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31 August 2009


ATTENTION all Super Junior E.L.F,

What is the E.L.F WAR?!

It means on the dates selected, E.L.Fs will go buy Super Junior’s music/albums.

September 28th, we will buy mobile and music sources

October 11th~15th, we will buy albums

We want many people to participate in “E.L.F’s War”



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[FanCam]Yunho dance to sorry sorry in a chicken suit!

[PIC] Hongki's Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream

credit : as tagged
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Hongki's new band for his upcoming drama You're Beautiful

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SJ@Evergreen Concert

credit : RandomRinnie

Only 8 of them were performing.They performed sorry sorry and lets not.and the most exciting part was when Kyuhyun did Eunhyuk's solo part >.<

30 August 2009

FT Island with 2NE1 Dara's hairstyle?

FT Island Star VJ Show Mnet Japan - Heechul phone cut

cr : Heechulpetals

Battle of the Bag: Jaejoong vs Ashley Tisdale

DBSK Hero JaeJoong ;


High School Musical Ashley tisdale ;

who do u think carries the bag better?

TVXQ fans are very persistent

Yesterday afternoon at 1:30pm KST, a couple of TVXQ fans submitted a petition of a whopping 121,083 signatures to the Korean Human Right Commission in hopes to protect TVXQ's human rights.

“The exclusive contract between TVXQ and SM Entertainment is so unlawful and so violating of basic human rights that it is hard to believe that this is the contract between the nation’s best idol group and the nation’s best entertainment agency,” said the fans. “This contract shows the dark, sinister side of the Korean agency and is shocking the nation.”

On July 31st, Jaejoong, Micky and Junsu filed for the Exclusive Contract Validity Suspension and Provisional Disposition Request against SME, and the offline pertition was created in very speedy 6 days from August 12th to the 18th.

The dedicated fans finally commented, “We hope that they will be able to escape from this violation of human rights as quickly as possible and we hope that the National Human Rights Commission of Korea will help us protect the rights of TVXQ.”

Check out the submission of the petitions below:

video credit: VDBSKV

Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
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TVXQ’s night out with AAA

TVXQ members Jaejoong and Micky Yoochun had karaoke night with AAA (Triple A) member Urata Naoya.

Urata Naoya recently posted this photo on his blog and wrote:

"I met Jaejoong 2 years ago. He's a good friend of mine and we discuss music together. Micky Yoochun is a great friend as well.

It was a great night. We rarely have time, but I'd love to hangout with them again like this.
Urata Naoya and TVXQ are both managed by AVEX and have maintained a close relationship since they met.

cr : allkpop + dbsk dream

SHINee & FT Island dance?

what do you get if SHINee teach FT Island how to dance?you get this video XD ;

[Trans] 090829 GQ September Issue ‘The Real TVXQ Was In Japan’ CRITIQUES

TVXQ sings “I got you~ooo, Under my skin,” and dances. When the buttons on the shirts that cling onto their bodies cannot handle their powerful moves and burst, U-Know Yunho’s well-developed and chiseled pectoral muscles are shown. Fans from all over Korea, who may have had ill feelings towards the long stretch of Japanese activities, act as though the group had never left and stare at their TV and even go up to the TV screen and stroke it. I’m talking about the comeback stage of that happened after the album’s release last December. Fans found something a little odd about TVXQ during this stage. Although the five members’ faces were the same, it was as though their faces had been stuck on someone else’s body. This was because of their ‘muscles’.

TVXQ’s thin and muscular bodies are completely different from SM Entertainment’s preceding idol groups. The direction that the members of TVXQ are headed is being influenced by the Japanese activities they have been carefully and diligently doing. In Japan these days, their is a ‘Hosomacho’ or ‘thin muscle’ trend blazing through the nation. The biggest reason for this trend is because the majority of young Japanese women prefers the thin muscled hosomacho look over the heavily muscled gorimacho (gorilla macho) look.

What am I talking about? There are probably going to be some people who tell me that this trend has been around for a while with the majority of singers in Johnny’s Entertainment and with the majority of males in Tokyo having a thin muscle body structure. But what they are talking more about skinny guys who look as though they have muscles because they are skinny, not the ‘thin muscle’ look. But to think that TVXQ is just one of the many hosomacho groups is a big mistake. This is because the popularity of Tohoshinki, as they call themselves in Japan, is so great and out of this world that it cannot be fully comprehended or understood in Korea.

