.

Q: It’s been often said that Budoukan as a venue feels like you are being enveloped by the audience, but how was it really?
A: It certainly did feel like we were being enveloped by the audience. Even though Budoukan is a large venue, when you stand on the stage the distance between you and the audience is nearer than you’d think. And because of this we became even more passionate (about our performance).

Q: Could you see the audience members’ faces properly?
A: I could see them clearly.

Q: I see. Next, what’s something that made you sad?
A: I think coming to hold activities in Japan, the saddest memories I have were caused by, as expected, Japanese. I really felt that, “No matter what kind of things I feel, if I cannot express them properly, they really become completely meaningless.” In the period immediately after we first came to Japan, I always carried around painful thoughts. Even our staff members, because I couldn’t hold deep conversations with them to find out what they were thinking when they were working for us, I didn’t know these things, and at sets or wherever, even if I had any questions, because I was totally unable to comprehend what they were saying in Japanese, I was full of uneasiness. There was also a period of time where I closed my heart up a little because of those kinds of things happening. I couldn’t express anything, and nothing could be expressed to me, so I created a sort of distance between myself and others; I might have come to behave so that people would not try to come closer to me…..But now, I’m getting used to even Japanese a bit at a time, and thanks to many staff members, I’ve come to be able to communicate well. But because I am still unable to hold conversations as smoothly as I imagine, I think I must study more.

Q: That’s true. And now I’d like to ask about “enjoyment”.
A: Yes. Something I enjoyed was “a-nation”. Last year only four of us participated because our leader Yunho got injured, but it was so much fun. Though I’m really apologetic to Yunho for saying this (laughs). Because in Korea there aren’t any of that kind of big open-air event tours, and it was the first time we got to experience them. Holding a big event while going round the different regions, there were lots of really fun happenings!

Q: What is a country that has left a deep impression on you, or what are memories of a trip that you’ve taken?
A: For me it’d be Prague in the Czech Republic. We went there for work in Korea, but I used lots of time to walk the streets of Europe. But of course we did nothing but work, so you couldn’t really call it sightseeing (laughs). But because it was a city I was experiencing for the first time, whether it was things to see or things to hear or things to eat, I had a deep interest in anything. The scenery was really beautiful. There were many houses preserved on the streets that had a sense of nostalgia, so it was so beautiful that no matter where we took a picture it’d be good enough to put in our photobook.

Q: Was the food alright?
A: I……it doesn’t matter what country I’m in or what kind of food it is, I can eat anything well (laughs). Since getting to experience that country’s peculiar foods is also one of the thrills of travel.

Q: That’s true. That’s something I really understood when I had a meal together with you at a restaurant in Okinawa. After all, you did really well eating goat testicles (a delicacy) too (laughs).
A: I became reealllllyyyy energetic eating those.

Q: You were having a slight cold on that day, but you became energetic?
A: That’s right! There might be people who will think this is a lie, but the next day after I ate that my physical condition got a lot better (laughs). If it’s for health, I will challenge anything.

Q: You seem like someone who is rather able to monitor their health closely, don’t you? For example, what kinds of things do you do in order to maintain your health?
A: At home, if there’s even a little time I’ll use dumbbells or do weight training. I build up my body with a machine.

Q: Is that so? By the way, what kind of personality do you yourself think you have?
A: I am clear about what I like and dislike. There’s that personality assessment based on your blood type, right? I think I am a perfect B type (laughs). I have a bit of a quick temper and get angry easily. But if I decide, “I’m going to do this”, I will definitely unshrinkingly do it all the way till the end!

Q: Which foreign artists do you like?
A: Recently…well I’ve been listening to them a lot from a long time ago, so can I list more than one? Stevie Wonder, Bryan McKnight and the gospel artist Yolanda Adams, as well as Eric Benet and lastly, Connor Reeves.

Q: That’s a wide range of genres!
A: Recently I’ve been more aware and am listening to a wide range of genres. Yolanda Adams is extremely good at singing so I admire her as an artist as well. I’ve liked Eric Benet since his first album.

Q: Eric Benet’s newest album, Hurricane, was a good album, wasn’t it? I liked Cracks of my Broken Heart.
A: Lately I’ve been totally engrossed in listening to him. Speaking of, as an addition I like George Michael as well. What these two have in common is probably their genre as artistes, I think. George Michael and Eric Benet sing from R&B to jazz to electronica, it has nothing to do with genres. Both of them also have soft singing voices.

