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31 December 2010

[SPAZZ] My favourite pictures of Jaejoong!

This is Kim JaeJoong, he took my heart since the first day i met him which was around 2007. He was the first korean that i loved and hes still the first korean in my future husbands list.

This is the still the best photoshoot pics of Jae

Baby, i know you can take over the world soon X)

[Pic] 101230 JYJ-Guerilla Date

oh man, can u find anyone who has a look like this anywhere!?

Jae is my first bias and foreveeeeeeeer!


credit: newsen
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[Vid] 101230 JYJ in KBS Morning News Time [Eng]

credit: mickytoho2

29 December 2010

[Info] TVXQ – ‘Why’(Keep your head down) Digital Release Schedule

* album release schedule may change depending on the the agency.

credit: BUGS+DC
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[Trans] 101229 JYJ Park Yoochun, The Rise of Mr. Hyde Bizarre Face Expression… “He’s lovely no matter what”

JYJ Youngwoong Jaejoong, Kim Junsu, and Park Yoochun transformed to Mr. Hyde.

Recently through an on-line community the picture of JYJ members having bizzare facial expression was released and has been a hot topic.

The picture captured the three members having various bizarre expressions thus attracted a lot of attention. Netizens especially noticed Park Yoochun who exactly had similar expression that reminiscent to Mr. Hyde (from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde). While Kim Junsu’s sulking face and clown-face like of Kim Jaejoong also arouse laughter to all netizens for their amazing expressions.

Netizens who saw the pictures left various reactions such as “This is unbelievable. I almost couldn’t recognize Park Yoochun.” “Once I saw it, I said ‘who is this?’” “They’re still adorable” “Things like this make people have no choice but to love them.”

Meanwhile on the coming 30th, JYJ will appear at ‘KBS News Time Live’ to tell stories about their US activities, preparation for New Year’s gigs, and are planned to send out messages to all fans.

trans by: sharingyoochun.net

[POLL] 101228 CRI Online - Most Popular Japanese/Korean Celebrities of 2010

1. Kim Hyun Joong
2. Park Yoochun
3. Kim Jaejoong

4. Joo Ji hoon
5. SS501
6. Kim Junsu

8. Song Hye Kyo
9. Yoon Eun Hye
10. Lee Jun Ki

Credits: CRI Online
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
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[TRANS] YooChun's Nameless Song Rap

YooChun's Rap:

Have I told you this kind of story before?

In 2003, for a few months, we finished our rehearsal stage, and the members easily cleared the first competition.

In this month of 2004, there were so many Newcomer Awards for Newcomers, such that we couldn't be satisfied.

We weren't able to endure anymore and we started wishing for more things.

In 2005 we branched into Japan, and we thought it would be easy like how it was in Korea.

But when our first single only recorded sales of 4000 copies, our confidence dropped.

Our Japanese couldn't even make it, Everyday the place we were living at and our company was an imprisonment that wasn't imprisonment meant for us.

Extreme loneliness, tears, rage; all of these made us united as one.

Even if anything were to happen by chance, we said that we would not leave each other...

Translated by christabel88@DBSKnights
Credits: christabel88@twitter/DBSKnights + ton0108@twitter
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[NEWS] TVXQ’s title track ‘Why’ to be released online before album

TVXQ’s long-anticipated comeback is close by, with their album scheduled to drop soon on the market. However, fans will receive an early gift – their title track ‘Why (Keep Your Head Down)’, will be revealed online on January 3rd!

Their special album will follow with a release on the 5th, which includes 10 songs and and 100-page photobook of Yunho and Changmin. The normal version will be released on the 12th, and will come with an extra song that is not included in the special album.

Since it’s been so long since they last promoted, the group will hold fan-signing events next month.

Source: Newsen
Credits: Allkpop
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[NEWS] JYJ's official website crashes 30 minutes after teasers were released

JYJ has proven that they are still the hottest thing in Korea. This morning, the trio released the teasers to six of their songs, which resulted in a server crash thirty minutes after it was revealed. The staff were finally able to put the server back online at dawn.

According to a C-Jes representative, they "tried to prepare for the number of visit and had a backup server, but even that wasn't enough." In addition, he adds, "We thank you for the attention and we'll hurry the music essay release as fast as we can."

Meanwhile, JYJ will have their first broadcast performance at KBS's 2010 Drama Awards on December 31st.

