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29 September 2010


Hello, Shasha's here
As you all know, JYJ are going to make a showcase in Malaysia
And im trying to win extra tickets in fanwonder's page in facebook
I was having the most likes this morning, and yesterday
But someone beats me!

So to those who are free right now , i need you to go LIKE this page

After u like the page, go here

I need you click previous comments for a few times until u see the first comment
My comment is number 2, * Shasha Anuar* Thats me!
i need you to click LIKE for my comment
im begging you, im gonna attend that showcase, and i promise i will record a lot of videos for you guys and take a lot of photos!
So please do this for me?
I want to be the first winner :)

19 September 2010

Super Junior & Girls Generation for SPAO's autumn/winter collection

Nichkhun for Customellow/Arena Homme Shoot

S: W2D ; 2PMalways ,cr.custemellow.co.kr

Changmin in NON NO November Issue

source: neverend 1 + 2

Changmin's NON NO November Issue interview!

Q: It seems as though the filming for your debut television drama has been completed, what did you find most difficult?

Since the production for the drama lasted all the way from January to June this year, I honestly felt like it took forever. In Korea, dramas are usually broadcasted as they are being filmed, but since mine is being produced before its broadcast, things are a little out of the ordinary. However, because I had to film practically every day, it was tough managing my physical condition. In contrast to life as a singer, it demanded a lot more self-control. Also, since this was my first time, I wasn't really able to get a good grasp on my own lifestyle. Even though the filming took place at Jeju Island, in the southern parts of Korea, I had to fly back and forth from Seoul to Jeju all the time, and sometimes even Japan. Having to travel around like that was actually quite exhausting.

Q: Is it true that Yunho came to show his support at your filming location?

Mmhm, he came twice. Once with some members of staff and once with some friends, they just came all of a sudden!! I was really scared. Yunho made me even more nervous than usual!! Because I wasn't used to the filming location, I was also worried that I'd cause trouble for the staff. Of course, I was glad that he came. It wasn't in Seoul or in Japan, he'd come all the way to Jeju Island just for me. But! I didn't really feel all that at the time (laughs), so after his visit, I said to Yunho 'Don't come to the filming location unless you've made yourself an appointment!!'

Q: Artist (singer), actor, model, how are they different from one another?

When you sing, you're conveying an entire story in the timespan of 3-4 minutes, whereas when you're acting, you've got 40 minutes to an entire hour to portray a whole variety of emotions, some more extreme, some more subtle. You can't really miss out any details, to me, it's a lot more difficult than singing. Modelling is also quite different from singing and acting. You can't straightforwardly express something. A lot of the time, when you're being photographed, it's more a matter of knowing how to work your expression to adequately match with the clothes you're wearing. These kind of shoots are really difficult. But no matter what type of job it is, their similarity is that they demand one to express one's feelings and emotions. I've been a shy person ever since I was young, so I'm really not good at communicating and interacting with other people. Recently, I've changed a lot. Becoming an actor during such difficult times has made me more conscious of my limits.

Q: What would be your ideal life?

I'm not like how I used to be, releasing singles and albums all the time, living a busy chaotic life. Up until now, I've always had packed schedules literally every day. This sudden decrease in work load… to be honest, I feel really lonely at times. For the past few years, my life has always been governed by my schedule, so I'm not really used to having so much time on my hands. At first I thought 'Oh well, no worries, it'll be okay.' But now that I'm starting to get used to it, I've learnt to enjoy life. There are things that I can do to help myself grow and mature, I've got a lot of learning to do. Amongst all those things, right now, I'm most passionate about boxing. I started doing it because people kept persuading me, but I've come to realize that on top of being good for stress relief, it's also an activity that brings you happiness. Whether it be my upper body or my lower body, rather than saying I've gotten more muscular, I think I just feel like my muscles have gotten harder. Besides that, I've learnt a lot with regards to acting, singing and dancing. Oh and I go to the boxing training centre all the time!! To me, a time like this is a time worth cherishing.

Q: What do you do when you're at home?

Listen to music and then sleep like I'm dead (laughs). I'm also really into reading. At the moment, I'm reading Haruki Murakami's new release 'IQ84".

Q: Where have you been going in your free time recently?

