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29 September 2008

TVXQ; Not Just Dance Idols?

The Gods of the East Makes their comeback to Korea but some wonder if they are still just dance idols on stage.

"We want to rid the prejudice that [we] can only give powerful stage performances. After listening to the whole album. you will be able to hear, see, and feel that we have matured."

In their new album, TVXQ would like to demonstrate a "Change" they had undergo during their hiatus from Kpop music.

SM artists usually possess features of dance legends only able to express their powerful performances while on stage, dancing. However, TVXQ wants to build on that basic level of idol and develop a more powerful presence that does not relay on Dancing alone incorporated with their own individual aspects.

The new album has been composed and produced by several musicians from around the world including Europe, United States, Japan and South Korea. From the choices 23 was chosen but the 12 songs from the album was hand picked by the 5 members themselves.

The boys had said: "Even though we envy out Sunbae BoA and her debut in the States. Whether we have the ability or even potential, it is still too early. We don't want such a big dream at the momentm we only want to focus on the 4th album and activities for it. We will all do our best."

translated by: genna@yunho-sshi.com
edited by: Nikki@AF.net

Yunho comments on Jaejoong rap in “Wrong Number”

Korea's Idol Band Dong Bang Shin Ki recently released their comeback album after nearly two years. The album features a song entitled "Wrong Number."

Kim Jae Joong is known as the lead vocals of Dong Bang Shin Ki but for this special comeback, he rapped for the first time in Wrong Number.

During an interview, Leader Uknow Yuhno commented on Jae Joong's first time rapping.
"Wrong Number from our album Mirrotic is a song I would recommend. This song is a very unique style of music for us. Also, not only did all the members did an excellent job singing and conveying the emotions from the song, but our Jae Joong also raps in it for the first time. Aside from the rapping, he also wrote the rap lyrics of this particular song. He'd worked very hard on it."

After hearing this, Jae Joong replied with a smile: "If he didnt say this, he knows what would happen later."


DBSK Inspires Charitable Donation

Recent fancams of DBSK members with a blind piano prodigy melted hearts all over the world, while the comeback stage made fangirls scream their heads off. Now, leader Yunho’s fans give him a truly special gift.

After their first promotional performance on the 28th, Yunho’s fans gave him a receipt of a donation made in his name to a children’s foundation, in the amount of 20,000,000 won.

Yunho was very touched by this gesture, and said this was the best present he could have hoped for, especially since he refused the fans’ extravagant birthday presents to him, and asked them to give the presents to those who need them more.

Nikki: Im not even a huge fan but Yuhno is awesome.

DBSK Members Sick During Inkigayo Comeback Recording

DBSG will be making their comeback on SBS Inkigayo, on the 28th. Today, DBSG visited the studio at 10 in the morning, and had three pre-recordings. Despite the severe flu, all the members had; they were able to perform very powerful performances very well.

Right after the recording, Jaejoong told the journliasts that, “I was very nervous since it was our first performance, but I’m glad we finished it well! Plus, all the members have the flu, so our conditions were not the best, but I’m glad things went smooth!”

Due to living together, Jaejoong had spread his flu to all the the other memebers.

He admitted, “Honestly, I was the one who spread the flu. I’m extremely sorry towards the members, we really wanted to show a perfect performance, but I’m quite regretful, since we couldn’t.”

He also added, “Thankfully, we finished the recording, without any big mistakes. We had IVs, and took all our medicine, but I guess the flu must be really severe. We hope to get better quickly, and perform well.”

Especially, “We came to Korea after such a long time, and hearing the fans was very touching. Next time, I hope people say we did our best with passion, instead of how we did our best with a cold.”

source: minsarang
credit: soompi

The Gods of the East is definitely back

Gods of the East, Dong Bang Shin Ki had their comeback stage on SBS Inkigayo on 28th September.

On this episode of Inkigayo, they not only performed the title song ‘MIROTIC’ of their comeback 4th album but also ‘Love in the ice’ and ‘Hey!’.

They definitely delivered a heat performance, the members all looked hot (and again, except for Micky’s irritating hair) and the live performance is good as always.

