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31 May 2009


Leeteuk only gets to wear sleeveless shirt keke . aaaah Eunhyuk looks so good!!!

[Trans + Pic] Changmin’s Old Diary (?)

Got this from SYC. (they are awesome)...
I am not sure what to think of this. I am guessing this is from Changmin's diary when he was younger!! LOL how can one love food this much?

Hamburgers. Pizza. Ddeokbokgi. Black pudding. Sundae. Kamaboko. Kimbab. Bibimbap

Spaghetti. Jjajangmyeon. Sweet and sour pork. Dumplings. Kkanpunggi. Capsicum Donburi

Tofu. Sobulgogi Donburi. Omelet rice. Rabokgi. Jjajangbap

Champon. Jjolmyeon. Seolreongbap. Bulgogi. Bulgalbi. Galbitang

Galbijjim. Sashimi. Hoedeopbap. Squid. Octopus. Salmon. Shrimps

Kimchi stew. Miso soup. Tempura. Udon. Sweets. Drink. Ham. Cheese

Cake. Sandwich. Yakitori. Dalgalbi. Chicken. Pork cutlet

Candy. Fruit. French fries. Daljjim. Daldoritang. Gulbi. Potatoes

Sweet potatoes. Chestnut. Quails eggs. Duck. Haejangguk woogeoji. Curry

Meatballs. Soup. Yukgaejang. Bread. Cookies. Noodles. Kimchi fried rice

Fried rice. Twinkies. Gamjatang. Seafood stew. Mushroom stew and ice cream.

Sushi. Tofu stew. Tofu fries. Buchimgae. Bindaetteok. Gimchijeon. Scallion pancake

Buchujeon. Gyeranjjim. Gyeranmalgi. Boiled eggs. Tuna. Rice cake. Tteokguk

Beef. Kimchi. Yubuchobap. Dumpling soup. Kim. Crabs. Yukhoe. Gejang

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[TRANS] 090531 Tohoshinki - Secret of the Day


“Japan has the most wonderful and clear scenery than any other country I ever visited!”


Yoochun is the 5th member of Bigeast.


Jaejoong really love to train his muscle, but now he seems to try holding back to do so (as his fans dont like him to be too muscular)


When debuted, Changmin felt stressed as he’s the youngest,

But now everything become easier as he seems to be the oldest in the group.


Yunho’s face is turning red as soon as he starts to drink!

source: tohomobile + happyquest
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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Chinhanchingu updates – 31st May

credit : as tagged + sapphire pearls + dbsk dream

SP Philippines Cebu Gath

sapphire pearls + dbsk dream


his is nothing to do with SUJU but because it’s SM new group so I just post to see how you think about this because I really getting tired of seeing new groups pop-out every year and SM already has too much of them. Im sure they’ll lose more money now than earning them.

SM Entertainment will now be debuting a new girl group, said to be the female version of SHINee.

The groups name is set to be “Crystal”, for they will be “the crystals of the generation”, by setting a good example and having absolutely NO plastic surgery on any of the members. It’s funny they use the “crystal” analogy, because a crystal just looks like a shiny rock unless its cut and molded into something pretty. Go figure.

The group “Crystal” had been preparing for the past 3 years with trainers from the U.S., claiming their training was different from that of SNSD. Check out the members:

Name: Anna Sun
Birth: 1990
Lead vocals and rapper

Name: Yoo Seung Yeon
Birth: 1992
Leader, main rapper and vocalist

Name: Lee Nara
Birth: 1990
Lead dancer

Name: Noh Da Eun
Birth: December 12, 1989
Main vocalist


Name: Yoo Do Yeon
Birth: 1994
Main dancer, vocalist

They even recognized their SHINee counter parts: Onew=Lara, JongHyun=DaEun, Key=San, Minho=Syeon and Taemin= DoYeon. They are set to debut around July or August of this year.

