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26 February 2011

BEAST SHOCK MV (jap version)

[Trans] 110219 SM’s Court Verdict Refutation Unleashes A Flood Of Criticism From The Public

On the 17th, the Seoul District Courts dismissed both the formal objection and exclusive contract suspension injunction filed by SM Entertainment against JYJ (Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu). Regarding this, SM Entertainment immediately released a refutation document stating, “SM and JYJ’s legal battle is still not over,” and “The decision laid down by the Courts on the 17th was made only with regards to the injunction; it does not mean that the exclusive contract between SM and JYJ is invalid.” They continued to add, “We are currently involved in the trial on this issue and a witness examination date has been set for mid-March. We will use only the objective truth and facts to prove the validity of the exclusive contract.”

But SM’s refutation has unleashed a flood of criticism aimed at the entertainment agency from K-Pop fans. Not only are JYJ fans criticizing the entertainment agency, but even the public is seeing SM in a bad light. Most state that SM should see the big picture instead of just focusing on the details. Most of the criticisms against SM can be found on social networking sites.

A Twitterian posted a tweet dripping with sarcasm regarding SM’s attempt to lessen the power of the Courts’ verdict that stated, “Just like their name implies, the company’s SM (SadoMasochism) will continue.” Another user stated, “SM is a Stalker Management company.” Movie critic and professor Shim Young Seop wrote on his Twitter account, “Will SM really follow the Courts’ verdict?” “If SM continues to block JYJ and not follow the Courts’ verdict, couldn’t fans file a lawsuit against SM?”

Another Twitterian emphasized that, “Even the largest boulder will crack and break if water drops continuously fall on it. I believe that the Courts’ decision will not only break the boulder that is SM, but also become the foundation of a more transparent K-pop industry.”

Netizens of various sites pointed out that, “Don’t look at celebrities like mere objects to sell. There is a need to respect their worth and human rights.” They are also raising their voices to say, “The only thing greed brings about is destruction. We hope that SM, a representative entertainment agency of Korea, does not partake in foolish acts that will do nothing but cause the public to distrust them.”

Many are criticizing SM’s outdated patriarchal leadership and pointing out that changes need to be made for a fair and harmonious entertainment industry. The opinion is rising that an effective alternative must be set to move the Korean entertainment industry into a new era.

source: [today korea+Yuaerubi]
translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
shared by: tohosomnia.net

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[News] 110225 Park Yoochun is Under Consideration to Cast in ‘Goodbye Miss Ripley’


Singer and actor Park Yoochun has been under review to star in MBC TV Drama ‘Goodbye Miss Ripley’

Park Yoochun’s representative from his agency CJeS Entertainment Baek Chang Ju said on a phone call with TV Daily, “We have only met for casts review. Nothing is yet confirmed by now. The result will be determined after a careful examination.”

According to representative Baek, currently there are two dramas that are lining up asking for Park Yoochun’s appearance. Park Yoochun has been enjoying an immense popularity ever since his acting debut in KBS 2TV drama ‘SungKyunKwan Scandal’ last year.

Other than ‘Goodbye Miss Ripley’ Park Yoochun has also rose as potential cast for KBS 2TV new drama ‘Maid’.

credit: TV Daily
trans: sharingyoochun.net

[News] 110225 Fans-Created JYJ Internet Radio Station Will Hit First Airing on March 3rd

Internet radio station that is built by JYJ fans is already finalized and will start its first airing on March 3rd in the country.

According to an official of this JYJ internet radio station dedicated to broadcast JYJ’s songs, the radio is going to be active on coming March 3rd at 8 pm for more than two hours long.

In commemoration of the first airing, each day in the one week special will be decorated with moment of celebration footages of Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu’s friends from various fields such as comedian, actors, broadcasters, singers, and musical actors. A fanmade music video containing JYJ-related pictures that were sent from fans world-wide will also be released.

After the first broadcast episode, the radio station is scheduled to operate for 1 hour and can be accessed from many different countries.

This JYJ broadcast network is established as private broadcast station dedicated to JYJ by fans, for around a while fans have worked together to promote the website as well as recruit all staffs needed to run an internet radio including web designer, DJ, and writers from all over the country.

Due to conflicts with former agency SM Entertainment, JYJ’s broadcasting activities have been pretty much disrupted, leaving some fans in concern. This ‘fanmade’ internet radio station is indeed an example that shows huge influence of a powerful fanbase that surprised the officials.

credit: Osen
trans: sharingyoochun.net

[Vid] 110224 Tears of Heaven Highlight

credit: wickedinutopia2
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Seohyun and Krystal - Clean and Clear

cr; shoujicloud

Middle and high school students studying SNSD?