After their comeback stage, the episode with Dong Bang Shin Ki as star guests on SBS ‘Chocolate’ will be aired on 1st October at 12.30pm.

hey dont bring me down

love in the ice

source: kbites

Yunho ripped his pants on stage!

He ripped his pants while performing @ SBS Inkigayo special Comeback

DBSK, who is preparing for a comeback after a year and seven months of hiatus, has experienced an accident of a member’s pants ripping during the pre-recording of Inkigayo.

DBSK will be making the comeback on the 28th, on SBS’s Inkigayo. They will be performing a total of three songs; title song, “Mirotic”, as well as “Hey!” and “Love in the Ice”.

However, around 2 PM today, the team’s leader U-know Yunho had ripped his pants around the thigh area, due to the intense dance moves for HEY, resulting in the half of the recording. It took around 20 minutes to fix the outfit.

After the pre-recording, Yunho met with a journalist, and laughed, “I guess our songs going to be a great hit! Although my pants ripped; I’m glad we could finish the performance successfully!” He also added, “I think my pants ripped because I wanted to try very hard; this indicates we’ll be a hit! We’ll show all our efforts in the future as well.”

Not only that, while singing Love in the Ice; a metal bar almost fell off, almost causing a dangerous incident.

trans by ginaaax3 @soompi
taken from: HanLei@wordpress

DBSK Is Still a Teen Idol

DBSK’s Xiah Junsu has expressed his opinion on teen idols at an interview:

”I still want to be viewed as a teen idol.I know,it’s hard.The sad thing is that in Korea people view teen idols not the way Americans view at their teen idols.When a teenager becomes singer in America,then he/she is a teen idol.That’s it.But in Korea,they stereotype teen idols as “the untalented”.I want to get rid of that stereotype.”

SJFF + sarcasticlyazn

DBSK Doesn’t Care About Super Junior?

DBSK, in a recent interview with a Korean online news journalist,has revealed that they don’t really care about Super Junior.When the journalist asked MAX Changmin if there is a newbie singer he likes, Changmin picked SHINee.

”They debuted so young, yet their singing and dancing are wonderful.Our company(SM) cares more about one’s character and passion,so I’m also anticipating on them as individuals. And I somehow care more about them, since we both have five members in our groups.”

When he finished saying that,Hero Jaejoong commented on Super Junior,”Actually in Super Junior,some members are older than us,and we have to watch them aging.We don’t really care about Super Junior.”

Also,DBSK commented on Wang Biho’s criticism on them.Wang Biho had said at KBS Gag Concert,”DBSK has 8 hundred thousand fans,yet they only sell 1 hundred thousand albums.”Mad Cassiopeias demanded an apology from him.

TVXQ Makes Compassionate Appearance on SBS Chocolate

TVXQ made one of their first television appearances in Korea via SBS Chocolate on the 27th.

The heart warming performances and displays of compassion towards Ye Eun, the blind piano prodigy, put the audience into tears.

Their first comeback performance will be via SBS Inkogayo tomorrow (28th).

Fahrenheit's Hong Kong concert; Chun gets his left and right shoes mixed up

After entering the entertainment industry for nearly 3 years, Fahrenheit chose Hong Kong to hold their concert and show the world that they do have talent, in the aim to change everyone’s impression that they use looks and constant rumors with girls to be where they are now. Fans screamed non-stop at the 4 handsome guys, and the amazing performances they gave, however at one point, Chun got his left and right shoes mixed up, and it looked a bit awkward when he was thrusting his sword out.

On the 26th and 27th, Fahrenheit held 2 concerts at the Hong Kong Expo, and attracted over 20,000 fans. The 4 are already very popular in Hong Kong, and this time, tickets were sold out very fast. In the 2 nights, fans yelled till their voices were hoarse; the 4’s charm and hotness dazzled everyone, and they had a total of 6 outfits during the concert, but surprisingly they did not reveal too much skin.

There was huge momentum on the stage and special effects continued non-stop; it really was an amazing show. Fahrenheit entered the stage wearing ‘Final Fantasy’ outfits, waving their light swords. Then when the atmosphere changed, they began singing slow songs. Then balloons were released, and this warmed up a romantic atmosphere, and even Aaron, who is scared of heights joined his fellow brothers and they sat on a machine, which rose to 5-stories high.

