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30 June 2009

Wonder Girls: Moments Before Portland Performance

The Wonder Girls have released yet another video via their official YouTube channel. This time the video shows the girls just moments before going on stage for the Portland performance! Check it out

Video Credits: wondergirls

Sun Mi was being her unconventional self while So Hee was too cool for school (no pun intended) while on the computer. It was cool to see the girls act so naturally even in their nervous state of mind.

Also a very happy belated birthday to maknae So Hee!

Thanks to ilovejaebeom for the tip!

cr : allkpop + Dbsk Dream

[PHOTOS] Tohoshinki - 28th Single "Stand By U" Bigeast Version

Credits: DBSKnights + breakupshell@naver + Dbsk Dream

[PHOTOS] Tohoshinki Promotions - Japan Subway

Credits: DBSKnights + HeyJJ + JapBlog + Dbsk Dream

Battle Of The Pop (result)


Thank you ELFs for voting them to be the winner of
channel v's Battle Of The Pop : Battle Of The Moves

TVPOOL Music Station Interview

Donghae,HanChul & Sungminnie <3

vid cr : sjsubs09


1st July 1983,our angel teuk was born ^^

To our angel,Teuki Teuki Leetuk
We hope you will have a great year,
don't be sad and enjoy your life ^^
we hope you are in the best of health and always be happy
ELF will always be there to support Super Junior!

vid cr : sjsubs09

saranghae ♥ ♥ ♥

[Vid] Stand by U (Luv behind the MLD MIX)

credit: MIINjae

[News] 090630 32,000 Fans At TVXQ’s Thailand Concert

The 5 member, male-group, TVXQ, mobilised 32,000 fans at their Thailand concert, and the performances ended successfully.

In a comment made on 29 June, SM Entertainment said, “This is “TVXQ 3rd Asia Tour Mirotic in Bangkok”, which was held on 27 & 28 June (Thailand time), at the Impact Arena. At the venue, it was filled with around 32,000 fans, and they heated up the atmosphere.”

According to the company, as part of this year’s “Asia Tour Mirotic”, the composition and performances of the concerts will be similar to that of the Seoul concerts that were held earlier this year in February. Thus, the screens and stage equipment were replicated in its entirety.

TVXQ’s concerts in Thailand were a huge success, and the rumors [legra: heck about the rumors] that have been going around that the group is in “crisis” has been dismissed.

In addition, the「東方神起 4th LIVE TOUR 2009 ~The Secret Code~ FINAL in TOKYO DOME」will be held on 4 & 5 July at the Tokyo Dome.

Source: [chosunonline]
Translation credits: mandasoh@iscreamshinki.net
Shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress + Dbsk Dream

On the morning of June 29th, 2009, in Beijing, the media in South Korea reported that TVXQ, from June 27th to the 28th held concerts in Bangkok, Thailand. The two concerts had more than 32, 000 fans altogether that welcomed the group.

This is TVXQ’s third concert tour for “MIROTIC”. In order to emphasize the effect of the concert, TVXQ specially transported stage equipment from South Korea. It had made the Thai fans feel like they were on the stage too.

TVXQ sung “Wrong Number”, “Crazy Love”, “Rising Sun” and other popular songs sung by them. The TVXQ members also had individual member performances. Their concert was so successful that it was later aired on program 26.

TVXQ has obtained great success from Thailand, and not only sang well, but also talked a majority of the times in Thai.

After this concert, TVXQ will be preparing for the concert in Tokyo which will begin on July 4th.

Chinese translation: blog.sina.com
English Translation: ♡♥{東方神起}♥♡ @ onetvxq.com
Shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress + Dbsk dream

[Tracklist] Tohoshinki 28th Single – Stand By U

CD only
Tohoshinki – Stand by U
Type: 28th single
Release date: 2009.07.01
Record label: rhythm zone
Genre: J-pop
Info: Wikipedia
Purchase it: HMV

01 Stand by U
02 Tea for Two
03 Sky
04 Stand by U 〜Luv Behind The MLD mix〜
05 Stand by U (Less Vocal)
06 Tea for Two (Less Vocal)

From: Linh (linhkawaii)
Credit: music_mind@LJ
shared by: sharingyoochun@wordpress + Dbsk Dream

[News] Tohoshinki Collaborates With Japanese Girlband DREAM

DREAM, an Avex girlband that has been active for many years will be releasing their 9th anniversary single aptly titled “DREAM 9″ to be released to a fitting date of September 9, 2009 (09/09/09). One of the tracks will be showcasing a collaboration with currently sensational Avex boyband from Korea, Tohoshinki. Aside from their fellow talents in their agency in Korea, the boys haven’t collaborated with another girlband.

credit: asianpopguru@lj
shared by: dbsknights + sharingyoochun@wordpress + Dbsk Dream

29 June 2009

Wonder Magnae (or maybe Magnae Generation?)