The basketball courts! I go around twice a week with Yunho and our manager. We play three against three. Even tough I'm not very good at it, I like sports that make me sweat. Since it's pretty much like a public part there, it's available 24 hours a day. We don't just play basketball, we've been going bowling more frequently than we used to. Our scores now are around 150 points at best, and the average is around 120-130. This was never the case before! Besides wondering why bowling balls are so heavy, we're really too interested in the rest (laughs).

Q: (We) really want to hear Changmin sing

I've been practising. When I listen to artists that I like, I'll try and sing a long to their songs, imitating their enunciation and small habits. When I train myself like that, I'll think 'Oh, so this is where I'm lacking.' I've been really obsessed with bands lately, not only Korean bands, but also Japanese, European and American groups, I quite like them. Lately, the song that I think is the best is Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Even though I can't really sing it too well, I really like the song. I listen to it all the time.

Q: How have you grown since debuting in your second year of high school?

I don't thing 'growing' is really the right way to put it. There have been some changes. Most people who start working whilst they're still in their childhood hold the same kind of attitude, they feel like everything revolves around work and they get to see or experience anything outside of it. I used to be like that too, I felt like I was always having cameras shoved in my face and being interviewed wherever I went. But because this is a job that I got from the hands of others, I also have slightly different values. I've developed my own perception of the world in ways that an ordinary student would never be able to comprehend. It's just that I'm in my 20s now and I'm more capable of devoting myself to friendships and romantic relationships. Things like that need to be cherished and I don't want to have to avoid them anymore. As time is lost, I've grown to really treasure these things. Recently, I've been thinking to myself that rather than those around me, I'm actually the one constantly confining and suppressing myself. I put a lot of pressure on myself and I've finally come to notice that. I'm not going to let myself do that.

Q: What do you want to be to your fans?

I want to be like a nutrient to other people. I hope that my presence will help raise people's spirits. I'm really grateful of all the support I've received from everybody, but I think it would be really terrible if that becomes all they ever do. I hope that those who support me will learn to cherish and enjoy the time that they have and will learn to support one another. I'll work hard to become that kind of person.

Q: What would you like to do the most this year?

If possible, I'd really like to go to the US. I was really passionate about learning English when I was young, so I can understand it pretty well, but speaking is a little more difficult. It's the same with Japanese, so I'm actually really interested in languages at the moment. I really really want to learn English again.

Q: What can we expect from Changmin in the days to come?

Even though I feel a little irresponsible saying this, I really am expecting a lot from myself, so I hope that my fans are anticipating my future endeavours just as I am myself. As an individual, I hope that I'll be able to remain the honest person I am without causing trouble for other people. That is the goal I will work towards.

Q: It's a shame that there aren't a lot of opportunities to meet with your fans. Please write a message to all of your Japanese supporters!

Hello everybody, I'm really doing very well! Since I've been modelling a lot more recently, I've been working very hard to maintain good physical condition so that I'll be able to look as good as possible in my photoshoots. As long as there's work for me in Japan, no matter when it is, I'll always look forward to coming. Please place your orders with the staff here! (laughs) I'll continue to try my hardest to bring happiness to those of you in Japan, so please look forward to it!

Source: dbsknights

SHINee Magic girl,hilarious!

Why Japanese Girls Go Mad for Korean Girl Bands

Girls' Generation perform at their first showcase in Japan on Aug. 25

Korean girl groups are attracting more fervent admirers among their own sex in Japan than from the young men they are ostensibly manufactured to appeal to. About 80 percent of the audience at the debut showcase of Girls' Generation at the Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo on Aug. 25 were female, from teenagers to women in their 30s. Plenty of them even sported Girls' Generation outfits.

Things are much the same with other Korean girl groups like 4 Minute, Kara and Brown Eyed Girls. Management agencies admit that even though the bands were meant to target male fans, more than half of the fans are young girls. In Korea, girl bands have traditionally been popular among men of all ages, from teens to those in their 50s.

Differences in Image
AKB 48 and Morning Musume are the leading Japanese girl bands this year. Dressed in frilly princess dresses and much given to winsome smiles, they dance and sing to routines mainly choreographed with dainty movements of hands and feet. But Korean girl groups have a bolder, more dynamic image. They wear angular uniforms or tight skinny jeans, and dance to choreography that uses the whole body. On stage, they appear confident and charismatic.