If we divide the dominating Japanese male idol groups into three categories, the first would be ‘role Lolita’, groups comprised of pretty boys, the second would be ‘Yankees’, groups comprised of members who have a bad boy vibe to them, and the third would be the TVXQ style. The TVXQ style’s popularity can be properly felt in Japan’s host clubs. Koreans may connect the words host or hostess with adult clubs and see these words with a negative outlook, but to many young, handsome and popular college students in Japan, it is the most preferred part-time job.

Different from Korea’s hosts, Japan’s hosts serve only alcohol and there is a different term for those who provide sexual intercourse and they are called ‘Urisen’. In these host clubs that can easily be found in Shinjuku’s Gabukicho area, the pictures of the hosts in the clubs tell women what kind of style each host is. Before, most of the people in the pictures copied the style of Johnny’s Entertainment’s idol groups. But now, at least one or two hosts in every club very conspicuously copies the style of one of the members of TVXQ.

In this area, there was once a time where the most manly people were nabe (a girl dressed up as a guy or a trans gender female). with their thin, pretty bodies. But now many Japanese women are asking for the hosomacho style, men who are not only pretty, but are also manly, and who are not only skinny, but has muscles. The TVXQ wind is blowing through the clubs of Gabukicho.

Since many Korean idol groups are popular not only in Korea but all of Asia, many Koreans may think that TVXQ’s popularity is similar to that of other celebrities. Shall we delve deeper to see just how popular TVXQ is in Japan? TVXQ’s most recent Japanese single sold almost 200K copies in one week. This sets TVXQ with the second highest first week sales in their agency, Japan’s biggest company Avex.

The only group above TVXQ is the 14-member group Exile, the group that received the highest award from the Japanese Record Association and the group that even creates big changes in society with their raging popularity. This means that TVXQ’s first album sales beats that of the female leaders of Japanese pop, ‘Amuro Namie’. ‘Hamasaki Ayumi’ and ‘Koda Kumi’. This is a feat that not even popular star ‘BoA’ has achieved. These are the kind of top singers we can compare TVXQ to now.

But I am not basing their popularity on album sales only. TVXQ has set a huge record of being on Japan’s representative music chart ‘Oricon Chart’ as 1st on weekly single sales six times already. Since the year 2000, the number of stars who have attempted to enter the Japanese market is enormous, with stars such as S.E.S, Sugar, Park Junghyun, Rain, Lee Soo Young, Se7en, SS501, Ryu Siwon, Park Yongha, Lee Byunghun, Yoonha, K, Sunmin, Big Bang and Super Junior.

But the only singers who have reached first on Oricon’s weekly single charts are BoA (once) and TVXQ (six times). TVXQ also succeeded in being invited to hold two concerts in July at the Tokyo Dome which is considered the Dream Stage, even to Japanese singers. This has never been completed by any other Korean singer before.

But the Bible sends a message, “Prophets do not get respect from their homelands.” For some odd reason, TVXQ’s outstanding achievements do not seem to be reported or praised in Korea. Also, it is sad to see that TVXQ’s success of almost selling 200K copies of their single was buried under the dispute between SM Entertainment and three members of TVXQ (Micky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu, YoungWoong Jaejoong) and the disbandment rumors that followed it.

They are not something something ’sama’ (like Yonsama) who were washed ashore by the Hallyu Wave. No, they even asked all Japanese media agencies not to associate the word ‘Hallyu’ with them (even asking for news articles to be pulled down if the word was used in relation to them), to show that they wished to succeed with their own powers and were able to become widely known in Japan. TVXQ had to erase their nationality in order to gain the acceptance from the Japanese population.

The rumors of disbandment at the height of their popularity has become a hot topic of conversation in the Japanese music industry. Japanese media has been created a daily special to update everyone about what’s happening in Korea with regards to TVXQ, and this has caused Avex’s CEO to come forward and give an explanatory statement to clam the Japanese fans. He announced that TVXQ’s Japanese activitees would continue regardless of what was happening in Korea and he decided to announce this himself. This has never happened before.