Girl group SNSD has expanded into textbooks.

Recently, it was revealed through an online community website that SNSD was in a 2nd-year middle school music textbook – gathering much attention from fans and netizens.

The textbook contained a photo from SNSD’s promotional “HaHaHa Song“. Also, netizens were really interested to find out that SNSD were also published in a 1st-year high school textbook.

They commented, “The music textbooks these days have gotten a lot better from when I used them”, “Does this mean SNSD’s musicality is being recognized?”, “This is totally awesome! A textbook like that is worth studying”, and “Definitely, right now is Girl’s Generation!”

Source: TVReport via Nate

SNSD’s ‘Power of 9′ proven on Forbes Korea

SNSD were chosen as Korea’s no.1 Power Celebrity on Forbes Korea this year. Figure-skating queen, Kim YunA who topped the list for 2 years in a row was placed 3rd this year while Manchester United winger and former captain of the Korean football team, Park Jisung came in 2nd.

The Top 40 list was revealed in conjunction with the 8th anniversary of Forbes Korea’s founding. In determining the ranking, appearances on news articles, TV advertisements, Internet searches, etc are some of the major criteria. Besides the overall ranking, there are also top 40 rankings based on ‘Sales’, ‘Media’, ‘Broadcast’ and ‘Activities’. SNSD were ranked 2nd for ‘Sales’ and ‘Media’, 3rd for ‘Broadcast’ and 1st for ‘Activities’.

SNSD had a tremendous success last year in terms of music sales where they recorded a massive 270,000 copies on Hanteo Chart.

Here is the translated top 40 ranking:

2. Park Jisung
3. Kim YunA
4. Lee Seunggi
5. 2PM
6. Yoo Jaesuk
7. Lee Chungyoung
8. 2AM
9. Choo Shinsoo
10. Kang Hodong
11. Lee Hyori
12. Yoon Shiyoon
13. Rain
14. Park Jooyoung
15. Shin MinA
16. Super Junior
17. Won Bin
18. Hwang Jungeum
19. Kim Hyesoo
20. Ko Hyunjung
21. Kang Dongwon
22. Lee Daeho
23. Park Taehwan
24. Lee Nayoung
25. Jang Donggun
26. Shin Sekyung
27. Lee Kungkyu
28. Big Bang
29. Lee Minjung
30. Choi Kyungjoo
31. 2NE1
32. Hyun Bin
33. Bae Youngjoon
34. Moon Geunyoung
35. Lee Minho
36. Han Hyojoo
37. Kim Taehee
38. Park Chanho
39. Park Myungsoo
40. Beast

Credit: Joongang.co.kr/ForbesKorea.com/Busan Taeng/Taeng Gallery/Yoongislove@Twitter
Source: Fanwonder.com

Kim Youngmin talked about SNSD’s future plans and key to Hallyu’s success

As SNSD becoming more successful in Japan, they brought along “Korean Idol Syndrom”. Also, the weak hallyu market and entertainment industries started to prosper. Thus, the focus of hallyu is now mainly on artists and K-Pop instead of actors and dramas.

SM Entertainment (referred as SM), which led SNSD to their success, had raised their profit four times as that of the year before. Their profit exceeded 10,000,000,000 won. Last September, SM became the first Korea agency who held a concert in LA’s Staples Center.

Each member’s talents + SM’s system + Digital Media = SNSD

Since the 90s, SM gained experience in expanding its industry oversea through the activities of H.O.T, and S.E.S. Due to its experience in such an expansion, SM was able to bring SNSD, DBSK, and BoA to their success in world market.

The nine cute girls topped in Japan’s Oricon chart. Now, their value in both culture and marketing is rather impossible to estimate. Behind SNSD’s success, there is Kim Youngmin.

Kim Youngmin grew up in Japan since 6 years old. Thus, he knew about Japan’s entertainment industry better than anyone else. Because of this, he was able to put his experience and knowledge to good use and ‘channel the success’ to SM.

Creating a star is like modifying a diamond. First you have to find a good diamond, and then you have to add the covering that best suits it. The nine talented girls, along with SM’s system and digital media; these three things brought success to SNSD“.

Kim Youngmin said that the most important factor of SNSD’s success was SNSD’s potential and talent. Next of it was SM’s system that could bring out their full potential. Also, digital media helps spreading SNSD to all over the globe.

Last August, right before SNSD’s debut in Japan, SM released Japanese Version of SNSD’s music video on YouTube. SM aimed to let Japanese get a better accessibility to the Music Video so that they would share it with other Japanese music lovers as well.