Fahrenheit seemed to want to break their “flower vase” image, as they together formed a band to show off their musical talents. Aaron played the keyboard, Jiro played the guitar, Chun played drums and Calvin showed off his beat-boxing skills. Jiro, whos knee was still injured, gave an outstanding performance as he played both an electric guitar, and a wooden guitar. Aaron played the keyboard, and at the same time, sung a duet with Jade Liu. Fahrenheit also arranged a retro-style part of the concert, where they sung old traditional songs, and danced wistfully.


28 September 2008

dbsk 24 september

(sorry cant translate the video)

DBSK 동방신기 - Mirotic 주문 - making of mv & cd jacket

Wonder Girls Comeback, Black vs. Red

Nobody but you

Wonder Girls have begun promoting their 4th project, Nobody and yesterday they performed on KBS Music Bank. Interestingly they began with the Rainstone remix version of ‘Nobody’ dressed in a dreary black then switched to sizzling red for the title song. What do you think? Are you digging the retro look?

Some of hero's mirotic pictures

Weekly music chart 2008 (only my fave artistes)


3. (+3) FT Island - 사랑후애 (Lying Love)
Score: 864
Genre: Rock Ballad

Album: FT Island Vol. 2 Track 1 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: This is the title track of F.T.Island's 2nd album "Colorful Sensibility". It's a rock ballad number that tells of heartbreak after love is gone. The song is enhanced by the magnificent accompaniment of a 60-member orchestra. The music video features crystal clear, transparent visuals. (credits to Arirang TV - Pops In Seoul)

7. (+16) Younha - 텔레파시 (Telepathy)
Score: 686
Genre: Pop / Piano Rock

Album: Younha Vol. 2 Track 3 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: All of last year's strong rookie singers are showing no signs of a sophomore slump. Wonder Girls, SNSD, and FT Island have all had their top hits in 2008, it is about time for Younha to come back. With her unique trademark of piano rock, this multi-talented singer is back with her 2nd album "Someday", and the title song "Telepathy" just needed 2 weeks to reach the top 10. Looks like she will battle with FT Island and Shinee for the top spot in the next few weeks.

2. (+3) Lee Hyori - Hey, Mr. Big
Score: 877
Genre: Pop / Dance

Music:Park Keun Tae
Album: Lee Hyori Vol. 3 Track 10 Purchase this album
Watch: MV Live Performance
Comment: Follow-up song for Lee Hyo Ri's third album "It's Hyorish" is moving up quickly to No. 2. "Hey, Mr. Big" is written by hitmaker Park Geun Tae and lyrics are by Wheesung. The euro-dance melody has even more commercial appeal than her No. 1 hit "U-Go-Girl". Wheesung's lyrics include the words of advice: "be a real man, show heart of courage". Looks like another chart-topping song for Lee Hyori. (credits to ~S2~, YesAsia)


SNSD 2nd album tracks and new cover

With SNSD soon to be joining the fall KPOP battle, the girls' new album track list and potential album cover was leaked released onto the web.

유통사:SM Entertainment
1.INTRO~It's Girls' Generation Again~(작곡,작사:Kenzie)
2.Mannequin GIRLS
3.Look At Me(작곡,작사:황성제)-BabyBaby 작곡,작사가
4.Oh My Love(S.E.S Remake)
5.사랑은선율을타고(베토벤바이러스 OST)
6.Sweet Dream(작곡,작사:유영진)
7.HOT PINK(작곡,작사:Kenzie)
8.YouYouYou ARE(작곡,작사:이재명) -Kissing you 작곡,작사가
9.애송이의 사랑
12.fly high(작곡,작사:황성제)-BabyBaby 작곡,작사가

Nikki: wow and just when i thought i could tell all of them apart from each


[NEWS] MBC vs SM Feud Over, TVXQ To Appear On MBC

MBC and SM Entertainment have dramatically reconciled. On the 26th at the MBC Dreamcenter in Ilsan, the PD of the show “Come To Play” revealed that the conflict between MBC and SM Entertainment is over and therefore Dong Bang Shin Gi will be appearing on Come To Play.”

