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31 December 2008

0104 sanma tamao preview

short summary from zyloh89 @ yt :

short summary:
this is about "please say your dream"
and the student wishes to dance with thsk, and her dream came true!
then they will make the wish become reality in that school.
and the girls go "what should we do?" haha.

Airing date: 4th of January 2009
Airing time: 6.30PM (JST

anisa : arhh! she's so lucky!!

credits : Credits: coooolzx @yt + xientinloveshero + DBSK Dream

[Video] 081230 Tohoshinki standing up when EXILE won award @ TBS 50th Japan Records Awards

DBSK stood up when EXILE received the award which is considered as etiquette failure in Japan. It was just a reflex movement of them since they're always standing up when other artists received awards as a form of respect.

CREDITS : xietinloveshero

[Photo] 081231 NHK Kouhaku Uta Gassen (Part 2) - Rehearsal

*Take out with full credits*
Credits: Yonhap + DNBN + xietinloveshero + DBSK Dream

[PHOTOS] TBS Japan Record Award + Bolero MV

TBS Japan Record Award

Credits: DBSKnights + HeroBaidu + DBSK Dream

[PHOTOS] 081229 SBS Gayo Daejun - Junsu in a Crystal ♥ (TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/東方神起/동방신기)

for all the junsu fangirls out there!! i know you want to see junsu in a crystal because he was sooo sexy then... wish i could have watched (and spazzed) with you during the live broadcast... but for now... hopefully these 4 piccies would brighten your day ^^

credit: as tagged + 밍쵸 + fangirlmitz + DBSK Dream

[INFO + NEWS] Yiruma wants to work with TVXQ

Yiruma wants to work with TVXQ

Over at Dnbn, a TVXQ fan posted an article which featured Yiruma and in the article he stated:

"I want to give a music piece to an idol group like TVXQ."

Yiruma is a world famous Korean pianist / composer. He's 30 years old, born in Seoul but moved to London when he was a child. After his musical education, he moved back to Korea and started composing music for various venues (mostly dramas and movies). Although he had dual citizenship (Korean and British) he gave up his British citizenship so he could serve in the military for mandatory service (Navy back in 2006). He was discharged not too long ago and he married a former Miss Korea.

Yiruma stated that he wanted to make music for the idol group TVXQ / DBSK because he wanted to make music for a talented group unlike Super Junior. Ok, I made that latter part up. Anyways, Yiruma makes some awesome piano pieces (some of the best in the world in my opinion). He made a nice one for K-flow (Kinetic Flow which you can listen to below). If he does make a piece for TVXQ, it's guaranteed to be a hit.

source: allkpop
Shared By: DBSKnights + DBSK Dream

[NEWS] MIROTIC sold 500,00 Sales (TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/東方神起/동방신기)

You read it right, folks, half a million sales.

[SBS News] After riding out number 1 album sales in Japan and Korea, and never stopping perfomances on stage, TVXQ has been taking the lead.

Presently there was the issue of the recession on the music market, but TVXQ had already sold 50million (500,000) pieces for their album.

[Yunho/TVXQ: TVXQ has been working hard t
his year, particularly, in the music industry. We are actively participating in the music market so we are proud and we'd have to work even harder [for the fans] ....]

So for the music industry, the recession had been kept transforming.

The first single to be released from the album that sold well or multiple team members sharing a group activity is considered a universal phenomenon.

music market this year is expected, despite difficulties, to establish a breakthrough in the long recession due to the country's popular singers.

Credits: 샤안녕@DNBN + [trans]fangirlmitz + DBSK Dream

[PHOTOS] DBSK @ SBS Gayo Daejeon What did Yoochun Say??

Yeah a Bad Word?
Is What I'm talking About,
Now What?
You're trying to teach us?
Hell no! Yeah~

Omo Nice One Yoochun We got Balls (techinically i don't have one, but DBSK has u know what i mean...>_<) listen to it... starts from 3:07~ In your faces Youth Commission!

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN + DBSK Dream

[PHOTOS] NHK Kohaku Rehearsal Scene (TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/東方神起/동방신기)

The rehearsal was apparantly done by 1AM before THSK made their way towards the 50th Japan Record Awards :D

*squee* lots of YooSu moments 8D

Credits: Ruby + DNBN + fangirlmitz + DBSK Dream
Please take out with full credits~

[NEWS] DBSK, ‘SBS Gayo Daejun’ Why Did They Sing ‘Under My Skin’?

My Daily News] Group TVXQ’s single of the 4th album ‘Order - MIROTIC’ had been modified back to the former version of the original record in a long time in front of their fans, and it attracted attention.

