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30 January 2011

TEEN TOP - Supa Luv 30/1

110128 Luna and Krystal- Kiss the Radio

cr: ktr official website

KARA’s Nicole will miss scheduled recording for SBS’s ‘Heroes’:

Due to the recent conflicts revolving around KARA, the member’s individuals activities have been gaining a lot of attention.

SBS’s ‘Heroes‘ has revealed that Nicole will not be attending the January 31st recording. A representative revealed, ”Since we have previously recorded material, [episodes with Nicole] will continue to be broadcasted until the middle of February.”

Despite the fact that the group has decided to continue with their 5-member activities, Landmark lawyer Hong Myung Ho explained, ”Discussion has only been done regarding the larger parts; we haven’t been able to bring much attention to the member’s individual activities yet… We plan to discuss all the affairs with DSP Media within the next few days and we expect for those matters to be decided then… I don’t believe the meeting will occur any later than this weekend.”

Source: Newsen via Nate +allkpop

Super Junior’s Leeteuk and f(x)’s Krystal release duet song, ‘Grumbling’!

[PHOTOS] F(x) Elite Uniform Endorsement

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Vaira Beauty Salon Grand Opening

cr: as tagged, DC, blog.naver.com/bongsuke, hannie029,nate, allkpop, baidu fxgroup bar

[PHOTOS] Krystal/Leeteuk - MBC Enjoy Today Show

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110123 Idol Sports Competition Part 4

Source: tagged, cafe.daum.net/TEENTOP
Photo re-uploaded by: megan_, mbraandt@SOOMPI.com

[SELCA] 110122 L.Joe at Inkigayo waiting room

Source: flickr.com/teentop
Photo re-uploaded by: mbraandt@6TEENSONTOP.com

[PHOTOS] 110120 Teen Top Fan signing

Source: as tagged | Credit & reupload: love_guitar93

MGI CONFIRMED that they did make a song for SJ

*captured at about 00.20AM GMT 110130*

Source: lovekibummie, MGIproducer
Posted by: Phoebe (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

[VIDEO/NEWS] Dara “G-Dragon is a good romantic”!

2NE1 member, Sandara Park unveiled a cute story with G-Dragon. On January 29, Sandara Park revealed on KBSTV2 Entertainment Tonight (MC Shin Hyun Jun) that, G-Dragon is someone you’d think ‘This is a man I hope to find good romance with,’ though you won’t think it of him” she said.

Sandara Park continued, “Not long ago, I went to ski with G-Dragon,” she said, “Usually, though it’s not something many people believe, G-Dragon is not one who says so many words. So he got my ski board that I was carrying, without saying anything,” she revealed.

When he heard this, G-Dragon said,Sandara Park was holding this board that looked like twice her weight,” he continued, “It looked hard for her. So without care, I got it, her thanks is enough.”

(translated by: blackjackbelle @ ohdara.wordpress.com)

[NEWS] Seungri “G-Dragon sent me a 30-line text message, he’s really hateful”

After saying Jiyong was his favorite member in pretty much the very beginning:

Jiyong is kind of hateful [by hateful it's not like hateful as in he hates other things/people but it's kind of like... someone you want to hate but can't]. He criticizes a lot but then takes care of us after, so it’s very hateful. After the first broadcast [of the comeback] he sent me a 30-line text message. This is the longest text message I have ever read from Jiyong.”

No Hong Chul asks what kind of stuff he wrote so Seungri replies

He wrote tons of bad stuff about my expression, live performance, gesture, what kind of dance is that, are you really a dancing kid, what is this, do you not exercise these days, you look so dwarfish/weak, do you not see the camera etc. I got scolded when I got home and I said stuff like please wait, I will do better etc.”

Then Seungri says that “Jiyong called the managers, stylists, etc. and told them to take care of Seungri well and give him warm food and all that caring stuff. Seungri says Jiyong is hateful because his hyung is so cool and can do everything.”

Another section was when No Hong Chul asks him what kind of comments online are the most hurtful. So Seungri says “this isn’t something that happened to me personally but to another person. The person called me crying and said that he got a comment saying ‘the only thing left for this person is suicide.

So I told him “to not care about those comments too much and tried to cheer him up but I was hurt too. I said that I would save him.”

He didn’t specifically say GD but I remember on NAN GD talked about how someone told him to commit suicide and for some reason the MC was like how did Seungri respond to those negative things? And GD talked about how Seungri was very mature about it and told him not to care about it blah blah so I’m guessing Seungri was talking about GD.

Another section is the classic if you were a girl who would you date from Big Bang?” Seungri answers “G-dragon.” he kind of sighs/groans LOL and hes like,

he is very romantic. I’m his roommate so I see everything. He’s seriously romantic. If he dates someone he makes a song for them. One time he asked me how the song was. And I said oh my god if this was released in Korea there’d be a huge deal and it would make so much money. But… since it’s for the woman he loves it’s only for her and gives up that money/fame from that song.”