Because of the conflict, extreme measures were taken where SM Entertainment singers were prohibited from appearing or participating on any of the network’s programs. The PD stated, “The argument between MBC and SM was a result of a misunderstanding” and also, “SM cleared the misunderstanding and discussed Dong Bang Shin Gi’s appearance. And in the future, SM artists will be able to appear and perform on music programs.”

Futhermore, Dong Bang Shin Gi’s ‘Come To Play’ segment recording will take place on October 1st.

Source: Newsen
Credit: moonangelkioku @ seoulfull.wordpress.com

Super Junior M's Chinese & Korean Versions of "Me" 迷

Super Junior M's newly released music video 迷 (Me) Chinese and Korean version are now available on their Official Site superjunior-m.iple.com.

After the long wait, MIROTIC is finally here

Gist of the news go that on the morning of September 27, when the new 4th album MIROTIC packages were already sent to music stores in Korea nationwide, there was already massive lines of fans waiting to buy a copy of the album. Some stores (eg. Kyobo Book Center) count to more than a hundred fans lining up this morning to buy a copy, garnering a lot of attention from people around.

DBSK has heard of the large number of gathered fans as of 10AM Korea time, and they were very surprised and happy. The pre-sales of the album amounted to 330,000 copies

Source: Newsis + StarNews + DNBN
Taken from:Fangirlmitz

TVXQ : "Our time in Japan was not for advertisement, but to mature our comeback."

TVXQ Interview:
"Our time in Japan was not for advertisement, but to mature for our comeback."

Q: In Japan, were you ever frustrated with reporters and the media in Korea?
A: Saying "no," would be a lie. Of course, we did receive praise, but the most important thing is that news written without attending our concerts is always far from the truth. Only after listening to TVXQ's songs should judgements be made. There were some who didn't seem to do so. Once, we won #1 on the Oricon chart, and another Korean band also placed in the top 10. But there was a newspaper that wrote about TVXQ's past few years in a negative tone. That was really frustrating. We worked so hard in Japan to earn that spot. It's not just the results. If people can see our hard work, that's already enough.

Q: Truthfully, have you worried about fans who say, "You're spending more time in Japan than in Korea?"
A: If we had gone to Japan for money, we would've left after we surpassed the other Korean stars in Japan. We wouldn't have started fresh as a new band, and spent three years. We respect the other Korean stars in Japan very much, but we didn't have much contact with other Japanese celebrities. Even after all this time, we still can only say we are close to a few stars. In the midst of this however, Koda Kumi (who belongs to the same company as us) became very close to us, and we've become like brothers and sister.

Q: What do you feel about BoA in America?
A: She should do very well. We're supporting her and rooting for her. BoA is really a very charismatic sunbae, and we hope she will do well in Amrica. Because we aren't American pop experts, and we haven't had much experience, we can't really make any judgements. We can only believe she will do well.

Q: After seeing BoA in America, do you have any desire to do the same?
A: We haven't thought about that. "Not yet" is the right word. We just want to do our best in Korea right now, and have no plans to debut in America.

Asian fanatics
Translation: jae!fany @ Shinki! Forums
Source: Mr. TVXQ + www.hohobbs.com
Credit: yunho-sshi.com+xymhur@multiply+
Taken from:HanLei

[INFO] Famous fashion designer to design for Dong Bang Shin Ki

Dong Bang Shin Ki, whose 4th album title song is to be released on 26th September, will have famous designer from John Galliano design team to design for the clothes for their MIROTIC performances.

The clothes that Dong Bang Shin Ki will be based on the concept of metrosexuality, that will also goes with their music style this time with their comeback 4th album. The clothes will be designed by Chae KyuIn (채규인) who was from John Galliano’s designing team in Dior.

John Galliano released his own brand ‘mammifères de luxe’ in 2007 and also participated in ‘PittiUomo’ this June. He is set to release his 4th collection of designs this coming June in Paris.

Chae KyuIn who met up with Dong Bang Shin Ki in person said, “Dong Bang Shin Ki are really charming as fashion models. It would be interesting to see them don clothes from our fashion collection to perform on stage.”

