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28 February 2009

[TRANS] B-Pass April 09 - Staff Report

Junsu Gets Bullied by Jaejoong and “The Prank Five”

The cover shot was supposed to be completed in 2 hours this time, and the schedule was individual shooting -> individual interview -> group shooting -> group interview, so the entire procedure was a little messy.

First was individual shooting, and the order was Yoochun -> Jaejoong -> Junsu -> Yunho -> Changmin, and this took place simultaneously with the individual photo taking. The set was made up to resemble their homes, and the theme of this photoshoot was to take pictures of them looking relaxed and at home. The props included a guitar for Yoochun, a mug for Jaejoong, computer/laptop for Junsu, camera for Yunho and a book for Changmin.

The camera Yunho carried was a special collection of the cameraman Yamada. Actually, the black-and-white pictures shown on pages 22-23 were taken by this camera. Thus this camera really had film inside it, but when Yunho unknowingly clicked on the camera and the flashlight shone, he got a shock and his expression was really cute. -laughs-

Next was the group photo-taking. When shooting the cover, the five of them received instructions to “Stand closer together”, whereby they stood further apart instead. The crew immediately burst out in laughter. They especially made fun of each other during the group photoshoot, and played pranks on each other. The five of them really share a close relationship.
After that, Jaejoong pinched Junsu’s cheek for fun and Junsu just allowed him to get on with it.Yoochun noticed the gomuku set in the set immediately as he arrived, and had a game of it with the crew but, regretfully, he lost. Changmin was listening to music the entire time he was waiting. Yunho’s personal best recently for bowling, which he likes a lot, was 224, and he even plays table tennis with Junsu. Yunho likes pomelo-scented smells.

[Captions clockwise from top left]
Shooting in progress… ->
01. the “Prank 5″ who play pranks subconsciously even when taking photographs ->
02. But they always become serious when work starts, this is the cover shot ->
03. Yoochun, who really starts playing the guitar during his individual shoot ->
04. Shooting Jaejoong’s relaxed poses from various angles ->
05. Yunho, who starts smiling as the photographer inches closer ->
06. Junsu’s looking at the notebook, what’s on the screen? ->
07. Changmin, who did a lot of poses with the book ->
08. Yoochun, who takes his game of gomoku with the staff very seriously during his free time ->
09. Everyone’s poses when they received instructions to be “relaxed”

Credits: 郑氏の小熊@baidu
Translations: Banana-chan@TVXQfever
Shared by: KPOP JJANG + Dbsk dream

[INFO] “The Secret Code” is Number 1 on HMV Charts

( One click away from larger view )

Credits: Sharingyoochun+kpopjjang
Shared by Dbsk dream

[NEWS] The Male Celeb I Secretly Wanna Marry Is? (TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/東方神起/동방신기)

Who will secretly get married and it won't seem weird at all? This kind of imagination is a temptation that all the single ladies can't resist.

A movie company created a poll with the title 'The Male Celeb I Wanna Secretly Marry Is?' on the internet for the netizens vote. Male celeb candidates like Lee Minho and Kim HyunJoong from the hit drama 'Boys Over Flowers', known actor So Jisub and TVXQ's leader U-Know YunHo are on the list.

Pure Kim Hyunjoong, pretty boy Lee Minho who captured Korea women's heart, handsome man So Jisub, and the very sexy U-Know Yunho are four very different kind of man and are different kind of pretty boy style that are most popular among netizens, causing women to fantasize secretly marrying them.

source: dnbn + tvxqkingdom.com
trans: crazee@tvxqfever
Shared by: Dbsk Dream
::sigh:: I secretly want to marry Lee min Ho and Yunho. ^^

[TRANS] 022509 Liberty Times Newspaper (TVXQ/DBSK)

one click away from larger view!

Have you guys checked out Xiah-sshi.com yet? I am a huge fan of Yunho-sshi.com. I think it's wonderful we have a xiah-sshi now!!

Shared by: Dbsk dream

[MV] Marry You Japenese Version

credit: Pri3an@YT
shared : sapphirepearls + dbsk dream

Sukira pictures update!

빅뱅의 승리와 W&Whale의 웨일~

*Big Bang’s Seungri and W&Whale’s Weil~

Super Junior Encore Concert 090219

cr: boosaysimback@yt
shared : sapphirepearls + dbsk dream

Kyuhyun and Ryeowook and Siwon’s UFO replies

Its fun readig this~~


ELF: Turkey with sauce is very nice to eat..
Kyuhyun: You try and eat then

ELF: Do you love me?
Kyuhyun: So what if I do?