Q: How about Japanese artists?
A: The one I’ve liked for a long time, ever since being in Korea, is the Gospellers. But of course there are many people in Japan who can sing well, like Kubota Toshinobu, Lyrico and so on. Earlier Jaejoong said out of Korean artists he respects Naul, but I respect that person even more than Jaejoong does (laughs). I’ve really liked him from a long time ago; I remember when I met him for the first time I was so nervous my heart was really beating fast. Speaking of, before this we got to meet the Gospellers for the first time and had the opportunity to practice together. At the rehearsal for an event (”SOUL POWER SUMMIT 2007″). I was really nervous at that time too. It was the first time I had felt as nervous in Japan as I had when meeting Naul in Korea. I think they are Japan’s number one male group and artist.

Q: Which song do you especially like?
A: It’s just one of the many, but as expected, it’s “Towa ni”.

Q: Your favourite artist in Korea is, as expected, Naul?
A: That’s right, and I also respect Cho Yong Pil as an artist, as well as our producer Yoo Young Jin (has written famous songs by S.E.S, SHINHWA, BoA and other SM artists. Also composed DBSK’s Rising Sun and “O”-Jung.Ban.Hap, and others). This is something I always feel when Yoo Young Jin is recording with me right next to me, but he is really good at singing. I think you could call him the Stevie Wonder of Korea. He is someone who really has a great talent for singing, but he is a humble person. I admire him as a person as well.

Q: Changmin, do you not compose songs like the other members?
A: I don’t. I feel instead of being fixated on composing songs, there are still things that I should be doing. I want to increase my level of proficiency in Japanese too, and I also feel I’d like to pursue “songs” a bit more. I think if I start composing I’ll definitely become too engrossed in it (laughs). But now, my feeling of wanting to properly learn other things more is stronger.

Q: Right now, you want to energetically work on your performances and singing in Japanese, don’t you? Do you feel, “I’d like to compose sometime”?
A: That’s right. Since the other four are doing it, there is a part of me that is influenced by them after all. But right now, what I pay attention to when I listen to music is the singer’s voice or method of enunciation. Certainly, I pay attention to even the arrangement of the music and so on, even though I don’t know it. But because composing songs is really difficult, I don’t want to do it yet (laughs).

Q: How about composing lyrics?
A: I have an interest in composing lyrics. Please look forward to it in the future!

Q: Right now, is there anything you’re addicted to?
A: Recently I’ve been watching movies a lot.

Q: What kind of movies have you watched a lot of?
A: I especially like sad movies.

Q: Are you the type to cry when you watch sad movies?
A: I do cry (laughs). There’s a saying in Korea that “People with big eyes have a lot of tears”, which means “People with big eyes cry a lot” - that’s in referral to me (laughs).

Q: What was the movie that made you cry the most recently?
A: Out of the Japanese movies, “Love Letter”. I watched that yesterday and cried again. I think I’d like to watch a lot more sad Japanese movies in the future.

Q: Is there anything you feel, “This is the one thing I definitely have to try and do!” about?
A: I think I’d like to go on a world trip. Because there are lot of countries I still haven’t been to, I would like to broaden my horizons more.

Q: What kind of trip would you like to take? For example would you want to go round the world by ship, or traverse the continents by car..there are lots of methods, aren’t there?
A: I’d like to take a trip around Europe by train. I’d also like to go to America. America is one country but made up of 51 states, so even laws differ by state, and cultures differ slightly too. I think each state almost feels like its own country, so if I made a trip there it feels like I’d be able to experience all sorts of things. I want to have lots of different experiences.

Q: In America music also differs according to area, doesn’t it? Like if you go to the Midsouth there’s the blues or country music and stuff.
A: Japan is like that as well. Okinawa’s music and Fukuoka’s music are also a little different, and so is Sapporo’s. Each place’s distinctive characteristics differ slightly.

Q: A trip taken while being able to feel that kind of thing would be a good thing, wouldn’t it?
A: That’s right.

Q: By the way I’m just going to change the topic here, but if there was a time machine here right now, which you of which time do you think you’d like to meet?
A: I’d like to go and meet the me of my middle school days.

Q: And why is that?
A: In Korea there is a teaching that studying is the easiest thing you can do. “Because your studies will be easier than any kind of job you can get, if you don’t study while you are young, you will suffer later on.” There is that kind of teaching in Korea. That is something that I too feel now and then, nowadays. I think that doing my best at normal studies, and entering a good university, that would be easier or should I say, simpler to do, than going out into society, and performing a special job. So I want to meet the middle school student me, and I want to tell him, “You’d better study properly.” (laughs)

Q: If you hadn’t become a member of Tohoshinki, what do you think you’d be doing?
A: I think I’d be enjoying a campus lifestyle now.