Needless to say, I’m tired of all these new girl groups popping up, especially since it’s an SM artist–it’s just going to prolong the spaces between our favorite artists’ comebacks. The comparison is a little annoying too… I’m waiting for them to say they’re coming out with a female DBSK!

cr:allkpop + sapphire pearls + dbsk dream

It’s You Piano Cover by Piano Man Yoonha85

credit: Yoonha85@YT
shared by dbsk dream + sapphirepearls

090530 It’s You Perf at Music Core

vid cr: soultrue
shared by dbsk dream + sapphirepearls

[Mail] After performind Fukouka

Everyone. I JEJUN

I enjoyed myself live in Fukuoka for many days!!

I have YUNHO DEMASHITA OCHIKON the last time in Fukuoka来RENAKU ....
TABETA to fill all those OISHIITA it finally comes (^ ○ ^)
It was good to his staff dare to Fukuoka AITAKATTA o (^ ◇ ^) o

It is most DAIJINA

AETA and fans to Fukuoka
\ (^ ◇ ^) /

Let this be in 2days TANOSHIN OMOIKIRI! Could be

I also thank you ~
\ (^ O ^)
TAITAI! Thailand Thailand!
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------


Thank you Mail(재중)


오랜만의 후쿠오카에서의 라이브 즐거웠습니다∼!!

윤호와 나는 지난 번 후쿠오카에 올 수 없어서 빠졌었습니다만....
가까스로 올 수 있어 맛있는 음식도 가득 먹었고(^○^)
만나고 싶었던 후쿠오카의 스탭분들도 만나서 기뻤고 o(^◇^) o

가장 중요한 것은

후쿠오카의 팬 모두와 만난 것

이 2days 마음껏 즐겨서 최고!!였습니다∼

감사합니다 다시 또 보자∼

TBS - The 3rd Asia Tour Concert " MIROTIC "

Opening + hey

악녀 + Rising sun

Hug + Wrong Number

Purple Line + 풍선


dnbn + dbsk dream

[Information]东方神起4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~ The Secret Code-Fukuoka 2 days! STAFF REPORT

Under the surface blue sky晴RE渡TTA, Fukuoka Day 2 started!
Goods sold will start soon!

For visitors, but please be careful because the hot body!

We started the sale of live photos!

For visitors, please check us ♪
Campaign is a membership site!
OFISHARUFANKURABU Bigeast to those who join us at the "hand-written message card member" for free!
Please join us this opportunity ♪

Even while doing the same menu every performance, the members all or nothing.
We fight among members a place to get out!

The remaining stages are YUNHO!
The drum is practice ☆

Able to demonstrate to you some day ...!

BIBINPA manager's hand!

Recipe, the egg and沢庵bloom and sweet-sour pork with kimchi and tofu hemp婆(laughs).
Considerable volume (*_*)

Members, the taste? When asked, delicious! He says.
This will also live in today頑張REMASU (^ O ^)

GOFURETTO and if they enjoy a coffee,,,
割RA was half YUCHON (-.-;)

GOFURETTO vanilla is sold exclusively at I ☆

YUCHON gentle massage to give you a JUNSU!
Or so someone thought, in the way the trainer has actually (>_<) Continue to yesterday, I stopped YUCHON ...

JUNSU are taped.

And hear the cheers of the people were saying and outgrow the pain JUNSU (^ ^)
Please support hot today!

So Fukuoka is the first two performances!

You will not!

dnbn + dbsk dream
trans: google trans

090530 TBS - The 3rd Asia Tour Concert " MIROTIC " (Love in the ice~Tonight)

dnbn + dbsk dream

[Pic] Changmin after concert

dnbn + dbsk dream

[VID] Stand By You PV (eng subbed + DL link)

With english sub for all those who want to understand the story better! (^_^)

[PIC] Tohoshinki on City Living Magazine – City Wave Osaka

City Wave Osaka. Tohoshinki was on this magazine. A free magazine in Japan.