Column 1 : Tae Min (SHINee) , Kang Ji Young (KARA), Max Chang Min (DBSK)
Column 2 :Chan Sung (2PM), Sohee (Wonder Girls), Kyuhyun (Super Junior)
Column 3 :Seo Hyun (SNSD), Seungri (Big Bang), Minji (2NE1)

credits: milkystep + kasaki@touch2ne1

Kyochon Chicken Pics

credit : 최종예+gamekyu.13@whatsubb

Making Of Kyochon Chicken CF

cr : pr13ansj

28 June 2009

[NEWS] DBSK Appreciated By Marty Friedman

“They would sell even if they weren’t good looking! TVXQ’s singing ability is worth its value in money.

TVXQ, an accapella dance group from Korea, and who attended last year’s Kouhaku Uta Gassen, can be said to be the representative of “Global J-pop” with their impressive harmonizing.

Maybe fans will say it’s b*llsh*t, but to me, if you can sing, you’ll be able to sell even if you weren’t good looking, right?

Their song [Bolero], is a great ballad that showcases their super vocals.
What surprised me was that compared to other J-pop ballads, the feeling for this song is dark. The beat is slow, and there was no usage of guitars etc. Even so, the song gave off a dark and haunting vibe to me.

I like K-pop too, and I listen to it often, and there are of course other songs with dark vibes too. The difference with J-pop is that K-pop uses Classic music as it’s foundation, thus naturally creating a melody with a dramatic feel.

At the “ending climax”, one person (Jaejoong) uses an almost feminine pitch to produce the effect of harmonizing between men and women; the harmonization from the 5 of them is amazing!”

Source: Allkpop

credit: Dbsk dream

[FANCAM] 090627 Mirotic Concert in Bangkok

Hug- rock version

Rising Sun

Yoochun solo-Love Bye love


Credit all: yuulinaboojaejoong
shared by Dbsk dream + Dbsk nights

Super Junior is too famous!

Super Junior is not only the guest performers for this year Golden Award Show but also an award presenter with Ariel Lin for the first award. But the glamour of these few guys are just too amazing, every movement of them will just make fans screaming away, this was lead to dissatisfied of the TV viewer who felt that the fans doesn’t have any manner.

This year, two sides of the red carpet venue were filled up with fans holding Korean languages signboard and these fans are here because of Super Junior. Once Super Junior arrives, fans on both sides were screaming their lungs out and all the fans were getting lesser and lesser when Super Junior was inside the hall, almost half of it was gone. Because almost half of the fans were there because of Super Junior.

Once the ceremony starts, the first group of people who came out as a presenter was Super Junior and Ariel Lin. Hangeng who was the speaker throughout the first award with Ariel Lin as he is the only one in Super Junior who can speak Chinese and the rest of the members just stood at the back. Viewers notice that expect for Hengeng, the rest of the members were chit chatting away at the back, pointing at the audiences, waving to their fans and so fans started to scream again.

Presenters voice was even being cover up due to those screaming and shouting by the fans which made the audiences and net surfer think that the fans doesn’t even have manners. But some believe that this are what fans are called with those screaming that they did. Super Junior who flew all the way from Korean to Taiwan which mean that they respect Taiwan too. Super Junior doesn’t have any other intentions but they just wanted to have good atmosphere.

Net surfer thinks that fans should try to clam down as they consider this as an important award show and not Super Junior concert or at least not to disturb the award show.

Original source + Baidu
Translate by; summer❤@sj-world.net
Please DO NOT add in your own credits!!

Kibum signing an album for a fan in California

credit :TaengSica

090627 Mirotic concert at Bangkok Part 4

credit: as tagged
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credit: as tagged
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More FT Island in Singapore

credit to zcandyflossz@soompi
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