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31 December 2009

tvN ENEWS 'Blackbox', Celebrities' Annual Earnings Ranking Revealed

TVXQ, who is currently in a dispute with their agency, caught the attention of many by having the highest annual earnings this year despite the unfavorable conditions they are currently in.

tvN ENEWS' 'blackbox' corner that was aired on the 20th ranked the celebrities with the top ten annual earnings this year.

The celebrity with the highest earnings was TVXQ, followed by Rain, Big Bang, Super Junior, Kim Hyun Joon, Go Hyun Jung, Girls' Generation, Lee Byung Hun, Yoo Jae Seok and Kang Ho Dong.

It was found that TVXQ earned at least 126.4 billion Won (equivalent to approximately 109 million USD) this year when their 90 billion Won earnings from Japanese album sales are taken into account.

However, this news is overshadowed by the fact that TVXQ is currently fighting a legal dispute with their agency SM Entertainment over an 'unfair contract' and have even been driven to the brink of a disbandment.

Newsway announcer/reporter Jung Soo Ryang stated, "TVXQ was able to reap such earning regardless of the fact that they are in such unfavorable conditions with the legal dispute," and "If their had been no legal dispute, they would have earned much more than this amount."

She also added, "If TVXQ, who has evolved from just a domestic star to a Hallyu star of Asia, cannot overcome these unfortunate conditions and disband, not only will this be a huge loss to our country's entertainment industry, it will also be a loss at a nationwide scale," and "I hope to see TVXQ come to a reasonable agreement with their agency and return to the stage in good spirits."

ENEWS' 'Blackbox' airs every Wednesday and brings experts of many fields to the panel to discuss controversial events of the entertainment industry.

Source: [newsway]
Translation credits: jeeelim5 @ [info]tohosomnia
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SHINee broadcast accident on 2009 KBS Gayo Festival, “Mic don’t work”

SHINee’s broadcast accident has attracted the attention of many netizens.

It happened when SHINee was performing ‘Ring Ding Dong’ for 2009 KBS Gayo Festival on 30th December in YeoIlDo KBS Hall.

And performing halfway, the microphone for member TaeMin did not work all of the sudden. Even though TaeMin seems like flustered with the technical problem, the other members have quickly came in to sing for his parts and they completed the performance.

After the performance, fans said, “I was shocked because suddenly there was not voice for his part”, “Luckily TaeMin followed through well”, “I hope they pay more attention to this in the future” etc.

Meanwhile, 2PM ‘Again & Again’ won the top popularity award for 2009 KBS Gayo Festival.


Yang HyunSeok, “Big Bang DaeSung and TOP will have their solo album released next year”

It has been revealed that Big Bang members DaeSung and TOP will be releasing their solo albums next year.

With that, each of the 5 Big Bang members will have their own solo albums. For the past 2 years, we have seen members TaeYang, SeungRi and GDragon etc with their solo album release.

YG Entertainment’s head Yang HyunSeok, who had gone to Japan with Big Bang to attend the 51st Japan Record Awards on 30th December, said in an interview on 31st December, “With this award, it will help increase Big Bang’s popularity in Japan.”

“There are also many fans and music officials who are curious about Big Bang’s activities next year, for the first half of next year, Big Bang will focus on their Japanese promotions. And for domestic fans who have been waiting for Big Bang, for the first half of 2009, DaeSung and TOP will release their solo albums.”

According to Yang HyunSeok, TaeYang’s offline album will be released first next year. After which, DaeSung will release a new album. DaeSung is currently personally doing the producing to his own album. And also, after DaeSung’s album, TOP and SeungRi will reveal to fans their own songs in the form of minialbum or digital single release.

Yang HyunSeok said, “DaeSung is doing the music style that he likes, and we have given him the composers right for the music style to him. And DaeSung is doing his own album producing, Fans will be able to feel his own music style through the form of album single released in either full-length or minialbum format.”

“I hope that everyone will also look forward to TOP and SeungRi’s solo songs.”


7 Most Loved Songs this year

At the KBS Song festival, the most popular song will be selected based on how much love was received by the song throughout the year. There were 7 canditates, and the competition was very tight.

On December the 30th, at 9:55 pm, at Yeouido’s KBS broadcast center, the 2009 Song Festival was hosted by Hwang Soo Joon, Kim Kyung Ran, and Han Suk Joon.

This year, seven songs were in particular loved a lot by fans. 2PM’s Again&Again, Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry, SNSD’s Gee, 2NE1’s I Don’t Care, Kara’s Mister, Davichi’s 8282, Park Ji Young’s Like Being Hit By a Bullet, were all in a tight competition for the best song of the year.

On this day, the opening performance was Lee Seungi with his song ‘Love Is’ which was performed with his active dancing and his beautiful voice.