Dong Bang Shin Ki will be having their comeback stage on 28th September on SBS Inkigayo.

Credits: Dbsker
Source: Actual source wasn't mentioned, but you can find the article here on dnbn
Translation Credits: sookyeong.wordpress.com
Group TVXQ revealed they they will be rooting together for BoA’s advancement into the American market in an interview held on the 24th at Seoul Apgujong.

“What will the result be,” pondered the five members, but they were all in agreement that she “will come out of it successful” conveying what they thought of their fellow colleague.

“We are cheering for her,” said Xiah Junsu. And regarding her future he added, “I hope that it sends her status soaring.” Young Woong Jae Joong also stating, “I hope to find my way onto the same road that Sunbae (Senior) is taking.”

U-Know Yunho pointed out that, “BoA is a very hardworking singer, didn’t she overcome her difficulties and win over Japan,” and that it will be a good influence for BoA when she enters America.

Choi Kang Chang Min, “We may not know the American Music Market that well but with BoA’s hard work she can do it.”

Although, the group had reservations themselves when asked, “Doesn’t Dong Bang Shin Gi also wish to advance to America?” With a flat out denial, Xiah Junsu said, “We’re not thinking of something like that right now,” as well as U-Know Yunho, “I’ve missed Korea very much and because of that wish to stay active here.”

credits: dbsker
Source: My Daily
Credit: seoulfull.wordpress.com, moonangelkioku

27 September 2008


i heard tht they're going to make their first concert at taiwan next month
cool, but, im not very excited abt tht since im not obsess with NEWS like nunu and ami
so this post will just fyi

thats all

26 September 2008

Funny videos

aha i found this on youtube and i almost believed it
LOL, i know
but then i kept thinking
theres no way they would do tht
well if they were, they must be feeling embarassed and they MUST zippo their mouth abt it
think logically, like , how could hero just tell the world his first kiss is uknow freely like tht?
lol, nonsense

the vid

i laughed abt wht happened to uknow's mp3
haha, kissing in a toilet
tht just no way

and this one is the NG of dangerous love
haha i watched this since 5 months ago!
and its still funny to me

and this one is the king's men parody
cuz its so funny^^
i even downloaded and watch this over 10 times

and lastly my top funniest dbsk video is

haha JJ drops his mic!

DBSK suprise phone call to super junior


25 September 2008

DBSK NEWS - Jaejoong #8 in Japan's Top 20 Most Wanted Lover

aww our pretty oppa is currently sitting on number 8# in Japan's Top 20 Most Wanted Lover
isnt tht just great? lol it sure is
JJ rlly deserves tht, cuz he's rlly cute and plus he has gifted a very lovely voice;]
All Cassiopeai Rise! Lets Keep Supporting JJ!


TVXQ’s Junsu & SNSD’s Taeyeon - Dating? (late news)

This rumor started after their performance on the recent Korean Music Festival 2008 on Hollywood Bowl, California. TVXQ together with Girls Generation, Super Junior, Fly to the Sky and other Korean Music Artists showed their talents as they sing, dance and perform on the said event.

But fans noticed something between Xiah Junsu and Kim Taeyeon as they perform the song “Balloons”. It was the last performance of the night and Junsu is doing all his best to stay beside Taeyeon while singing the song. The fans uploaded photos and videos and they saw something fishy (haha) ^^. While they’re going back off the stage, Junsu hold Taeyeon’s hand for a while. Then Taeyeon slightly tap and hold on to Junsu’s back while nearing the stage’s exit. Fishy huh?

Here’s a video from YTN news about the rumor. Sorry I can’t translate the video. ^^

BIG CREDITS Credits to:Ihyagi & HeroJunsu of Multiply and TagalogSubber of Youtube


i found this on youtube
maybe one of the yunjae's fan made this

lol, gay but its only a fake video:)
p.s; hero and uknow are so not gay. they're having scandala with the girls' generation (i think) yea duh.

24 September 2008

Non-stop DBSK: DBSK Calendar 2009

Non-stop DBSK: DBSK Calendar 2009http://www.yesasia.com/global/dong-bang-shin-ki-2009-calendar-japan-version/1011776920-0-0-0-en/info.html

DBSK Calendar 2009

Its out for pre-order! I haven't been browsing Yesasia much lately. But I just saw this item. I dunno how many of you have seen it already. The Japan version is expected to be released on 11th October 2008 according to the website. That's only a few weeks away.