Kim Young-min of agency SM Entertainment said, "Japanese girls who've had enough of Japanese girl bands that strictly appeal to men's protective instincts seem to take bolder Korean girl groups as a role model."
Japanese girl group AKB48

Better Skills
Thanks to their notoriously grueling training, Korean girl groups tend to be better at dancing and singing than Japanese ones. Members of Korean girl bands go through an average of three to six years of training, while Japanese girls get just six months to a year. Japanese management agencies recently shifted from quality to quantity, on the assumption that anyone can become an "idol" with the right marketing support. AKB 48, as the name suggests, has 48 members who perform a daily gig for fans in a small theatre in Tokyo's Akihabara. Often members are launched straight off the street and then learn on the job due to these schedules.

Filling a Boy-Band Shaped Hole
Oricon, the Japanese equivalent to charts provider Billboard, recently said Japanese girls in their teens and 20s are taking to Korean girl bands during a lull for Korean boy bands. Bands such as TVXQ, Big Bang and Shinee turned Japanese girls on to K-pop, with the number of Japanese TVXQ fans estimated at over 300,000. That prompted Japanese management agencies to concentrate on the boy band market, according to Shin Sung-hee of Sony Music Entertainment. "They had no interest in girl groups whatsoever, so the current Korean girl band phenomenon took people in both Korea and Japan by surprise," he said.

Japanese fans in similar attire as the Girls' Generation pose for a photo

Source: The Chosun Ilbo

BEAST's Son Dongwoon, "In case he falls behind, Doojoon hyung came to practice.."

With their comeback at the end of September, BEAST's Son Dongwoon revealed photos of his activities within the day through his Cyworld.

On the 17th, Son Dongwoon revealed a picture titled 'The Daily Activities of September 17, 2010' of Yoon Doojoon's backside in the practice room through his Cyworld.

In this picture, Yoon Doojoon was sporting a blue uniform with his 'number 11 and name as Yoon Doojoon' along with the other members barely viewable in the mirror reflection. On the same day, Yang Yoseob revealed a different angle picture of Yoon Doojoon through his Yozm.

Son Dongwoon said, "While filming, Doojoon hyung had break time and he came to practice in case he falls behind.." which caused a bit of sympathy towards Yoon Doojoon who was taking in busy schedules.

Also, Song Dongwoon uploaded pictures of the Idol Athletics Competition with it titled as 'The Daily Activities of September 17, 2010.' Going back a couple of days, he also showed a picture on the 9th of him pretending to eat a giant sushi pillow.

Fans who've come across these pictures worte messages such as "You're going to get a stomach ache," "Doojoon oppa is working so hard..my heart hurts for him," "Idol Athletics Competition~ Did you play well?" and "Oppa, you're on the very top ㅠㅠ Is this the fear of the male god? Keke"

Meanwhile, BEAST revealed on the 17th (today) their new song 'Clenching a Tight Fist' on various online music sites as it's become the hottest searched on portal sites and is continuing to rank in the top searched, garnering lots of interest.

seoulfoood @B2ST RISING (TRANS)

The situation of Yoon Doojoon becoming a butler for Seo Shinae?

Seo Shinae who is letting her name be known as the child actress confessed to being BEAST Yoon Doojoon's fan.

On September 21st at 6:10 PM, MBC Chuseok Special 'The Butler of a Female Actress' will be featuring Yoon Doojoon & Marco as the butlers of Seo Shinae.

Seo Shinae was known for featuring on the MBC sitcom 'Highkick Through the Roof' with BEAST's Lee Kikwang. However, it wasn't Lee Kikwang who captured her heart but Yoon Doojoon. She is a big fan in knowing all of BEAST's song, she confessed.

Seo Shinae, who has always liked Yoon Doojoon, was delighted in having him as her butler. However, an unwanted guest butted in. People thinking that he has an age mentality issue, Marco is also a butler for Seo Shinae. In receiving assistance from the loud Butler Ma and Butler Yoon whom she dreamed of, Seo Shinae will start carry on her daily activities as if it were a variety show.

Who will snag the heart of Miss Seo Shinae in the end - the dreamed of Yoon Doojoon or the loud but hardworking Marco? Loud but romantic, the attention of the viewers is fixed on the story of the female actress and the butler.

seoulfoood @B2ST RISING (TRANS)

BEAST gains explosive feedback after revealing their new song from their album!

The group BEAST had revealed one of the songs from their 3rd album, ‘Clenching My Fist Tight’ on the 17th on various music sites.