(source: flinkling @ gdheartri)

Leeteuk & Lee Seung-gi mentioned about military service on ‘Strong Heart’, “Going Soon”

Singer-cum-talent Lee Seung-gi and Super Junior’s Leeteuk have mentioned about their military service, causing it to become a hot topic among netizens.

On the 18th January episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart”, the both of them made a notice about their military service after viewing a video message of a super ajumoni* who is in the Marine Corps.

On the day, their notice about their military service started from the humiliation talk from Lee Jung who hails from the Marine Corps. Lee Jung said that “During the corporal days (my) successors took me along with them to get ice cream in order to sooth our throats”, and that “Luckily the super ajumoni recognised me. She said that ‘(I) didn’t see him, he went back to the camp’.”

Later on, Lee Jung confessed that “When I went to the market, another ajumoni met my eye. However, this ajumoni said ‘It’s a pity that the kid Lee Seung-gi did not come (to the army)’”, provoking laughter. Lee Jung also provided laughter with his begrudged expression and by saying that “Even though I wanted to demand an explanation from the ajumoni, but I also wanted to ask ‘then what kind of kid am I?’ as well”.

Under Lee Jung’s soliciting, Lee Seung-gi sent a video message, saying that “Uh, super ajumoni I’ll be going soon as well. I’ll go and buy ice cream. At that time other people will be popular. When you think about this kid Lee Jung you won’t feel embarrassed”. Following that, Leeteuk amused the crowd by countering with “Super ajumoni, this kid will go to the army soon as well”.

* 아주머니/Ajumoni: A term used to address an older woman; literally ‘auntie’.

Source: Newsen
Translated by eternalsnow @ sj-world.net
Posted by: uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

110129: Leeteuk, Heechul’s accident on Singapore newspaper: Were fans to blame for crash?

Korean boy band Super Junior in 6-vehicle pile-up on ECP

Two members of Korean boy band Super Junior were involved in an accident along the East Coast Parkway near the Bedok Exit yesterday at about 6.30pm.

Fortunately, the duo, who arrived on the 5.30pm flight from Tokyo yesterday, were unhurt.

Concert organisers say overzealous fans may have been the cause.

Leeteuk and Heechul were on their way from Changi Airport to their hotel. The rest of the 10 man group were arriving separately.

The boys were in one van while the two employees of organisers Running Into The Sun were in the car ahead of them. Running Into The Sun is a subsidiary of Fly Entertainment.

According to an employee who was in the staff car, eight fan vehicles were giving chase and were trying to get close to the Super Junior van.


Said the employee: “We were getting very nervous when the fan vehicles started coming too close. But we travelled on.”

“However, they just kept coming closer and closer.”

These fan vans ended up racing two close to a unidentified cream-coloured car, which was in front of the staff car.

This set off a chain reaction.

When the unidentified car braked, the staff car hit it, causing a pile-up of six vehicles, including the van carrying Leeteuk and Heechul.

After stopping at the side of the road, the people in all six vehicles came out to check on their vehicles.

No one was hurt.

The Super Junior van then took Leeteuk and Heechul to the hotel.

The employee said that they had to wait for the tow truck to come and take their car away.

During the wait, which took 45 minutes, they made calls to settle their car insurance.

At around 8pm, the two trucks arrived and their boss from Running Into The Sun, ex-excutive Beatrice Chin, came to pick them up.

Said the employee: “Beatrice was very worried for us and kept telling us to see the doctor.”

“But we were fine, so we just went for a drink and had a short rest, then it was back to the airport again.”

They had to pick up another seven members of Super Junior who had arrived at the airport on the 9.30pm flight.

The las member of the group arriving today on an afternoon flight.

The employee said she and her colleague were [sorry, cant make out this word]by the accident and she wants Super Junior fans to know that they were endangering the boys by chasing them on the road.

She said: “The boys could have got seriously hurt.”

“So, to the fans, next time please think of their safety first even if you want to show your love and support for them.”

Police said they received a call at 6.45pm involving six vehicles but no one was injured.

Super Junior is in town to preform at their concerts – Super Junior Super Show 3 – tonight and tomorrow night.

The popular group is known for its hit songs like Sorry, Sorry and Bonamana

“It’s unfortunate that this happened but everything is under control. We’re happy that the boys are okay and the concert will go on as planned.” - Ms Cheryl Han, a publicist for Fly Entertainment.

Source: Mousiie

Transcripted & Posted by Phoebe (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

(yeah, I’m that dedicated to zoom screen and try to make out all the words from the scan, only fail one xD)

TAKE OUT WITH FULL & PROPER CREDITS (credit my name for the transcript^^)

110129 Super Junior Rumored 2011 Album Name On Twitter’s Top Trends

Credit: @sushiwook
Reuploaded & Posted by: hyukjade (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Henry confirmed to appear on Strong Heart

Fans of Super Junior’s sub-unit Super Junior-M are excited over the confirmation that member Henry Lau will be making his first official apperance on the variety show ‘Strong Heart’.