SM’s strategy in Japan was successful. Just after a week since the sale of “Gee (Japanese Ver.)”, SM sold 66,000 copies of the album. After that week, SNSD topped in the Daily Oricon chart.

SNSD did not have a proper activity last year. However this year, they have already done a CF for a Japanese product and they are now preparing for their new album and concerts.

SM’s Plans for 2011

SM mainly focuses on producing good artists instead of expanding the industry. Oversea expansion is only successful if the market in Korea is successful. So we will continue to focus on the market in Korea.

Since 1990, SM has simultaneously tried to produce successful artists. They have chosen people with potential not only from the audition in Korea every Saturday, but also through global auditions in Thailand, U.S.A, China, and so on.

SM provides a long-term 1 to 1 program to produce artists. In these programs, SM not only teaches vocal, acting, and dancing, but also foreign languages.

Also, SM is planning to let a new group debut. Kim Youngmin’s primary goal for the year is to launch the new group safely in the Korea music industry so that oversea expansion will be possible.

Secondly, he wants to show a “360˚ Business Model” to the global market.

In a “360˚ Business” the processes of casting, auditioning, education (includes vocal, acting, dancing, and foreign languages), album production, CF, concerts, movies, and dramas are all the responsibility of the agency.

Last year, SNSD successfully showed the “360˚ Business” BoA and DBSK have been working with Japanese agency when they were in Japan. However, SNSD worked with SM even when they were in Japan. Furthermore, SM stated that SNSD will probably be more successful as they are more than likely to participate in a drama, which SM has prepared for a long time.

Entertainment Industry Research & Development (R&D)

Kim Youngmin stated that the motivation for SM to lead the hallyu is ‘Continuous investment in R&D even when they have achieved success’.

“The method and systems used to create a star should receive more than the stars. Systems that plan and produce media and contents are the only way another ‘SNSD’ will be produced.”

Lastly, Kim YoungMin emphasized that to continue hallyu, people have to focus more on the agencies that create stars rather than stars themselves. To continue hallyu, either YouTube or SM’s system should receive more attention.

Credit: bntnews.co.kr
Translated by: Taengfan@fanwonder.com

Edited Pictures From SoShi Intel Official Wallpaper


2ne1's Japan promo pic

cr: BaddestFemaleCL@twitter

Wonder Girls at Anna Sui's show

cr: as tagged

CL's Birthday!

S: Minzy's Twitter

2NE1 gathered together to celebrate CL’s birthday

The members of 2NE1 gathered together to celebrate CL’s birthday a day early.

On February 25th, Minzy uploaded a series of photos from CL’s birthday celebration. She narrated the events through the photos saying,

"Kyaa~ all of 2NE1 has gathered~!!!!! keke Although CL-unni’s birthday is tomorrow, we all gathered to eat delicious food together~~#^^# CL-unni said she was going to pay today~ keke live broadcast!! Please anticipate the work of writer Ggong (Minzy) and Reporter Ssan (Dara)!

The four of us~^^ Click keke

Dara-unni~ Violent service!!! keke Cutting food!!

After delivering presents~ From being a trainee to a singer, 2nd time sharing a hug!! keke

Cotton swab girl kekeke

Did girl holding a flower & cake keke

Pushed the small-faced Dara-unni to the front ke!!"

Happy Birthday CL!

Source: Star News via Nate & (@mingkki21)
Credits: allkpop

19 February 2011

Ohemgee x___x


K-pop trio JYJ scores legal battle win

SEOUL: Korean pop trio JYJ is one step closer to their goal of extricating themselves from a 13-year contract with former employer, entertainment giant SM Entertainment, after a court victory on Thursday, reported Korean media.

SM Entertainment had previously filed an objection against an earlier court decision, which deemed the contract between the company and JYJ unfair and ordered SM Entertainment to stop interfering in JYJ's activities.

The company claimed that it was illegal for the courts to prevent SM Entertainment from pursuing its interests, as laid out in the exclusive contract between the company and JYJ members Hero Jaejoong, Micky Yuchun and Xiah Junsu (all former members of SM Entertainment's boy band Tong Vfang Xien Qi).

However, Korean courts dismissed SM Entertainment's objection and upheld its October 2009 ruling that the trio are free to go about their activities without having to pay any damages to SM Entertainment as the contract between them was unfair.

Korean courts pointed out that the 13-year contract duration and clauses which heavily penalized artistes who wanted out of the contract, "could not be justified by the investment risk undertaken by the company" for signing the artistes.