*** Does anyone here speak Japanese? we are currently looking for Japanese translators! It would be wonderful to have new friends joi our team ***

[VID] DBSK ~240509 4th Concert TSC in Sapporo - Yunho Box in the ship

My friend showed me this yesterday. So even know it is few days old I am sharing it. They are soooo cute! I sang this the whole day yesterday!!!

Tsk tsk Poor Changmin -_-

30 May 2009

[VID] Super Junior's Shindong, Leeteuk & Sungmin: Free Hugs Event

I can hug Leeteuk all day!!

[VID] Super Junior - It's You(May 30, 2009) Music Core

Eunhyuk and Donghae are such amazing dancers!! I love Eunhyuk's heartbeat move. (...have tried infront of mirror only about ten times keke)

Rainbow cellphone wallpapers!

im so making this as my hp wallpaper!

dnbn + dbsk dream

Yoochun's english mail !


Thank you Mail(YUCHUN)


First of all I Realize of Faith that what you've gave to 5 of us.

That special "Faith" makes us more special,tight Membership. And potentialities of improvement.

I'll say thank you for the blessing to drop the nightmares we had.





Thank you Mail(유천)

※오늘은 유천으로부터 영어로 Thank you 메일을 전달합니다.

우선, 저는 여러분이 저희 다섯에게 준 믿음을 깨달았습니다.

그 특별한 "믿음"이 저희를 더 특별하고, 멤버쉽이 단단해지도록. 그리고 개선의 가능성이 있도록 만듭니다.

우리가 가지고 있던 불안함을 떨칠 수 있도록 축복해주셔서 고맙다고 말하고 싶어요.




dnbn + dbsk dream

▦ [information] B-Pass 7

dnbn + dbsk dream

[Video] Sunmi’s Vita 500 Encouragement Message

Source: Vita500 website
shared by : sunmijjang + dbsk dream


From Official Concert Organizer, Datzentertainment:

Date: 27th June 2009
Time: 3pm (1 Hour)
Venue: Dragonfly @ St James Powerstation (MAP) (LINK)
Ticket Price: SGD$100

F.T. Island (Korean: 에프티 아일랜드), Five Treasure Island, or FTI, is the name of the band. The name F.T. Island stands for ‘Five Treasure Island’, each of the five members being a treasure.

The band’s official color is yellow, and their fans carry yellow flags known as “pentasticks.”

Their debut album, Cheerful Sensibility, made the sixth best-selling album of 2007 in South Korea.

F.T. Island’s official fan club name is “Primadonna”.

This is FT Island’s Singapore Debut and it is a concert showcase brought to you by Datzentertainment for the fans who have been extremely supportive of this event. It is by special request from the FT Island fans that the organizer is doing this concert showcase and the response from everyone thus far has been most encouraging.

For More infomation on Tickets and FT Island, click HERE

[Credit: primanoona + Datzentertainment + sunmijjang! + dbsk dream]

[News] FT Island Showcase In Singapore Next Month, Wonder Girls To Come Again? 090527


- Only 800 Tickets Up For Grabs!

Despite the economy downturn, Korean 5-member band, FT Island, will be here in Singapore for a showcase next month as requested by local fans.

Ever since the Korean Pop Night Concert was held late last year, there wasn’t any performance by Korean artistes here in Singapore.

However, there are still many K-pop supporters around and due to the request of many fans, local entertainment company, Datzentertainment, invited Korean band, FT Island, here in Singapore to do a showcase.

The tickets are not selling just yet, but the organizer has already received several phonecalls from local and overseas fans.

According to the organizer, FT Island’s debut performance in Singapore will be held on 26th June at Dragonfly.

Though the tickets are for sale, due to space limitations, the organizer will only be selling 800 tickets, priced at SGD$100 each.

Person-in-charge commented that, “The current economy is bad and most of the fans belong to the younger age group, therefore we did not price the tickets too high.”