Source: Sports World
Credits: Koreaboo
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[NEWS] TVXQ will release their CF comeback teaser on MBC and SBS soon

Update: It was recently revealed that TVXQ would be releasing CF teasers for their comeback. The first teaser will be revealed tomorrow. SBS, KBS, and MBC will be revealing the teasers during their upcoming Gayo Daejun, and will feature two different teasers. The CFs are known to contain new images of the group that has yet to be released to the public.

There is a little more than a week left until the official comeback of TVXQ, and fans are eager for their new album. It has been nearly two years since their last Korean album release, "Mirotic". TV stations, MBC and SBS, will be revealing TVXQ's CF comeback teaser on December 29th.

The title of the upcoming album has been revealed to be "Why (Keep Your Head Down)" and the group has already teased fans with images of their concept and album jacket.

There's a possibility that a portion of the title song will be revealed in the upcoming CF, giving fans a chance a peek of what Yunho and Changmin will be bringing. TVXQ's comeback is certainly creeping closer. Koreaboo will report once the CF has been released. Are you getting excited about their comeback?

Source: @onetvxqforums, Daum Starzone and Sports World
Credits: Koreaboo
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[INFO] Drama “Poseidon” starring Eric and Yunho to air in May 2011

The new drama "Poseidon" is scheduled to air in May. With stars like Shinhwa's Eric and TVXQ's Yunho participating, the drama has already attracted a great amount of attention.

An official from the “Poseidon” production team stated that a letter from SBS Network was sent to production, scheduling the airing for May of next year. The specific date is not yet confirmed.

SBS is currently airing the drama "Athena", which will be followed by "Midas". "Poseidon" will take place sometime after "Midas" finishes.

“Poseidon” is the first Coast Guard Marine drama to ever be aired. Aside from Eric and Yunho, the cast also consists of actors like Kim Kangwoo, Kim Wookbin, Kim Gayeong, Jeon Hyebin, Kim Kabsu, and So Hyeonju. The production team includes director Yu Cheolyong, producer Oh Sangwon, and director/"Iris" writer Jo Kyuweon.

Will you be watching "Poseidon" when it airs?

Source: shinhwa.biz
Credits: Koreaboo
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28 December 2010

Cold Wind & Rain On SJ’s Guangzhou, Fans Had A Heartache Because Kyuhyun Went Barefoot In The Cold

Popular Korean group Super Junior (SJ) accompanied fans for Christmas on the night of the 25th with their Guangzhou show, but the weather was cold and it also rained, which made the stage extremely wet and slippery, Kyuhyun who had slipped simply endured the cold and took off his shoes to perform barefoot.

SJ’s Guangzhou stop for their Asian tour was held on Christmas night, but unfortunately the weather was bad; the low temperature and intermittent rain made the venue even colder. But the fans were still enthusiastic, with umbrellas and raincoats, they held up pearl sapphire blue light sticks that represents SJ to cheer them on.

Due to the rapidly-falling temperature, when SJ appeared on stage they were shaking from the cold because they were wearing light and thin clothes. When Sungmin, who was wearing short sleeves, played the guitar his fingers were nearly frozen stiff and almost could not continue playing. Due to the rain, the stage became wet and slippery, as a result, Siwon, Leeteuk and Kyuhyun all slipped one after another, and Kyuhyun simply took off his shoes to perform. When the fans saw their idols enduring the cold to perform, they all expressed their heartache and hoped they would not get sick.

Since they had come to China, devout Christian Siwon also did not forget to show off his Mandarin by saying: “today Jesus was born, God bless you all!” After that SJ coincided with the festival sprit and wore Christmas clothing to sing “Jingle Bells” as well as singing an early happy birthday song to Sungmin, which made the atmosphere at the venue extremely high.

Note~ Only the parts related to SJ have been translated.

Source: HK Apple daily
Translated By: purple_princess@sapphirepearls.com
Edited By eternalsnow @ sj-world.net

SM To Appeal? Hankyung “Leaving It To The Lawyers”

Super Junior’s Chinese member, Hangeng, has prevailed in the lawsuit, held on the 21st against SM Entertainment because of an exclusive contract. Hangeng, who was in Hong Kong on the 22nd (local time) for an event, said that he doesn’t think so much about the win and that time will heal everything. He also said that time will heal everything and that he is only concerned about the end. When news that SM will be appealing, he stated that the lawyers will be on it and he will not be there. Meanwhile, Hangeng is busy with activities and plans for his musical career in China.