The courts also turned down SM Entertainment's request to suspend JYJ's contract with their current employer CJES Entertainment, explaining that the request was submitted at a time when the court order for SM Entertainment to leave JYJ alone was still in effect, which made the request invalid.

After the court victory, CJES Entertainment Baek Chang Ju expressed that he was overjoyed JYJ will "no longer be plagued by accusations of double contracts" and thanked JYJ fans for their support.

JYJ member Xiah Junsu also tweeted that he was very grateful to the fans for "not letting go" and giving JYJ the strength to keep going.

An SM Entertainment spokesperson told Korean media that the company is still working to prove that its contract with JYJ is valid and that "the legal battle between SM and JYJ is not yet over".

Source: channelnewsasia


credit: DNBN

110219 Freed Perry Endorsement – Yesung

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[VIDEO] 110219 JYJ - NII Heart Campaign

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Big Bang's glorious return to Korea with a new mini-album [NEWS]

Starting today (19th), BIGBANG's movie, "Big Show 2010 in 3D" will be showing in Japanese theaters and soon, they will be releasing their new mini album after a long break in Korea.

The group has been focusing on their Japanese activities after they finished promoting their album, Remember, in 2008. It has been announced recently that they will be restarting their activities in Korea for 2011 and will be releasing new songs this coming February 24. Originally, the group was supposed to release a full album but probably due to the members' busy engagement with their solo activities, they will be releasing a mini-album instead.

The title of their new mini-album has not been announced yet but it will consist of 6 songs, including the intro and "Tonight", their title song. Moreover, Korean versions of their Japanese songs, "Hands Up" and "Somebody to Love", are also included.

BIGBANG's leader, G-Dragon, has said before that they have collaborated with international producers but have denied that one of them is Will.I.Am, who worked with fellow YG Family members, 2NE1. G-Dragon said, "You will be surprised once you listen to our album. We will show a more mature side of us so please look forward to it."

The track list for their upcoming mini-album has been released but it didn't include unexpected collaborations with other writers and composers. G-Dragon explained, "There are plans to create another album."

In the interview conducted by BMR with GD&TOP to be published in our March issue, G-Dragon said that BIGBANG's music is different from that of GD&TOP's.

BIGBANG also went to America to shoot their music video, which attracted a lot of attention. They will also have a 1-and-a-half hour special comeback program that will be broadcasted on SBS.

Moreover, the Japanese edition of GD&TOP's album will be released on the 23rd of this month. The Japanese edition will have an original package design together with a DVD consisting of their music videos. The album includes the collaboration of GD&TOP with Diplo, who recently took part in Beyonce's new song. G-Dragon also talked about working with Diplo in the March issue of BMR.

Source: BMR Japan
Chinese translation by Naya @ bigbangfamily
English translation by Rice @ bigbangupdates

110218 Minho on Changmin's Birthday

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Big Bang 4th Mini-Album Bus Ad [PHOTO]

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T.O.P and Kim Eana (lyricist) look alike? [NEWS]

Lyricist Kim Eana, the much-loved writer behind IU’s “Good Day” and Ga-In’s “Irreversible,” amused netizens by uploading a photo of herself bearing a striking resemblance to Big Bang’s T.O.P.
On February 18th, she tweeted, “This is a picture of me with male hair. What do you think of a woman that looks like T.O.P?” She wittily added, “I don’t mean to offend T.O.P!”

Netizens commented back, “You have the face girls are attracted to,” “You look like you’d be a model student,” and “I’d believe it if you said you were siblings! You look so very alike.”

Source: Seoul NTN via Nate @allkpop
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[Trans] 110217 JYJ Fans Set Their Sights On Subway Advertisements

JYJ fans have set their sights on subway advertisements.

The JYJ fan alliance released detailed plans on putting up advertisements on subway screen doors that included the location of the stations.

According to the released plans, the advertisements will be placed in 21 stations, such as Jamshil, Shinchon, Hongdae Entrace, and Apgujeong over the span of a month starting from March 7th.

JYJ fans have already set up a month-long ‘We Support Your Youth’ bus advertisement that began on January 27th that brought together 120 buses in several major cities of Korea.

Fans pointed out that JYJ have been unable to appear on music programs though they have been staying active through musicals and dramas. They began the advertisement campaign to support the trio who are, according to the fans, having their activities restricted.

The money collected for the project is estimated to have been around 160 million Won and a total of 80 million Won is left after the bus campaign. This amount is to be used for the subway advertisements.

source: [newsen+Yuaerubi]
translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net
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