In Ilsan, KINTEX on the 29th of December at 10PM “2008 SBS Star Wars”, one of the biggest events of the season wherein only the most popular top stars come together to participate. TVXQ went on stage before BoA ended the festival. They performed “Wrong Number” and Order-MIROTIC, with this version modifying the lyrics back to before.

TVXQ in November had an issue with the Family Health and Welfare under the Youth Protection Committee due to the song MIROTIC not for the youth, and the decision is effective that to media a modified version of the original lyrics were changed to protect the youth. In this modified version of the lyrics, “Under my skin” became “Under my sky” as part of the song.

However, the fans crying out “Under my skin” during the Gayo Daejun had proven right in the modified version. This was possible because the SBS Gayo Daejun was broadcasted in the late hours. The Youth Protection ordinance says that the Youth Protection regulations time to prevent “harmful information” are broadcast from 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on weekdays. TVXQ appeared on stage after the 12th hour [12MN] meaning that the law didn’t matter because the time did not apply to the original record.

TVXQ’s agency response was that “It was broadcast on late-night time zone at 0′clock over time so I do not think that was a problem,” he explained the reason and, “in this stage Dong Bang Shin Ki was the last schedule,” the original meaning was called indirectly from the performance.

Meanwhile, TVXQ’s agency SM Entertainment signed the court application of for the re-examination of the cancellation of the notice from the Youth Protection Committee of the content of their song being unsuitable for the youth.

Source: press@mydaily.co.kr
Translations: Fangirlmitz
picture credit: deviantart
shared : dbsk dream

[INFO] Ministry of Culture,Sports and Tourism to give TVXQ a recognition Award

[기사] 동방신기 문화체육관광부 장관 표창
[뉴스엔 김형우 기자]
양대 아이돌 동방신기와 빅뱅이 문화체육관광부 장관 표창을 수여받는다.
문화체육관광부는 2008년 대한민국 문화산업 분야에 가장 크게 기여한 우수 연예인으로 빅뱅과 동방신기를 선정했다. 문화체육관광부에서는 매년 연말 문화산업 발전에 크게 이바지한 문화산업 분야 유공자를 선정하여 문화체육관광부 장관 표창을 수여하고 있다.
문화체육관광부는 "동방신기와 빅뱅은 2008년 활발한 활동을 통해 일본을 비롯한 동남아시아 등 국내외에서 엄청난 성과를 거뒀으며 한치의 양보 없는 대결 을 통해 한국 대중음악계를 대표하는 두 아이콘으로 떠올랐다"며 "두 팀 모두 음반시장 불황에도 최다 음반판매고를 기록했으며 국내외 활동을 병행해 엄청난 스포트라이트를 받았다. 특히 이들의 인기는 해외에서도 높아 한국이 낳은 아시아 최고 인기 그룹으로 도약하고 있다"고 표창 수여 이유를 밝혔다.
이어 "이들은 비주얼한 매력과 가창력, 춤 이라는 인기 아이돌가수로서 3박자를 고루 갖추었을 뿐만 아니라 이 외에도 스스로 본인의 음반을 프로듀싱하고 작사 또는 작곡에 참여하는 등 음악성 도 갖추고 있다"고 전했다.
김형우 cox109@newsen.com
기사제보 및 보도자료 newsen@newsen.com

Sports Culture and Tourism Ministry that the two ministers Idol TVXQ and Big Bang will be awarded recognition.

Culture and Sports in 2008, Republic of Korea Culture and Tourism industry contributed the most to the best artists were selected to the Big Bang and TVXQ. Tourism in the development of sports culture and the end of every culture in the larger yibajihan selected industries merit award presented by Minister of Culture and Sports and Tourism Ministry said.

Physical Culture and Tourism Ministry's "Big Bang TVXQ and active in the 2008 Southeast Asia, including Japan and the great performance at home and abroad geodwoteumyeo not yield an inch in the face of the two icons of South Korea has emerged as popular music" and "Both teams Most sales in the music market in recession and a huge domestic and international activities, the spotlight was byeonghaenghae. especially in the overseas popularity of the most popular group in high jump was born in Korea and Asia, "he said why recognition award.

The "bijueolhan the charm and gachangryeok, dancing to the beat of three equally popular Idol singer, as well as two pieces, in addition to my own music and lyrics or the composer to produce eumakseong it has to," he said.

Credits: 김형우 cox109@newsen.com +김재중할아버지@DNBN
Translation: Google (Sorry!)
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[MORE PHOTOS] SBS Gayo Daejeon Part

to be honest, i dont really like seeing them like this:/

Credits: DBSKnights + DNBN + TVXQbaidu + dbsk dream
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