It seems as though the way Korean agencies set the income division when writing up the contract has surprised the people of Japan who are used to the Japanese agencies’ way of working that gives monthly salaries that may change. Since the first official event TVXQ held after the disbandment rumors came out was in Japan and not Korea, the source of such rumors, with the Fireworks Festival Concert, the Japanese media was more vigilant when it came to reporting the issue than the Korean media.

Therefore, whether they wanted this or not, this case has opened TVXQ up to a wider fan base including the younger generation. YoungWoong Jaejoong, who is the most popular amongst the members in Japan, was even seen in a paparazzi scandal magazine that only extremely famous Japanese celebrities appear in.

Although the situation in Korea is a complete mess, TVXQ might be able to take one step further in their Japanese activities through this happening. But they must once more grab hold of their Korean fans. There are already rumors that the ‘light fanbase’ is ready to embrace the new 6 member male idol group SM Entertainment is preparing.

As faithful as Korean fans are, they are also able to turn their backs on a singer very quickly. If even the fans who used to embrace them turn their backs on TVXQ, the group will become the prophets who are not respected in their homelands.

source: [GQ Magazine+DNBN]
translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
shared by: tohosomnia.net

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[News] Heading To The Ground will Hold an OPEN Shooting

This is DBSK representative.

The upcoming MBC drama broadcast “Heading to The Ground” starring U-Know Yunho and Go Ara is received a lot of fans’ interest, thanks a lot.

As stated in MBC “Heading To The Ground” official homepage guidance, on August 31st, we will hold an OPEN shooting.

MBC “Heading To The Ground” OPEN Shooting

- Date: August 31st, 07:30 p.m
- Venue: Seoul Sangnam World Cup Stadium


- Fans are required to bring banners / plan cards with the name of Cha Bong-gun and NOT U-Know Yunho.
- Dress code is RED and BLACK.
- Pictures and video recording are prohibited.
- Please contribute and support the filming well, since “Heading To The Ground” staffs have deadline in finishing the shooting.

source: HTTG official hp + dnbn
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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[Trans] 090829 a-nation Osaka Thank You Mail

This is already our 5th year of a-nation, yet it still feels new!

Even though it’s just bit by bit, we can feel the way to enjoy happiness is changing.
Unfortunately, there’s only one more day left!

credit: yukabon’s room
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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[Vid] 090822 Tokyo Anation – Mnet subbed

credit: sm5184

[Pic] Lotte Ad

credit: 唯允独爱@baidu
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[Pic] Jaejoong doll

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[News + Pic] 090829 A-nation In Osaka – Introduction/MC Portion

Short Introduction at Osaka

There were lesser people who participated in the a-nation at Osaka, so it ended at around 8pm.
Tohoshinki was third from the last to perform, and they came on-stage at 6.15pm.
Jaejoong was obviously hooked onto the word “shikki” (T/N: humidity) as he used it many times.
I think he wanted to express that “although the weather is cooler, the humidity is still high”.

Jejung: Is everyone well~~
Yuchun: Yuchun is very well~~
Jejung: Stop talking to yourself just to try and attract attention, okay?
Yuchun laughed really brightly and his dimples showed: I can’t~

Source: [KB Family]
Translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net

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Outside Venue

credit: baidu
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[News] Ray Magazine September issue

credit: on pic
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[Pic] 090829 Anation Fanaccount

credit: DBSK Sleepless Nights
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Super Junior M on HAPPY CAMP !

Happy Camp – OPPO REAL Music Phone -
SJM’s Filming Session Tickets Giveaway!

SJM’s Happy Fans!

together with your favorite SJM, experience “Happy Family”!

Surprises, Touching Moments, Exciting Moments, Sweet Interactions…

Spend your night with the 7 boys..

25 Tickets for SJM’s Filming Session Giveaway!

Experience Happy Camp along with SJ-M Live Starts

Event Details

Starting Time: 2009/8/27—2009/9/15

Will announce winners on the 16th and deliver tickets ASAP

Super Happy, Happy Camp. SJM’s Special Episode is coming soon, be a Happy Fan!

Are you ready?

Credit: OPPO & Cyworld
eunmi @ sj-world.net

090828 Leeteuk & Boom, cheerful duo in entertainment

Super Junior Leeteuk & Boom have become a famous entertainment duo.

Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk has appeared as a singer, in radio as well as many entertainment shows. By showing his real image in broadcast, Leeteuk has resolutely changed people’s opinion that Idol groups have to keep their image.

But now there is Boom who can help him. With the nickname “ssantiana”, he has swept all the entertainment field with his natural disposition.

Leeteuk & Boom has been MCs for KBS “Song battle”, “Challenge golden ladder” as well as MBC “Introducing star’s friend – Survival meeting”. Leeteuk & Boom are “Idol & Ssanti”, although their images are contrary to each other, but they still are in harmony to bring me more fun to the shows. Boom’s ssanti and Leeteuk’s more and more adaption have made the two become “Best friend in illusion”.
The viewers said “Leeteuk & Boom seem to be more well-matched as time goes by”, “I can feel the effect of synergy when the two are together”, “I hope to see more of their funny image in the future”.

original article is here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net
may take out with full credits

090828 Shindong’s problem “Loose weight or not ?”, “I cant give up the happiness from eating”

Super Junior Shindong had expressed his problem about diet.

At 03.59AM, August 26th, Shindong wrote on his own minihompy that “I have a problem. Should I loose weight or not ?”

Shindong wrote “Are you curious if I loose weight, arent you ? Are you curious if I become a really skinny person, arent you ? It’s diet which will stop it as just imagination”, “Who did tell me….ways to loose weight ? I know them all. But why I cant do if even though I know ? Why I cant do it ? It’s because I cant give up the happiness from eating”, “It’s one of the Five Blessings ! How can I give up the happiness from eating ! Now I’m currently eating raw ramen. After eating everything….Bobo is singing ! Late regret…..”
Shindong’s fans wrote on his minihompy “Oppa dont be stressed, just do as you like”, “I still like (it) however your body looks like ! please be healthy”, “Please dont loose weight. I love your current appearance”, “Bobo’s


, Oppa is jjang


“, “Now you look cute with this (body)”, object him to being on a diet


Bobo is a singer and “Late regret” is one of her song….and yeah ^^ Shindong meant he regret after eating the raw ramen and his regret is late


jjang mean the best

original article is here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net
may take out with full credits

090828 Kim Shinyoung “If I have to go to a desert island, I would go with Shindong”

Kim Shinyoung has revealed that if she has to come to a desert island, she wants to go with her “intimate” friend Super Junior Shindong.

On the show “Ji Seokjin & Choi Wonjung’s yeoyoomanman” which was aired on August 27th, when was asked “If you have to go to a desert island and choose one among Kim Taehyun, Lee Kyein, Shin Seongrok, Shindong to go with, who will you choose ?”, Kim Shinyoung chose Shindong.

She said the reason is “Shindong’s fans will even send foods to desert island. I wont starve to death” which made everybody laughing.

Kim Shinyoung & Shindong have been DJs for the radio MBC “Simsim tapa” for 1 years and 6 months. The teo also are famous because they’re “diet friends”. Usually, when the recording for the radio end late at night, they will go out and eat snacks together. But last year, Kim Shinyoung & Shindong had been on diet successfully and they had lost 12kg & 24kg. But she said because of stress, she gave up on it and began to eat foods easily again.

She also said that she has plan to diet one more time with Shindong to be able to wear beautiful dresses at the year-end award ceremony.

original article is here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net
may take out with full credits

SJM & DBSK are China's Top 4 >.<

To satisfy the 1985 – 1999’s Appearance and Personality Types, we especially held a “Four Best Looking” “Four Most Popular” & “Four Best Groups”. “Four Best Groups” was given to DBSK, SJ-M, Top Combine, and Lollipop.

Credit: qianlong.com & eunmi@sj-world.net

Super Show 2 Schedule!