ELF: Kyuhyun I love you
Kyuhyun: Ah, the popularity of this lad( referring to himself)

ELF: Waiter(Kyuhyun’s nick name) is silly
Kyuhyun: You are the silly one haha

ELF: Crazy already…
Kyuhyun: Toss the craziness away

ELF: When was the first time you drank?
Kyuhyun: Why you want to know

ELF: Name the most handsome in SJ
Kyuhyun: Me??? Hahahahaaha

ELF: Donghae oppa lets watch a musical
Kyuhyun: Cant I go…

ELF: The most handsome man on earth is Kyuhyun
Kyuhyun: I know

ELF: Waiter! Waiter! Is a bad boy who don’t reply to messages
Kyuhyun: It is so troublesome

ELF: Why do you keep calling for dishes( shouting for waiter)
Kyuhyun: I like to order dishes

ELF: Oppas are now busy calling for the waiter ordering dishes
Kyuhyun: Because I am cute

ELF: Oppa, Im bored, bored, play with me
Kyuhyun: - -

ELF: Kyuhyun step up more and show us your charm
Kyuhyun: Hyungs don’t allow

ELF: Marry me
Kyuhyun: when Sungmin allows (LOL!)

ELF: Cant sleep
Kyuhyun: How

ELF: say that you accept love, say say
Kyuhun: say

ELF: I live for Oppas
Kyuhyun: thank you

ELF: my tee shirt size increase
Kyuhyun: Haha

ELF: why wont oppa say something…say
Kyuhyun: say

ELF: marry me KangIn
Kyuhyun: then me?

ELF: Oppas, Im going japan tomorrow to study…
Kyuhyun: don’t go

ELF: did you eat the wrong medicine
Kyuhyun: poisoned by your love

ELF: Oppa I also want to eat the wrong medicine
Kyuhyun: - -

ELF: the son of the man who stayed near you
Kyuhyun: is you

ELF: - -
Kyuhyun: what is this

ELF: you are mine
Kyuhyun: I am mine


ELF: I didn’t sleep so I can see Oppas… so cold ah
Ryeowook: ^^Quickly sleep ~~!

ELF: Oppa ah I love you!
Ryeowook: I love you ~!!!

ELF: Because of waiting for Oppas, very cold TT
Ryeowook: Quickly go sleep ! ! ! Make me angry


ELF: Oppas, ELFs are now promoting the 3rd album, at music bank place holding sapphire blue balloons and promoting cards
SIWON: You all are very busy..always…feeling sorry…I love you all ELF

credit:Sinyoung@soompi + sapphirepearls + dbsk deam

[Fancam] Wg down for dinner

Wg is in Thai!
well if you havent be informed yet-

credits: iheartwg.com + sunmijjang + dbsk dream

[photos] Wonder Girls Vite 500 Polaroids

[Credits: kimyoobin.wordpress.com + sunmijjang.wordpress.com]
shared : dbsk dream

jyp,wonder girls and 2pm : jyp tour cf!

credits: wondergirls @ youtube
souce: sunmijjang!
shared: dbsk dream

Wonder Girls New Vita 500 cf

haha~ this is cute and funny~ i love the "uww uww" part ! XD

credits: kimyoobin.wordpress.com
shared : dbsk dream

[Info] February 27 position integration

credit: dnbn + dbsk dream

22/2/09 SBS Inkigayo - F.T Island Bad Women

Download : Clubbox
Credits : kpopasia.wordpress.com&360kpop.com(upload by KaryMon)
shared : dbsk dream

Malaysian Cassiopeia

Heads up from jaelunnie@dbsg
Malaysia Official Cassiopeia is open
This is Official from SM people.

Registration stats from March 1, 2009 and ends at March 31, 2009
official site: http://official-my-tvxq.com/

credits: sharingyoochun + dbsk dream

[SCANS] 3rd Bigeast FanMeeting "Yuchun"

Credits: BeyondYuchun
Shared by: 2uAngels + DBSKDream

[PHOTOS] JAEJOONG and his Flying bicycle

Credits: DNBN + DBSKnights +JOJJ + DBSKDream

[INFO] Tohoshinki on Music Station Website

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN + DBSKDream


February 25 - Photoshoot

February 25 - Something about a Magazine

OMG this is like a business conference, CEOs!

February 26 - After Music Fighter performance

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN + DBSKdream

27 February 2009

[TRANS] HoMin UFO Replies (090226 ~ 090227)(TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/東方神起/동방신기)

Yunho's Replies~

Fan : It was my birthday yesterday Please wish me!! TT Will you wish me?