As to why FT Island was invited to Singapore, she explained that, “Local fans have been looking for organizers who can bring the band in to Singapore. We are just answering their requests and so far the response has been good.”

Though tickets are only on sale starting this Saturday (30th May), the organizer has already received several enquiry phonecalls from local and overseas fans.
Many overseas fans are worried that they cannot get the tickets as there are only 800 tickets for sale.

[Scan+Trans Credits: pandan+ying1005 (primanoona)]

[kimyoobin.wordpress.com] + [sunmijjang.wordpress.com] + [shasha-dbskforever.blogspot.com]

[090529/Yesung] Yesung becomes new MC for KBS N's variety show

"Good-looking Guys' Carriage"* changes title to "Day and night Handsome Guys' Carriage"* for its season 2 starting in the beginning of June.
"Day and night Handsome Guys' Carriage" new MCs are Shin Junghwan, Go yunwook, Lee sungjin and Super Junior Yehsung.
(The first season was MCed by Jung changwoo, Brian, Jo HyunMin and Julian Kang.)

The rest of the article is about other new programs of the channel including a SNSD child-care program where they will show more their mature lady image*

The change is expected for the second week of june.

* 미남들의 포차 and 꽃미남 포차 불철주야, if you have better ideas for title translation I don't mind changing.
Basically the second one 꽃미남 is just the same as 미남 but with the flower reference with the whole boys over flower thing recently it makes sense lol.

Credits to CBS news (nocutnews)
Translation by Alice @ sj-world.net

[Sponsors] MLB yucheon photos

dnbn + dbsk dream

[VIDEOS] 090524 4th Live tour Sapporo "9095" + 23 days changmin 9095 ver.

dnbn + dbsk dream

Skull NY Sponsors

http://www.emocutez.com Uknow and changmin ah!!!!

dnbn + dbsk dream

[PICS] Yoosu at CF shooting

I stole this from my friend (keke I love you jaan) I just had to share it. Look at Yoochun!!!!! awwwwwwwww. I love love love Yoosu. No matter what anyone says, no one shares such an awesome relationship. Yoochun can't focus because he has to look at what Junsu is doing.

[VID] Bigeastation 113 - How do you say this in Korean? (ENG SUBS)

Any Bigeastation Changmin is in become funny for me. Yunho-sshi is himself here teaching us korean. Maybe if he didn't become a singer he could've been a teacher. He teaches korean a lot.
Yunho oppa you can become my korean teacher any day!!!!

[PICS] Dbsk in glasses!

Hmm who do you think looks the best with glasses? I personally think Hero and Yunho looks amazing. Then also Micky and Changmin pull off those glasses so naturally. Xiah looks really cute!!! ( I will post a poll on it later...for now enjoy)

Credit: Dbsk dream

[VIDEO] Tohoshinki "STAND BY U" PV Drama Version


Credits: jejupooh
Sharedby: DBSKnights + dbsk dream

[PHOTOS] Various TOHO Mobile

Mu-Mo Magazine

Stand By U promotions

Stand By U promotions TFP2

Mirai sozoudo

Credits: Delusion
Sharedby: toink@soompi + sweetfig + DBSKnights + Dbsk dream

[INFO] Song List for TBS Mirotic Concert Broadcast

Song List for TBS Mirotic Concert Broadcast

1.HEY!(Don´t bring me down)
2.Are you A Good girl?
3.Rising Sun
5.Wrong Number
6.Purple Line
9.Love in the Ice
10.Don´t say Goodbye
11.挨拶 (Talk)
13.The way U are
14.Somebody to love
15.Crazy Love
16.Song for you

Credits: DBSKnights + Dbsk dream + TBSch + frinlvtvxq

[PHOTOS] Fanmade TVXQ with their Dogs

Hontouni kawaii desu ne!
it means so cute right?
XD i have to keep studying japanese!

Credits: DBSKnights + Dbsk dream + as tagged
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