After Lee Seungi’s performance, 4minute performed ‘Muzik’ and Hot Issue’, which was followed by Park Jin Young’s ‘No Love No More’, which were performed with powerful dancing.
*SJ didnt win, but its okay Sorry,Sorry is #1 to us ^^

Source: [LINK]
Translator: Seohyun_is_Best@soshified

Leeteuk’s 2010 wish!

Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk & Yoonah have expressed their new year greeting to ISPlus’s readers.

Super Junior’s & SNSD’s have got the album daesang & digital daesang at 2009 Golden disk award, thus becoming the representative group for the store selling & online selling’s record.


I still cant forget the moment we were announced to get the Golden disk daesang award yet. Having the most important award at Golden disk with “Sorry sorry” is one of the things I cant forget in year 2009. Although I and the other members had a lot of individual activities but we’re very happy that “Sorry sorry” had gained a lot of popularity. Therefore, Super Junior can get over the complex “Although being famous but dont have representative song”.

It seems that year 2010 will bring only good and happy things. Usually there arent many chance for me to wear Hanbok but today, wearing this Hanbok and greeting ISPlus’ readers, I hope everybody will have a happier year.

As the next year is the year of tiger, Super Junior who receive the strength from the tiger will work more hard. And I hope all the readers will be healthy like the tiger’s strong legs, your business and study will be bright like the eyes and may new year bring you prosperity.

original article is here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

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Eunhae “Everything will be okay because…..”

edit: full title = “everything will be okay because you receive strength from the tiger”

Super Junior’s 86-er Eunhyuk & Donghae have expressed their greeting for the new year, the year of the tiger*. They also talked about their wish and determination for the new year.

Eunhyuk said “In 2009, Super Junior has got the Golden disk’s daesang award with , talk about individual, I myself has got the chance to be active in radio & variety shows, I can say that I has spent a grateful year”, thus expressing his thanks to the fans.

He continued with “In 2010 I dont want to be only a singer but also an Eunhyuk who will work more hard to bring laughter to more and more people through and show everybody different images of me”, “As the next year is the year of tiger, I hope everybody can receive the strength from the tiger and will be able to do everything”

Donghae said “I feel very happy that by being active with Super Junior & Super Junior M all over Asia, I have had the chance to meet a lot of fans”, “In 2010 I will work more hard to be able to receive more love from people so please support me and let’s look forward to an active image of Donghae in the year of tiger”

Donghae continued with “I hope everybody can achieve all your goals in next year and hope you will have a happy year”.

In 2009, Super Junior is not also active as singers but also in various shows and has become more and more famous.

* according to Chinese zodiac, 2010 is the year of the tiger and also 1986 (the year Donghae & Eunhyuk were born), that’s why they got this interview

original article is here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net

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Hangeng’s trial starts on Jan.8

Recently, Hangeng’s contract termination request with SM Entertainment has caused great turmoil after being disclosed by the media. As Hangeng’s representative lawyer Lee disclosed recently, Hangeng has already turned in a “Suspension of Contract Agreement” request and a “Contract Termination” request to court. The trials will begin January 8th in Korea. To stop SM Entertainment from using delaying tactics, Hangeng has especially requested a “Suspension of Contract Agreement”. If the agreement is approved by court, Hangeng will be freed no earlier than March of next year.

cr:Source+Translations by: iheartviolinboy@thirdchapter.org

Kim Heechul is getting married to…?

Super Junior's pretty boy, Kim Heechul, is getting married! Well, in a drama at least.

So who is the lucky girl? She is actress Park Soo Jin, who plays Kim Heechul's girlfriend on the SBS weekend drama, 'I Love You Ten Million Times'. The two will be getting married despite the opposition from the family members.

Lee Chul (Kim Heechul) fell in love with Oh Nan Jung (Park Soo Jin) at first sight and kept clinging on to her, but Nan Jung's heart was already so attached to a guy named Baek Kang Ho (Jung Kyuh Woon). The playful friendship turned romantic when one night, Lee Chul impregnated Nan Jung! Tsk tsk Heechul. Always in such a hurry! Oh Nan Jung realized that Lee Chul has always been there for her, and decided to get married.

However, their marriage was not so easily approved. The mothers of both households were strongly against the marriage, but the conflicts made their love even stronger! In the end, they did end up marrying.

On December 23rd, Kim Hee Chul in a black tuxedo, and Park Soo Jin in a short mini wedding dress, got "married". The two supposedly filmed as if they were really getting married!


T-ara to release traditional version of “Bo Peep Bo Peep”

After releasing a Christmas version of Bo Peep Bo Peep, T-ara is planning on releasing a traditional version of the song. Traditional as in old-fashioned Korean music style. I think they might be the first idol group to do this, right?

To celebrate the New Year's, T-ara wants to get a little traditional. What better way than to do it and promote your new song?