Translations: Pinkulemon

[NEWS] France: TVXQ Wins Best Asian Ablum of 2008

01- DBSK - MIROTIC : 11.7%
02- Lee Hyori - It’s Hyorish : 6.11%
03- Jolin Tsai - Love Exercise : 5%
04- Big Bang - Number 1 : 3.89%
04- Jay Chou - Capricorn : 3.89%
06- Rainie Yang - Not yet a woman : 1.67%
07- Rain - Rainism : 1.11%

Original: http://www.mimu-net.net/article_view.php?articleid=53
English: http://www.mimu-net.net/en/article_view.php?articleid=53

Credits: DBSKnights

[TRANS] Changmin and Yunho UFO Replies

Fan: I’m eating mandarin-orange flavoured sweets, envious?
Changmin: Envious

Fan: Come and have a meal with me
Changmin: Sorry

Fan: Oppa, I went to donate blood today, and I was listening to your songs the whole journey, I’m great aren’t I?
Changmin: Yes

Fan: It’s so eye-catching! What is it? My face (^^)
Changmin: Nononononono (SNSD’s song GEE’s lyrics)

Fan: Shim! Chang! Min! What’s hanging by your mouth now?
Changmin: A smile…

Fan: Who are you???
Changmin: Shim Changmin

Fan: Changmin ah!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Changmin: Thank you

Fan: How about a long and truthful conversation with me?
Changmin: Will do also…

Fan: Have you had your dinner?
Changmin: En.

Fan: Where is this? (Fan used a picture of a sunset)
Changmin: Where?
Same fan: Where is this~? ^^ Changmin oppa didn’t manage to guess~
Yunho: Saipan?? The Maldives?? Or Bora Bora~!!

Fan: I know you’re online now Hurry up and reply me!!!
Yunho: kekeke re~!!! plied~!! I’m here… keke just joking with you.. goodnight~! Its nearly time to sleep, right?

Fan: This is my personal favourite picture.
Yunho: Ah really??~!!

Fan: My heart has always been this way, since the start, it won’t go anywhere else, oppa’s heart is like that too, right?
Yunho: ^__^ Of course it is so!! Fighting AZAAZA!!

Fan: Yunho oppa~!! Let’s meet, I’ll buy you a meal^^
Yunho: If we meet, of course I’ll be the one to buy you a meal… if you do… I won’t be able to eat??

Fan: Oppa has to eat well!! Always work hard Fighting!!
Yunho: Doggies are so cute~!! (referring to the fan’s picture) Our stage~!! Miss you so much~!!

Fan: Oosoo~~ has oppa eaten?
Yunho: Rice~!! Just.. ate!! It was so delicious~!!

Fan: Kekeke my cousin… wants to call oppa brother-in-law^^^^!!!! (fan used picture of her cousin, who is very cuteeeee as her picture ^^)
Yunho: keke ^__^ so cute~!! Aigoo..~!!

Fan: This is my cousin, so cute right keke (uses pictues of cousin, who is very cute as well ^_^)
Yunho: Really cute ^__^ My cousin’s very cute also ^__^ I’m missing him now.. my kids~!!

Fan: I quarrelled with my boyfriend today.. How can we understand each other more?…
Changmin: Have an honest talk

changmin didnt sound so friendly like yunho, dont you think?

Source: with_yusoo@Baidu
Translations: Banana-chan@xietinloveshero
Shared By: Gorgeous18 + KPOP JJANG + DBSK DREAM

[TRANS] Tohoshinki: Colours of Love B-Pass Interview

Next, the interview is on their new projects, and a recap of 2008 where they made huge progress. DBSK continues to have our attention on them with their 4th album coming out in March as well as Nationwide Arena Tour, which will kickstart in May.
Did you guys benefit from the recording [of Bolero]?
JJ: I mostly heard my own voice when we were recording. After that, it was really important to listen to the others’ voices and sounds. I got a shock when I heard Yoochun’s high note at the part where we all did a falsetto.
YC: Thank you.

Was that part YC’s idea?
YC: Initially, I used a lower key than what was in the CD, but the feelings couldn’t really flow. So I tried using a higher key after listening to the CD…
JS: Genius, genius ah.
YC: No, no. *laughs* Even so, my idea’s not that bad.
YH: Indeed he’s a genius.
JJ: Genius.

Genius ah! *laughs* What is Junsu’s impression towards Bolero?
JS: Singing it personally, I thought it was a really impressive/grand song. Simply singing it made me feel better. The entire melody was well written, and even the beat was very unique. The arrangement was interesting as well. The PV shooting also left a deep impression on me, because we were singing the entire day, from morning til night. That’s how we managed to come up with a PV that has a very strong “live” sense.