Source: Nate
Shared By: in00022@sj-world.net
Translated By: ミ mholic ★@sj-world.net

Eunhyuk & Ryeowook In Twist Of The “Facial Expressions”

Pictures that Super Junior member Eunhyuk and Ryeowook took on the broadcast of KBS radio cool FM “Super Junior Kiss the Radio” on the 25th were published. In the first picture, Ryeowook had a V sign while Eunhyuk didn’t seem like he liked it and looked on rather angrily. However, in the second picture, it was a complete reverse of the expressions in the first picture. Eunhyuk body expression really looked like a mischievous boy. Netizens who saw the pictures commented things like, “Why do they look so cute even like this!”, “The two DJ are really cute! They look a little like each other”, “A Christmas present? They are totally good.”

Source: TV Daily
Shared By: in00022@sj-world.net
Translated By: ミ mholic ★@sj-world.net

Donghae’s Confession “While Filming I Thought About My Father In Heaven”

Super Junior’s Donghae revealed his thoughts on the drama-filming experiences for “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter” through the drama’s homepage.

On the 22nd of December, Donghae left a message on the message boards of the homepage of the SBS drama “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter”, saying that “(Through the drama) I was able to feel the importance of family once more, and I want to give my parents more love which I have not been able to express before”, and that “While filming I thought a lot about my father who is in heaven. I will work hard in order to become a child that he will never feel ashamed of”.

On the other hand, Donghae plays the character of Choi Wookgi in “It’s Okay, Daddy’s Daughter”. Unlike his glamorous image on stage(,) he was praised as a decent young man who dabbles in a variety of part-time jobs such as a worker at the construction sites, parking, cleaning, and washing dishes in the drama.

Source: Newsen
Translated By: eternalsnow @ sj-world.net
Thanks To: in00022 @ sj-world.net for the heads up!
Image Credits: asiae.co.kr

[NEWS] 101228 JYJ to Release a Photo Essay Album Early Next Year… More Released Songs

Group JYJ will release a special album in an essay format early next year.

JYJ representative on December 28th in the morning confirmed to Money Today Star News, “The three members of JYJ will release a Korean album that includes two self composed songs in form of photo essay.”

The official explained the plan further, “This album is a reward to all Korean fans who have continued showing their love and support to JYJ’s worldwide activities this year, a special essay is prepared to show the members’ appreciation.”

This album contains the new songs performed in JYJ’s Korean concert such as ‘Pierrot’ and ‘Nine’, while the two other songs are said to be Jaejoong, Yochun, Junsu’s self composed songs and Yoochun’s unreleased self composed song that are going to be unveiled for the first time as well.

The members’ handwritten essay and photo will be added too. Especially as a fan service for the Korean fans, the members planned to wrote essays to convey their gratitude to fans.

JYJ is currently in process of recording for their long-awaited local broadcast appearance, the three members will appear at ‘KBS News Time Live’ on December 30th at 8 am to talk about K-POP fever.

Meanwhile, not only scheduling to release a studio album, the members are also considering to hold a world tour in the first half of next year. JYJ will start to open a full-fledged overseas promotion next year and determine to leap into a world star.

credit: News Nate
trans by: sharingyoochun.net
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[VIDEO] 101228 JYJ Music Essay Full Preview + Download Link

[VIDEO] 101228 JYJ - Official Opening

[Pic] 101228 Changmin- Paradise Ranch

credit: dc
shared by: sharingyoochun.net

[Trans] Popteen Magazine Q&A with Homin

First, let’s start with talking about your activities in 2010
Yunho: My solo activities, there was the MJ concert in Korea and other public performance including a musical, after that I also filmed NET drama (HARU)
Changmin: From January to May I was filming a drama, after that I was photographed for magazines
Yunho: Other than those, the two of us as TVXQ performed in SMTOWN in Korea, China and America

Starting from 2011 the two of you will formally start activities in Japan, and now you have activities together in your private lives.
Changmin: Yes. Sometime we would also go bowling together.

If the two of you go will catch a lot of attention right?
Yunho: That’s why we ask our manager to go with us, but even if managers go, we would still be recognized (laugh). But it’s normally just greeting us, so I don’t care that much
Changmin: I care. Not use to being everyone’s attention, don’t know what to do. So the two of us wouldn’t hang out together. Even then, we would still be recognized

Being together, do you have fights?
Changmin: Even if I say we don’t fight, it’s like that’s a lie (laugh), but because we can talk to each other about anything, so that became very natural (no fighting)
Yunho: Recently it’s like both of us are breathing the same air, understanding each other. If one isn’t feeling happy, not doing something, the other would look at him, then want to talk to him, and understand what’s going on, because it’s like living as a family, so even if nothing is spoken, there is an understanding.