All schedules compiled by La’MISS:fairy at sj-world.net
Data from 온새미로, iple & sj-market source: www.icepluscoffee.wordpress.com

Super Show 2! SCHEDULE
confirmed cities are as such:

  • Beijing, China (10/01/23/)
  • Nanjing, China (09/12/12)
  • Shanghai, China (09/10/18)
  • Hong Kong (09/09/18)
  • Tokyo, Japan (TBA)
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (TBA)
  • Seoul, South Korea (09/07/17-19)
  • Taipei, Taiwan (TBA)
  • Bangkok, Thailand (TBA)


Super Junior’s Second Asia Tour used the title “The 2nd ASIA TOUR SUPER SHOW 2″ for the theme of a Concert in Seoul, Asia Tour’s most important, Beijing Destination has been revealed, Super Junior’s Beijing Station is hosted by Beijing Arts Company, the Concert is being held onJan 23rd, 2010 at Olympic Basketball Stadium, This is Super Junior’s first time holding a concert in Beijing. Considering the viewer’s pleasures, this concert will have the same set-up as the original concert in Korea, 13 people will put on their best performance, this Beijing concert is not only
to interact with the fans, it’s also a time to have fun with fans from all over Asia, together with Super Junior they’ll have a crazy experience. Super Junior’s Fans, Are you Ready ? See you in Beijing!

Credit: korea.sohu.com & sjbluecn & eunmi@sj-world.net

i'm soooo excited >.<

Heading To The Ground’ teaser revealed!

Super Junior Lee Teuk, “Whenever TaeYeon sees me, she calls me an ajusshi”

Super Junior Leeteuk has revealed that he has been called an ajusshi by many, starting from So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon.

Lee Teuk wrote on his minihompy on 25th August saying, “When TaeYeon sees me, she calls me an ajusshi..Heuk heuk..Am I really an ajusshi?” this has caught the attention of fans who would also call their idols by ‘oppa’.

Fans responded by “TaeYeon is just joking”, “What ajusshi! You are our oppa forever”, “I will call you oppa still even if you are 50 years old”, “PeterMan Lee Teuk oppa will never grown old”. The messages were not only from fans in Korea but also from China, Japan and America.

Meanwhile, Lee Teuk has always shown the good relationship between Super Junior and So Nyeo Shi Dae, he wrote on his minihompy on 25th August, “I’m a bowling genius. Everyone is quiet below me. KangIn, DongHae, EunHyuk, TaeYeon, YoonA and MinHo are you shocked? We are a family after all.”

credit : sookyeong@wp

TVXQ activities to be stopped for 2 months; filming for ChangMin’s drama delayed

#1 TVXQ Group Activities Suspended After a-nation, Solo Activities for the Time Being

The group TVXQ will temporarily suspend their activities. This has been reported simultaneously by all the main entertainment media in South Korea.

TVXQ, whose members have filed a lawsuit against their management company, will complete all their planned schedules. However, all their schedules that have been planned before the lawsuit will come to an end on the 29th of this month, and they will have a period of time where their activities will come to a pause.

For the time being, TVXQ’s last activity will be their performance at the open-air concert a-nation in Osaka, Japan, and they will take a break after that. Also, besides their scheduled concert in Shanghai, China, which will be held the following month, there will be no other group activities.

Also, with regards to the application for injunction to stop the exclusive contract (with their company) filed by some of the members, the ruling will be decided on the 11th of September. The ruling will have a large impact on their future activities as a group, which all the fans are concerned about.

Source: [wowkorea.jp]
Translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net
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#2 DBSK’s Expected 2-Month Break

Dong Bang Shin Ki outdoor concert, a-nation that is pre-scheduled to be held on August 29th in Osaka, Japan will keep going on.

After the provisional disposition facing DBSK’s agent SM Entertainment to stop exclusive contract effect from part of DBSK members, it’s been a difficult environment for DBSK to continue their activities, therefore the continuance of DBSK future activities has been gathered lot of fans’ attention ever since.

Recently DBSK’s Korea label SM Entertainment and Japanese label AVEX don’t catch any additional schedules other than ones have been pre-arranged. Except Yunho who will debut in MBC drama “Heading to The Ground”, the remaining members are said to be having break naturally.

Members activities will be stopped at least for 2 months is being certain, but members’ concert in Shanghai that has been planned to proceed on October 2nd is expected to be executed.

The provisional disposition againts SM Entertainment filed by 3 DBSK members Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu has received its first hearing on August 21st in the morning. The judge at that time said, “For the sake of public responsible to DBSK biggest fans and also the members internal relationship, I hope the two sides to consider settlement of this dispute amicably.” advising for a consensus.

Next hearing will be held on September 11th.

source: pressdot@newsway.kr
trans: sharingyoochun@wordpress
shared: Kpopinternational.heavenforum.com
#3 Reason for Delaying Filming of “Paradise Ranch”

The reason for the delaying of the first filming for the drama is only to complete it even more perfectly.