What about Changmin?
CM: The composers were the exactly the same as the ones who wrote “Love in the Ice”, and the song has the same sense of grandeur as LITI. I think its an excellent song, and singing it makes me feel better. I look forward to singing it live.

I hope to hear the live version as well. I’m especially looking forward to the “genius” part.
YC: I’m really worried.

Is that so?!
YC: I’ve really got to practice. Put in hard work *laughs*

Along with Bolero, there are 2 other songs in this Triple A side single, one composed by Yoochun and the other by Jaejoong.
YC: My song’s the B-side song.
JJ: Then, my song is the “Ramen” song. (”side” and “noodles” have the same pronounciation xD)
*all burst out laughing*

JS: Ramen! *laughs*

Then, “Bolero” is the A-side song (A-mian), “Kiss the Baby Sky” is B-side(B-mian), and “Wasurenaide” is Ramen (La-mian). Alright, so now let’s talk about Yoochun’s “Kiss the Baby Sky”.

How’s the general impression?
YH: It feels really great, although the lyrics sound kind of urgent, the melody is lively. Even so, I think this difference is YC’s style.
CM: It’s a good song. There are many falsetto parts, which is also the feeling YC gives others.
JS: Its a song that makes one feel urgent yet happy. Its one of the rare, classic DBSK songs. The repeated lines were sung in falsetto, which is YC’s style; I think it really fits the song. I sing the part after the first verse and the repeated lines, which you can sing after listening to the song just a little. Listen carefully and you can feel it.
JJ: When I was listening to it, I thought, “YC’s a genius!”

Then, the third song, “Wasurenaide”.
YC: It would be an unforgettable song even if it was titled “Please Forget”.
JJ: I had thought “I hope it can be included in the Japanese album” since the initial composition began.

DBSK’s single uses songs to express 3 different kinds of love. There are many songs about love; now what colour would you use to express your ideal kind of love?
YH: I would use white.
JJ: I’d definitely use red. Its the colour of passion.
YC: I’d use black. Two parties meet in black, and when they do, many other colours come out of it. When the love deepens, you can then find the colour in which the love ends.
YH: No, I think its white. A pure heart would be the truest.
CM: I’d think its blue. You focus on the other party and don’t see anything else around you, that’s the kind of image.

Lastly, Junsu…
JS: Love is transparent.
YC: No colour?
JS: No. When two people meet, the colour spreads little by little, as if it had dropped into the water.
YC: Unlike mine?
JS: No. You wouldn’t be able to see any colour that’s on top of black, right? But you can see all the colours added onto something that’s transparent. If it doesn’t turn out well, you see black; if it does, it become white; when its passionate, its red; and it becomes green like grass when you’re having fun. I think its rather nice to have it constantly changing.
YC: Your explanation makes it sound so meaningful.
JS: Exactly, exactly! Love should be truthful/honest. If you look at it from the angle that love must be honest and trusting, then its transparent.

What do you hope to achieve in 2009, then?
JS: I want to read more than I did in 08.
CM: I want to read more books too. I’d read whenever I had time in 08. Be it novels or short stories, I hope to read more.
YC: I’d want to go travelling with my family. If I can, I’d go to Switzerland, and Europe.
JJ: I’d want to become busier. I feel less muddled when I’m busy; and I want to become more passionate by passionately facing what I do everyday. It feels great to be busier and to receive more care and concern when I’m young. I also would like to challenge some new things, and I’d want my wishes to come true.
YH: I’d like to build up some more experiences as well. First would be snowboarding. Although going for a drive or exercising relieves stress, I’m really into snowboarding now, so I’d like to go snowboarding this year.

So, what is it that DBSK hopes to achieve in 2009? Can the leader please tell us?
YH: Firstly, we would like to hold a concert at the Tokyo Dome. We had promised to “see everyone in a larger venue” in our Arena Tour, so we hope to achieve that by holding a concert at the Tokyo Dome. Other than that, we hope to take part in many different kinds of activities and to have more chances to meet our fans.

Source: 流川梓@Tieba.Baidu
Translations: Banana-chan@Xietinloveshero

Tohoshinki 4th Japanese Album: The Secret Code Tracklisting

●Beautiful You
●どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(Doushite Kimi wo suki ni natte shimatandarou/Why Did I Fall in Love With You)
●Nobody Knows

Credits: Krilla@LJ + DNBN + dbsk dream + minsarang

After news of 5-member idol band FT Island guitarist Oh WonBin leaving the group, a new member has been found for the group to make 5 members - traine

The new guy that will replace won bin-Song Seung Hyun

Our Wonbin, We will be missing you badly*_*

After news of 5-member idol band FT Island guitarist Oh WonBin leaving the group, a new member has been found for the group to make 5 members - trainee Song Seung Hyun (18).