What do you admire about each other?
Changmin: I think Yunho’s attitude towards work is very passionate and responsible, really very professional so I want to learn from him
Yunho: Changmin’s attitude towards work is calm and mature. Even if he is misunderstood he wouldn’t get mad, he would listen to the other person and think carefully before re-expression what he wants to say, even to staff or to other people around him, he is very understanding of them.
Changmin: no no, thank your for saying that (smiles)

Then, talk about some things you want each other to change
Yunho: Recently Changmin seems to have grown up, like an adult, so to me, I don’t think there’s anything that needs to be changed
Changmin: I don’t think there’s anything I want him to change either. Even thought I use to get very annoyed when Yunho’s room is very messy (laugh). Because now we are not sharing the same room, I don’t mind.
Yunho: Before my room was very messy (laugh). But recently I cleaned my room.

During your breaks from work, what topics do you two discuss?
Yunho: There’s a lot about the future and stuff
Changmin: Also we would talk about things troubling each other
Yunho: Usually the two of us likes making jokes, but when talking about each other’s troubles, only at that time, we would talk really seriously

Do you talk about topics relating to girls?
Yunho: Of course we do, we would talk about when to get married… sometimes on the street, we would say “that girl is really cute”

Just thought of this, the two of you like the Japanese female celebrity Nakama Yukie. So she like your type of girl?
Changmin: We’ve liked her since we first meet Nakama Yukie at Red White festival. She’s prettier than imagined
Yunho: No, that’s wrongly expressed. Everyone don’t misunderstand (laugh). Before everyone already believe she is beautiful, but after seeing her in real life she is even more pretty, that is what Changmin want to express
Changmin: Yes, that’s what i mean. Yunho’s always like this, can understand my thoughts (laugh)

Do you have any complaints about 2011?
Yunho: Because 2010 is a turning point, so in 2010 we want to put in more effort and step up to show the two of our charms. Because we want to achieve that we have really worked hard to prepare for it, so hope everyone would look forward to us

What are some charms that only belong to the 2 of you?
Changmin: Both of us are very tall
Yunho: We really are very tall… (laugh), our voices are charming too. Changmin’s voice is higher while mine is lower, and when its mixed together it will produce a beautiful harmony. And our personalities are the opposite, so when we are together it is harmonized
Chamgin: Regarding our personalities, if Yunho’s fire, I would be water
Yunho: But that changes depending on the situation. When Changmin fires up, I will became cool, we would switch roles
Changmin: Even though it became just the two of us, there really is a harmony never beyond imagine. This kind of group can also bring more new charms.

Can you leave one last message for Popteen readers
Changmin: This whole new year, will let everyone see how hard we have worked, please look forward to us
Yunho: I will work hard to grow, must live through 2011 with TVXQ~

credit: neverend
trans by: sharingyoochun.net

[Info] Vote JYJ for Chinese Hallyu Top Star

Go to: http://img.1ting.com/Node/KMusic/# How to vote: Click on 【我喜欢】 Voting Period: Not specified

You can vote only once

credit: KMusic trans by: sharingyoochun.net

[Trans] Popteen Magazine- Changmin’s interview

What kind of fashion do you like?
-I like the feeling of wearing a shirt with a coat.

Why do you like that kind of style?
-It’s not like that, I like exercising too, during this period I’ve been boxing

Why is your muscles so pretty?
-Maybe because of a lot of sweet and drinking a lot of water

Why is it always ladies first for Korean guys?
-For me, it’s because that’s how my dad always taught me. From young he would tell me to be tender towards girls, so unconsciously it became that way

Looks like the vegetable type, but is really the meat type?
-I’m the junk food type (laugh). It will change depending on different environment and how I feel that day.

What kind of girl is your type?
-Optimistic, cheerful, and lively

What’s the difference between girls from Japan and Korea?
-When we first came to Japan I thought Korean girls were the pretty type and Japanese girls were mostly the cute type. But now I’ve discovered there are all kinds of people in both places.

What kind of cloth do you hope a girl is wearing?
-More elegant clothing, I would like that even if she’s very plain she could still find something to wear that would show her own charms.

If you are in Korea on a date where do you want to go?
-Holding hands on a street filled with people, like normal people eating a meal. Even though that’s corny, but now that it can’t be done it is something I yearn for

In Japan on a date where would you want to go?
-The two of us riding in tram

What kind of song would you listen to?
-R&B, rock and such, I would listen to Korean songs and songs from other countries. If you ask me what kind of Japanese one I like I would say Superfly

What’s your favorite Japanese word?
-Please. Very simple, but could be used in many occasions, it is a very convenient term.