Since they wore Santa and snowman outfits for their Christmas version, I'm guessing they'll dress in hanbok for this one. Hanbok is the traditional Korean attire.

But it might be crazier than hanbok because their company said, "The clothes are a lot more surprising than the Christmas version. That's why we'll set up a little event for fans."


Nicole was lonely in Korea

Nicole of Kara talked about how hard it was for her to adjust to Korea when she moved there from Los Angeles. On an episode of Mnet Nicole the Entertainer's Introduction to Veterinary Science, she started to tear up talking about the hard experience.

While playing a game with her celebrity look-alike friends, she lost and they made her talk about the hardest time in her life.

Nicole said,

I was born and raised in America and when I first came to Korea, the differences were so huge I didn't even contact my old friends. I went to one of my American friend's online networking page and the friend looked so happy in their picture with their friends. I was thinking about how I was all alone and it was so hard for me to cope with that. I met some really great friends in Korea but but until then, I had no one to enjoy happiness nor sadness with except for my family.


Nichkhun and Lee Bo Young in Love?

Lee Bo Young and Nichkhun will be featured in a scene from a romance movie during tomorrow's '2009 MBC Gayo Daejun'.

Lee Bo Young will be the female MC alongside Kim Gura and Shin Jung Hwan, but is planning on surprising everyone by transforming into a singer for the special occasion!

With Nichkhun of 2PM, she will be singing 'Way Back Into Love' from the movie, 'Music and Lyrics'.

Lee Bo Young already proved her singing ability in the movie 'Once Upon a Time', where she transformed into a jazz singer, so this performance with Nichkhun is making everyone excited!

As for you, 2PM fans, this is for you! Nichkhun will be revealing his hidden piano playing skills!

A representative of Lee Bo Young said, "Lee Bo Young has been practicing a lot to showcase a performance that would remain in everyone's memory."


Ga-In and Jo Kwon’s “We Fell In Love” MV released

Doojoon’s audition clip for JYP Entertainment

Details on BoA’s new album

Back in late November, CD Japan released information that BoA's 7th album would be canceled. However, that information proved to be incorrect as the album wasn't canceled, instead AVEX Entertainment just pushed back the release date. Instead of the original release date of January 10, 2010, the date has been changed to a month later on February 10, 2010. The album will be titled Identity and there will be two versions of the album. A regular CD version and a CD + DVD combo version.

Earlier this month, BoA released the single album Mamoritai White Wishes and she produced a track titled The End. There's rumors that BoA will show off more of her producing skills on Identity. Thanks to Luna for the tip and information!

01:This Is Who I Am
03:BUMP BUMP! feat. VERBAL(m-flo)
06:is this love
08:まもりたい ~White Wishes~
10:THE END そして and… (album ver.)
11:Possibility duet with 三浦大知
13:my all

01 : BUMP! BUMP! feat.VERBAL(m-flo) Music Video
02 : まもりたい ~White Wishes~ Music Video
03 : BoA Release Party 2009 “BEST&USA”


MBLAQ’s Joon kisses Mir’s ass

Yunho nominated in MBC’s Best New Actor Drama Awards

[Trans] 091230 BREAK OUT! Bigeast Edition CD is SOLD OUT

I’m not sure how to share this info…………… ^^;;; I was doing my usual fans stalking blogs, and suddenly my eyes was stuck on this info. There is not yet official announcement, but then I already checked to many Bigeast’s blogs and everyone said the same:

BREAK OUT! Bigeast version CD is SOLD OUT

Blog 1:

Since we haven’t made any pre-order yet, so then we asked for BREAK OUT! [Bigeast Edition CD Single] …

※ the attached benefit is members’ handwritten comment along with mini bulletin.



Blog 2:

Yeah, BREAK OUT! Bigeast Edition is SOLD OUT

The sales period is range from from November 19th, 2009 (Thu) 16:00 – February 3rd, 2010 (Wed).

so I thought it’s a pre-order product (T/N: that it will be produced as many as orders that are received during the sales period), but what the~~?

It’s already SOLD OUT now, how is it with the Bigeast officers??
Now I need to look around at mu-mo shop.

- omitted -

If you haven’t pre-ordered yet, then it’s too late ^^

credit: yukabon + yumiyunho
trans + shared by: sharingyoochun.net

shared by dbsk dream

'Entertainment Weekly' Officially Apologizes For The TVXQ Subtitle Error

KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Weekly', which was under fire for an error in the show's subtitles, released an official apology through the show's homepage.

The production crew of 'Entertainment Weekly' put said apology under the title 'This is the production crew of Entertainment Weekly' in the Viewers' Thread on the show's official homepage on the evening of the 28th.

In this apology, they showed their remorse for their mistake by saying, "There was an error regarding the names of the members of the group TVXQ in the '2009 Star Survey' corner which was aired on the 26th. We will make sure an incident like this will never happen again."