Product Size: 59.4 x 42 cm (13 pages)
Expected Release Date: 11th October 2008


credits DBSKer

[NEWS] Korea Top Favorite group TVXQ is finally going back home

There had been reports in Korea, starting from the 20th Sept, fans had been queuing at the City Hall Lawn, hoping to get the best seat to see their favorite stars.And it isn't just a small number of them. In fact, the queue had went beyond what the group and SM Company had predicted. Many were said to have started queuing 2-3 days ago. Despite of the rain that is going on now, fans still stayed in their place, just hoping to get the best seat.

After being away for a year and 7 months, TVXQ are officially back to their Korean fans with explosion. Ever since the release of their new title track, [MIROTIC] on the 19th Sept the said group had been on the top search on Naver, Daum and cyworld of Korea. this showed their popularity had never once dropped.

The group is said to be performing on the 21st Sept, at the City Hall lawn at 7pm for their 4th album showcase. It's going to be a large-scale free show to the fans. Fans in Korea are getting all excited for this. SBS had reported that they would be broadcasting this Album showcase in early October.

Credits: DBSKer & az1989 @ dbsgcomm LJ
Source: dnbn.org + dbsgcomm LJ

[AUDIO] Mirotic + Hey! Don't Bring Me Down

Haven't heard the track yet? Here it is..

http://www.4shared.com/file/63570760/17856dcf/DBSK_-_Mirotic_FULL_.html?s=1 (download)


Hey Dont Bring Me Down

Enjoy and remember to support DBSK and order their Latest Album

PREORDER by clicking the titles below!

DBSK Vol. 4 - Mirotic (CD + Photobook)
01 . 주문(MIROTIC)
02 . Wrong Number
03 . 노을..바라보다
05 . HEY!(Don't bring me down)
06 . 넌 나의 노래
07 . 무지개
08 . 낙원
09 . 악녀(Are you A Good girl?)
10 . Flower Lady
11 . 잊혀진계절
12 . love in the Ice

* 구성 : CD + 60page photobook

DBSK Vol. 4 - Mirotic (CD + DVD)
01 . 주문(MIROTIC)
02 . Wrong Number
03 . 노을..바라보다
05 . HEY!(Don't bring me down)
06 . 넌 나의 노래
07 . 무지개
08 . 낙원
09 . 악녀(Are you A Good girl?)
10 . Flower Lady

The 4th Album Surprise Project – Directed by TVXQ!
01 . Directed by HERO (Interviewee : U-Know)
02 . Directed by U-Know (Interviewee : MAX) ’
03 . Directed by MAX (Interviewee : Xiah) ’
04 . Directed by Xiah (Interviewee : Micky)
05 . Directed by Micky (Interviewee : HERO)
06 . Directed by TVXQ! – Talk about ‘MIROTIC’
07 . Directed by TVXQ! – Surprise Project

credits DBSKer


yes i know its kinda late but still, i wanna full my blog up so
here, some of late late news abt them.

Japanese Single Covers

as you all know , the dbsk will release thei fourth album on this 24th September
which is tomorrow
so, as dbsk's number 1 fan, we all should buy this album (ITS A BIG MUST)
plus we'll get their hot poster lols

wacth their full MV!

source: DBSKER

[Endorsement] Lotte Duty Free Shop Pamphlet Shooting

credits -soompi & DBSKer


hey, as you all know, im shasha here
im 14 and im asian and..
i made this blog cuz im bored
and, dont worry, this blog will always be update every week
and fyi, im a big fan of dbsk
so making this blog maybe could show my loveness towards them
lols, and this blog is under consruction so its not very full with dbsk's news, latest mv,lyrics, links and others
and, i guess i started this blog too late, so i guess we're going to talk abt their fourth album which currently the cassiopeian hot topic right now. oh yeah
and im going to start making this blog all up tomorrow, coz its already 12;30 a.m.
gotta go, i got school tomorrow
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