On a recent exchange of tweets between Park SangHyuk (Strong Heart’s Producer) and Henry’s fansite ‘Henry Concerto’, it has been confirmed that Henry Lau already did a recording of the episode and asks everyone to support this appearance. He is reported to be appearing on the same episode with Moon Heejun and Bigbang’s Seungri and GDragon. Fans are happy to hear this piece of information, as this will be Henry’s first appearance on a Korean variety show.

Credit: @SBSPD, @henry_concerto and SJ-WORLD++ Koreaboo.com
Shared By: stalker93@sapphirepearls.com
Posted by: Melody (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

[TRANS] 110129 TVXQ to Appear as Guests on Kiss the Radio

The artists you want to see the most on Kiss the Radio!
The artists widely recognized as the tallest in the industry!
Men who make you sigh in awe!

Monday 31st January

Finally, they are here.

The charismatic U-Know Yunho and the sexy Choikang Changmin join us as TVXQ!

1. Please leave your 'is this true?' and 'why?' questions for TVXQ
For example: It says that Choikang Changmin is currently 186cm tall. We've heard that he's still growing, is it true? Yunho likes to show aegyo but hasn't been doing it as often lately, why?

2. What would you like TVXQ to do?
Music/performances/role plays/imitations/phone calls/wake up calls etc.
Anything that can be done with their voices, come and contribute more.

You can also leave your messages for them in the 'TVXQ' thread.

Credits: KTR Official + TVXQBaidu
Trans by: dorfehh@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights + dbsk dream

[TRANS] 110129 Tears of Heaven OST (English Version)

Story Background:
In the well-known Vietnam War, Joon is a South Korean soldier who is dispatched to Vietnam. The South Korean soldiers of that time are sent by the American troops, and Colonel Grayson is the leader of the unit that Joon belongs to. Colonel Grayson becomes enchanted by Linh, a Vietnamese female singer who performs at the concert hall. At the same time, Joon falls in love with Linh at first sight. The two of them sink into the river of love and commit to marriage. Colonel Grayson learns of their love, and in his jealousy sends Joon to the most difficult and dangerous battlefield. He also conspires with Quyen, who is secretly in love with Joon, to deceive Linh and tell her that Joon has already died. Succeeding, he brings Linh to America. Joon returns from the battlefield and Quyen tells him the truth that Linh had left for America, pregnant with his child. Thus Joon searches the world and finally finds his and Linh's daughter, Tianna.

Characters (in order of appearance):
Tianna: Linh's and Joon's daughter
Linh: female singer
Joon: South Korean soldier
Sang: Linh's older brother
Grayson: American colonel
Tam: female singer
Quyen: Linh's friend, loves Joon

1. Between heaven and earth: opening song
2. Shadows on my heart: Tianna always feels anxious about her life
3. Pearl of the east: sings the praises of Vietnam's splendor before the war
4. The first time I saw Paris: a song performed by Linh in the concert hall the first time Joon sees her
5. The tiger and the dove: A tiger (Joon) treads all over the world, finally finds the dove with the voice of an angel, and they fall in love
6. Who can you trust?: Linh's brother Sang interrogates Linh about her relationship with the American colonel and advises her not to trust Grayson
7. Morning comes: describes the first glimmer of dawn and the approach of troops advancing into Vietnam
8. I've never loved like this: Joon and Linh tell each other their feelings and say they've never felt such a deep love before
9. Can you hear me?: the two of them commit to marriage
10. I've had to learn: Joon tells of his helplessness in the war and tells Linh that her love gives him courage to continue living
11. The end of the world: the devastation of the fire of war; in the morning children have families, but by night they are orphans
12. Tears of Heaven
13. Moving on: Grayson tells Linh that Joon is already dead, and tells her to not be attached to someone who is already dead and to consider her own happiness
14. Raining fire: describes the fire of war destroying Vietnam, artillery shells and bullets flying, "raining fire" everywhere
15. Without her: Grayson tells Linh of his love and says that without her, the world is gray and dark
16. Sweet song of life: Linh gives birth to a daughter in America and joyously welcomes the arrival of a new life, but she herself dies
17. This is my confession: Quyen frankly tells Joon that Linh didn't actually go to America for her own interests, but rather because she believed Joon had died; moreover she tells him that when Linh left, she was already pregnant with his child
18. Tiger and the dove finale: Tiger (Joon) searches the world and finds a singing voice the same as Linh's, but it is a much younger girl; she is actually his daughter Tianna

Credits: TVXQBaidu
Trans by: Sherry @ DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights + dbsk dream

[VIDEO] 110129 Xiahker: TVXQ and Cassiopeia is the perfect two!

Credits: FanboyXiahker
Shared by: DBSKnights + dbsk dream

[PHOTO]110129 Jaejoong's Raichu Sticker at Fanmeet

Credits: TVXQBaidu+as tagged
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