The R&B track ‘Clenching My Fist Tight’, which was released ahead of time despite their comeback coming up in late September, had successfully made it had the top searched song on portal sites and music sites. BEAST was able to experience the popularity as it seemed like the song wasn’t moving from first place.

BEAST had been recognized as skilled dance artist with perfect live, however they gained more attention with emotional acting and explosive vocal ranges that matches up well with traditional ballad singers.

This is why ‘Clenching My Fist Tight’ had gained the hot anticipation and attention from the public.

This ballad song from BEAST will bring in the emotions of the fall and like the lyrics of the song, ‘We can live apart there is a farewell for us too,” composed by Ahn Youngmin, others have rated that BEAST’s voices carry on the sadness like the lyrics of the song making a wonderful harmony.

The voices of the BEAST member portraying that there is nothing wrong in front of farewell but in reality suffering behind the truth has established ‘Clenching My Fist Tight’ as a much more dramatic song.

Meanwhile, BEAST plans to bring another issue to the music industry when they make a comeback in the end of September.

aoistars@B2ST RISING (TRANS)

SHINee @ star king

Full Nichkhun Elle Girl Shoot

Source: 2PMalways, scanned by Shinsakhun

T-ara's full Chuseok pictorial

Source: Diadem Gallery

WGM Adam, YongSeo and Khuntora couples to come together for the 1st time for horror special

MBC variety program ‘We Got Married’ will be doing a horror special over the Chuseok holidays.

And the show, to air on 18th September, will have all 3 couples Adam couple (Jo Kwon and GaIn), YongSeo (Jung YongHwa and SeoHyun) and Khuntoria (Nich Khun and Victoria) will come together at one place for the first time.

The 3 couples will also participate in games like wrestling and couple relay thinking that they are all fighting for the title for the best couple on the special. But the real ‘best couple’ will be picked through another way.

The MC for the special will be C.N Blue Lee JungShin and the couples will have to go through a section where the couples will be rearranged into groups of 2 in a deserted school compound for a horror experience.


BoA to reveal teaser video to 6th repackaged album ‘Copy & Paste’ on 20th Sep

BoA reveals the teaser photo for her upcoming 6th repackaged album ‘Copy & Paste’ on 17th September. A teaser video will also be revealed on 20th September.

According to her agency SM Entertainment, “The teaser video will be revealed on BoA’s officialy homepage on 20th September.”

‘COPY&PASTE’ is set to be released on 27th September and BoA will have her first live stage for the repackaged album on 24th September on KBS Music Bank.


2NE1 1st full length album MVs garnered over 8 million views on Youtube

2NE1′s 1st full length album ‘To Anyone’ MVs have garnered over 8 million views on Youtube.

According to Youtube, the MV to the first title song ‘Can’t Nobody’ off the album released on 11th September has garnered over 2,108,486 views as off 5.45pm on 17th September. For the 2nd and 3rd title songs ‘Go Away’ and ‘Clap Your Hands’ have each garnered 2,576,139 and 2,631,329 views.

The views garnered by all 3 MVs is 7,315,954. Other than the girls’ new songs, other MVs like ‘Try To Follow Me’, ‘You & I’, ‘I Don’t Care’ and ‘Fire’ have garnered over 250K, 120K, 50K and 30K views on the girls’ official Youtube channel.

Other than that, the girls have also sold over 100K copies of their album in just 5 days into its release.

S: MTStarNews

TaeYang to end solo promotions and start preparation for Big Bang’s Korean comeback

TaeYang has recently ended the promotions for his album ‘International release’ and will return to Big Bang for group activities.

TaeYang who is currently busy with preparations of his upcoming independent concert ‘I’ll Be There’ on 25th and 26th September will have his goodbye stage on MBC Music Core on 18th September. His recent album ‘Solar’ has achieved great results by going up to the #1 and #2 spots on Canada and American iTunes R&B/Soul chart even though there was no overseas promotions for it. And the ‘International Release’ also went up to the #5 spot on the chart.

After his solo concert, TaeYang will return to Big Bang and will start the preparations for the group’s Korean comeback after 2 years.

S:Newsen c:sookyeong

F.T Island's Song Seunghyun solo: "I'm A Singer"

4minute's charming personas reflects through their radiant skin in their latest Ariul Photo Session

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