A member of the group TVXQ, Choikang Changmin, is going through an acting course which is why the shooting of the drama “Paradise Ranch” is being delayed. Although recently, TVXQ’s company and 3 members of the group is involved in a lawsuit, but during that period, they emphasized that “the lawsuit and an a member’s individual activities will not stop” and they have been preparing for other activities.

Recently, after ending their performance in Japan, Choikang Changmin returned to Korea. He received a very strict one-to-one acting course on days where he doesn’t have to perform. Despite his busy schedule of traveling from Japan and Korea, he has not stop practicing his script and so long as there is time after the activity ends, he will not let go of it.

Choikang Changmin recently expressed that “there has been a series of things happening recently and I, indeed, feel a very huge responsibility. I only want to perform well in this acting challenge, that seems to be like a dream.” and “When we are traveling to and fro from Japan and Korea, so long as there is free time, I will accept advises on acting. To me, acting is a new field and I am also looking forward to it and will have ample preparation.”

Samhwa Networks and SM Entertainment collaborated for the filming of “Paradise Ranch” and is planned to be released this year. In this light story and beautiful music to accompany the matured theme drama, Choikang Changmin will show everyone an unexpected and innocent but romantic acting. The first day of filming will be in early next month.

Source: [DNBN] + [neverend-scm]
Translations: thesexy-orange@tohosomnia
Shared by : DBSKnights

FT Island HongKi talks about ideal type of girl, “Age is of no concern”

FT Island HongKi revealed that when it comes to his ideal type of woman, age is of no concern to him.

Lee HongKi has talked about his ideal type of woman during the filming of MBC ‘SaeBaKwi’ recently.

The MCs have asked, “Your ideal type of girl?” and he replied, “I like girls who are pure and have much aegyo. Age is not a concern here, I can accept up to age 27~28.”

With that the MCs joked, “Too bad of the female guest appearances today there is none in their 20s. The youngest is auntie Kim JiSeon.”

HongKi also did a phonecall with Super Junior member HeeChul during the filming that day showing their close relationship. In the phone call, HeeChul said about HongKi, “He is a dongsaeng who works hard to be the 2nd Kim HeeChul.”

The show will be broadcasted on 29th August.

cr : sookyeong@wp

FT Island’s Marie Clarie photoshoot revealed!

**click to view
credit : sookyeong@wp

FT Island for awareness campaign of the use of public transportation

5 singer groups – FT Island, KARA and others will be filming a video for SBS Inkigayo for an awareness campaign of the use of public transportation.

This campaign is also called ‘Blue Sky, Clear City together with Public Transportation’. An FT Island version of the campaign video will be shown on 30th August first, followed by KARA’s on 6th September. And the videos by other singers will be shown each week on the show until 27th September.

For FT Island’s version of the campaign video, the boys will be shown taking the 9th line on the subway singing to the campaign song. While KARA members will be shown taking the public transportation bus.

Oher singers involved for this campaign are Baek Ji Young and ShinDong

cr : sookyeong@wp

FT Island rocks Music Bank!

credit : colloquie

f(x) member:Amber looks like Donghae & Kibum?

Donghae lookalike ;

Kibum lookalike ;

SHINee's Jonghyun lookalike ;

credit : sookyeong@wp
u guys see the resemblence?check out f(x) mv teaser "Lachata"

SORRY, SORRY by SNSD on Intimate Note!

credit : stuporsteam

23 August 2009

Wonder Girls on JB's livechat

21 August 2009

Lee Hongki kiss on Midsummer Night Musical

noooooo! T-T *click to enlarge*

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20 August 2009

FBG preview - SHINee & FT Island

FT Island - Marie Claire

credit : as tagged

Happy Bath CF

credit : RandomRinnie@YT


The boycott DOES NOT include TVXQ's releases under AVEX Corps. This is ONLY related to SM Entertainment products and their extra enterprises.


Original File
| DNBN Link


Please always support TVXQ!
Always Keep the Faith :)

[VIDEOS] AADBSK3 English Subbed Cuts Part 1

[TRANS] What's In Magazine - Phones & Colors (Part 2)

CREDITS: DBSKnights + dbskdream
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