Recommend a Korean food that is very popular
-Pig skin. It is rich in collagen which is good for the skin, and its very crunchy so very delicious

What kind of Japanese food do you like?
-I like everything. Even convenient store meals are delicious. Every time coming to Japan I would eat well.

What’s did you dream of becoming when you were young?
-Broadcaster or sports reporter. I think it’s wonderful to be able to be on TV like broadcasters. As reporter its very nice that they they could be very close up to watch sports game (laugh).

credit: neverend
trans by: sharingyoochun.net

Hanteo releases results for “2010 Singer Award”

SNSD topped Hanteo’s annual “Singer Award” chart for 2010!

Based on album sales data collected by analyst Hanteo, the “Singer Awards” chart revealed that SNSD sold a total of 303,442 copies from January 1st through December 26th.

The chart takes into account all albums released throughout the artists’ career, but only factors in sales that those albums made during 2010.

As of December 26th, SNSD’s “Oh!” sold 123,668 copies, “Hoot” sold 94,942 copies, and their repackaged album released in February sold 57,037 copies. “Genie” and “Gee,” which were both released last year, sold 5,500 copies this year as well.

Super Junior ranked in second with 262,610 copies sold from 23 albums (132,127 copies of which came from “Bonamana“), SHINee came in third with 154,332 copies sold from nine albums (58,628 copies of which came from “Lucifer“), and JYJ came in fourth with 127,456 copies sold from three albums.

B2ST, who were recently honored as the only rookie group to have passed 100,000 in album sales this year, rounded out the top 5 by coming in at fifth with four albums.

On their homepage, Hanteo boasts, “Our chart is made up of one of the most unique systems in the world. Sales data from affiliates all across the nation, along with large record stores and smaller internet shops, are all updated live into our system.”

Hanteo has always shown close results to that of systems used by entertainment agencies and distribution companies as well.

Source + Photos: Hanteo 2010 Singer + ALLKPOP.COM

MYX International Top 20

CR: sjmarket

[TRANS] VOGUE: 2010 Keyword & Awards


What happened in the world during this year? In order to wrap up the year 2010, we picked keywords from 8 categories to describe this year. As much as there were good news, yet we had ones which were saddening too. We selected the ‘Vogue’ awards based on an objective basis and subjective standards. Unfortunately, this award has no trophies, nor prize money.


6. Dramas with unexpectedly high viewer ratings.
Dads and moms have definitely taken over the living room remote control. “Dong Yi’s,” “Giant’s,” “Baker King, Kim Tak Goo’s,” and other national dramas’ high viewer ratings are the evidence. Dramas that received a lot of attention even before broadcast, such as “Road Number One,” “Personal Taste”, “Fugitive,” and “Marry Me, Mary” did not have satisfactory results, while “Playful Kiss’s” ratings were a joke. “Gumiho” was an unexpected treasure. Spunky youngster, Tak Goo’s activeness was surprising. (The highlights of) “Life is Beautiful,” “Cinderella’s Sister,” “Dae-Mul,” and “My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox” were the earnest scholars who did not let our hopes down. However, no matter what anyone else says, the ones who received the most attention in the drama category are Sungkyunkwan’s flower boys!


5. JYJ and Jaebum’s Restarting of activities.
SM quietly withdrew the legal complaint that kept JYJ from releasing their new album. Compared to last year when their future looked dark, it seems like they have accomplished much on their own. Although the “Invisible Hand” that they must overcome still exists, older sister and fans earnestly watch over them. Though there are so many idols in the entertainment industry, (we’ll wait for them) because losing a gem of a talented person is sad news.


1. Idol singers Gone Musical Actors.
“Mozart!’s” Xiah Junsu, “Rock of Age’s” Onew, “Spam-a-lot’s” Yesung, “The Three Musketeer’s” Kyuhyun… We cannot rate idol singers with the devaluing idea that they are in musicals simply because of their “idol” title because the musical stage is one that demands so much skill. This year, we were able to see many fierce idols in musicals. It’s reasonable to say musical ticket sales and the growing interest in musicals were influenced by them. Since SM and YG have set up musical production companies, it’s safe to say that the idol industry is in support of idol-singers performing in musicals.

credit: VOGUE
trans: johnna-ssi@sharingyoochun
Shared by: DBSKnights + dbsk dream
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