Yunho : Although it's a little late but Happy Birthday! ^_^ From today onwards, I pray for your happiness ^_^

Fan : Checkmate

Yunho : You use romantic words that make me dizzy...Our love starts now~

*Yunho's reply is Checkmate's lyrics

Fan : Oppa you're revealing too much...is it for me?

Yunho : Oh~~ Too wild~~

Fan : Waiting for you oppas...i'll..!! If I study hard enough, I'll definitely be Junsu's nurse!! If you're sick..come to me??

Yunho : Okay...^_^ But please don't hurt me when you give me an injection~

Fan : Can you see it? Can you feel it? Our love for TVXQ

Yunho : I felt it...^_^ Did you feel it? (TVXQ's love

Fan : Oppa if I go to your university, will you go on a date with me??

Yunho : How??

ChangMin's replies~

Fan : Who does oppa belong to??? ME~~~

ChangMin : No way

Fan : Anything to say?

ChangMin : Nope

Fan : Oppa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll think of myself as the dancer in Checkmate forever!!!

ChangMin : That's not possible~ Haha~

Fan : Do you remember? I really miss that time~

ChangMin : Hehehehe

Fan : Oppa ah^^ Today I was late to school TT Tell me to work harder~ Goodnight~

ChangMin : Work harder^^

Fan : Who are you thinking of now? I thinking of YOU.

ChangMin : ^^

Fan : The concert is over~~ I'm depressed TTTT

ChangMin : ; ; ; ;

Fan : Oppa I want to be your bed in your room for just a day

ChangMin : No way

Fan : I'm begging you...........please reply...........please show yourself!

ChangMin : ^^ okay...hehe

Fan : As expected, oppa looks most handsome singing!! hehehe

ChangMin : Thank you^^

Fan : I wish for you to have God's grace and blessings ^^

ChangMin : ^^ You too ^^

Fan : I must fulfill my dreams...Oppa you're my witness alright?^^ See you in 10 years oppa~

ChangMin : I'm waiting~ hehe

Fan : Do you want your youth to be blown away with this wind today?

ChangMin : What are you talking about?

Fan : I just need to grow a little taller and I can catch up with oppas! I'm already 170~~

ChangMin : 170 is good for a girl!

(These are from the same fan)

1.Fan : Sometimes sexy Sometimes pure Sometimes passionate~ Yunho's charm is the best!! ^^

Yunho : Me?? Best charm?? Wow I feel really good uhuhu

2. Fan : As tall as the sky...I can't reach your hand...As pure and clean as the sky...Jung Yun Ho ^^

Yunho : I...like the sky a lot ^_^ Close your eyes...it's just like flying~

(These are from a male fan 8D)

1. Fan : Because of Yunho, I study extremely hard...How can you do this to me? It's too much...

Yunho : What's wrong??

2. Fan : Please cheer for me...tell me to study...Then I can meet you...TTT

Yunho : You have to work hard! I'm waiting for you! ^_^

(ChangMin butts in LOL)

ChangMin : I wanna cheer for you too! Fighting! Although results and happiness aren't on the same scale of importance, but make studies your main aim for now~

3. Fan : I'll see you on stage then! Qi Zuo Zhen(fan's name) VS Jung Yunho~!! Cool? ^_^

Yunho : Okay^^ Please take care~

Credits : OhMicky

Translated by : Choco@TVXQFever
Shared by: Dbsk dream

DBSK "Take Your Hand"

credit: farahyuchun

[scans]April Issue B=Pass magazine

credits:PosaruXya.com + dbsk dream

Yoochun Wearing Converse

credits:dnbn + dbsk dream

Dbsk is Love, dont you think?

HAHAHA, Smiling JaeJae 090222 - Mirotic Concert

I was actually quite surprised to find out they performed it. They are so cute and silly. (yet so hot!!)

Credit: phutran1981vnn2
Shared by: dbsk dream

Airport fancams!

I love dbsk airport videos!! They always look so good! Even when they are trying to hide from the fans they look good. This one is my recent favorite!! Thank you to the uploader! Even a bigger thanks for putting the song " lucky" by Ashily! I am a crazy boys before flowers fan and the whole soundtrack has become my favorite!

If anyone wants to share their favorite airport fancam videos, Feel free to do so ^^. Sharing is caring! I will make a 3 top fav airport vids!

[PICS] Tohoshinki - The Secret Code (Photo Jacket Preview)


credits: Dnbn + Dbsk dream

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