Following F&C Music on 29th January, new member Song Seung Hyun will join the group as guitarist and sub-vocal (including rap). Song Seung Hyun is also a flower-boy like the rest of the FT Island member with the height of 180 cm and weight 60kg.

FT Island will take on the image of the boyband of teenagers with the new member and comeback with a minialbum mid-February.

in memories;

Credits: Sookyeong + minsarang + dbsk dream

29 January 2009

Rush for WG Concert Tickets Signals Success,

Rush of Inquiries Preceding Wonder Girls’ First Solo-Concert Ticketing Shows Signs of Success
By Kim HyungWoo @ Newsen (cox109@newsen.com)

Facing severe web traffic with just a day left until ticket sales begin for their upcoming March 28 first solo-concert, it looks like the Wonder Girls are headed for success.

Both the Wonder Girls’ management company, JYP, and concert promoter, Good Concert, have stated, “We’re not only receiving domestic inquiries about the concerts, but also inquiries from those abroad in Canada, Singapore, and other locations.” They also added with satisfaction, “We’ve had a rush of people all throughout the holidays leading up to the 29th when ticketing will begin. ”

A representative for JYPEntertainment stated, “Because ‘The 1st Wonder’ is the Wonder Girls’ first domestic solo-concert, the company and the Wonder Girls are all preparing meticulously. We hope that many people can come together to spend a good time at a Wonder Girls’ concert that’s as enjoyable and full of surprises as it’s title.”

Meanwhile, the Wonder Girls have plans for performances in Thailand on February 28, Los Angeles on March 5, Orange County on March 6, and New York on March 8. After their international concerts, they plan to bring their tour to a close with magnificent finales in Pusan on March 21 (at the KBS Hole) and in Seoul on March 28 (at the Olympic Fencing Arena).

source: Spectacle! Forums
credit: Newsen
translated by: ppoki@Spectacle!Forums

(trans) JJ Mag - HOSU's part.

(( Valentines day with Junsu oppa or Yunho oppa?? ** faint ** ))

" At a restaurant, seeing the night view. A simple yet happy date."


When being asked “10 years later, which year’s memory is so far considered as the best memory?”, all members simultaneously answered, “2008!” with no doubt.

“In last year, everyday we’d been working so hard, being grown up, and since we went through each day with pressure, I really want to spend days with someone whom I love in usual/relaxing ways. Such as going to a restaurant without worrying to be noticed by people, eating delicious food in a place where we can view illuminations.”

“It’s nothing but just a date ‘to-do-with-happiness’.

I really want to spend days in good time like this with my gf. If the time is enough, I also want to go to the sea… resting under the palm trees. Do nothing but quiet… But I think it would take a lifetime to each moment (laughs)

There’s a WHO part, telling about the characteristic of the member being interviewed. I don’t really get the exact trans (no time to re-check other trans engine), so maybe just a rough one:


Junsu is the mood maker of TVXQ. He can sing all of sudden during a shooting, and can’t stop his face from smiling.

He’s very polite, always appreciate the staffs, and says “thank you” to his manager.

Behind his cute face, there’s a deep feeling of a sweet boy hidden.

"In the return of her chocolate, I want to sing her a song"


My Valentine’s day’s date is very very simple. If I can spend that day with person whom I love, it’s already good enough. I won’t ask anything from the girl I loved, if the two of you can be together in one day, it’s just perfect.If I have time, I want to write her a song. For example, as the return for her chocolate, I will write a song that is sung only for her. I will sing in a capella, and if suddenly she asked “Why is no music?” I will answered, “Because it’s sung only for you.”Because I love to give something to people, if a woman asked me to do something, if I can do it, then I will do.


“Instead of doing solo, it will be better if I can grow up together as Tohoshinki.” Yunho said.

In fact, when Jaejoong was shy at shooting time, he would talked first to him, and when the other members were too noisy, he would said “Please quiet!” … or just calling the others’ attention naturally.

Yunho is a kind of leader that will makes us saying “I will follow you!”

“I want to do more and more busier work!” he said in such passionate. He’s maybe a kind of husband in dream.

source: beyondyuchuntokyo + dnbnjap +dbsk dream
kor trans: Tami
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