In this segment of 'Entertainment Weekly' that was aired on the 26th, the production crew was under fire for putting out subtitles that read "Xiah Junsu, Choikang Changmin and Meecky Yoochun filed a lawsuit against their agency". They made the mistake of putting Choikang Changmin's name instead of YoungWoong Jaejoong when reporting this news.

After the airing of the show, many people, mostly TVXQ fans, demanded an apology from the program.

Source: [osen+Yuaerubi]
Translation credits: jeeelim5 @ [info]tohosomnia
Shared by: tohosomnia.net

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G-Dragon picked as one of the Earth’s Most Beautiful People of 2009

According to a Chinese list of the Earth’s 50 Most Beautiful People for the year of 2009, G-Dragon was picked as one for his charisma on stage, yet child-like smile off the stage. He was number 28, while Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga tied for #1.

Since Big Bang’s early days, their young leader G-Dragon has been accused of plagiarism, the same thing happened when G-Dragon released his own solo album. This individualistic Leo, blood type A guy is always upright on the stage and stubbornly sings his own songs. However once he turns around to hug his beloved dog “GaHo“, he is full of child-like smiles.”

Chinese article: yule
Thanks to onlyve | 500_roses | Boonzxzx

Source: alee @ iBigBang

Mason Moon welcomes new baby brother!

Uljjang baby Mason Moon Moorhouse has got himself another younger brother!

Mason’s mother first posted the news of her 3rd son on Mason’s minihompy on 25th September. Already, Mason has a younger brother Mavin.

And the youngest brother of the 3 Mayden (메이든) was born a week before Christmas.

A post written by a Korean netizen!

For those who are curious, Moon Mason is Canadian-Korean. His mom is Korean and his dad is Canadian.

Here’s a family photo:

[Cover Story] Island Escape @ SG Teens Mag

Island Escape

We reckon FT Island must love Singapore to bits! By Hye-mun

Perhaps it’s because we’re famous for being an island nation, just like their band name. Or maybe it’s because we’ve got passionate fans who are not afraid of showing their love for them.

But whatever the reason, K-pop band FT Island seems to love our little island deeply. Why else would they visit us three times over less than six months?

Since the last time we caught up with Jonghoon, Hongki, Jaejin, Seunghyun and Minhwan, all of them have been keeping busy, both with individual and solo activities. Three of the members have even gotten together to form a separate group and released a single!

Let’s find out what has been keeping the boys busy…

Bitten by the Acting Bug

After Minhwan’s drama in the daily drama The Road Home, Hongki has had a turn in a drama too.

While he made his acting debut as a child actor, Hongki recently wowed audiences in the drama You’re Beautiful.

He played the role of Jeremy, an overseas Korean who grew up in England and returned to his motherland to be a member of the boyband A.N.JELL.

“When I’m a singer, I feel the thrill onstage; if I’m acting, I develop feelings for the screen,” he revealed when asked about the differences between acting and singing.

So did Hongki get along as well with his co-stars as he does with his fellow members, which included actor Jang Geunseok and Hongki’s labelmate Jung Yonghwa of the band CN Blue?

“…. Hongki was a little shy at first, but everyone was surprised at how quickly we became friends. He says he’s not even worried about being misunderstood if we went on a trip together!” is co-star, actress Park Shinhye revealed about how the cast got along on a set.

For Hongki, this experience has given him the opportunity to meet new friends. “When working with FT Island, when I get really tired, I can get bad-tempered. But here, when I get tired, I get to joke around with Yonghwa and Geunseok hyung (=older brother). When I arrive at the set in the mornings, Yonghwa pounds on my car window. I’m a little reserved, but we became friends right away… When I see Geunseok, he glares first. And I talk a lot with Shinhye, I don’t have time to feel depressed,” he grins.

The other members think that Hongki has given a great performance. “When I found out that his character in the drama was a drummer, I did ask him how he would be able to handle the drums. As the date for filming got closer, [Hongki] would practice till the wee hours of the morning. It was tough, but he’s done really well,” Minhwan says.

FT Triple

While Hongki has been busy filming his drama, FT Island members Jaejin, Jonghono and Minhwan have formed the unit group FT Triple. “The idea for the group came when we were preparing for our concert in Japan, and we thought about doing the same in Korea. When the opportunity came along, we decided to just go for it,” Minhwan said.

In the team, Jaejin takes lead vocals, with Jonghoon as the second vocalist and keyboards, and Minhwan continuing on the drums. The trio made their debut on the repackaged release of FT Island’s latest release Double Date, which had two discs – One Date, and Two Date.

Two Date contained three tracks by FT Triple, including the title track “Love Letter”.

“The song is a letter you wish you could write to an ex-girlfriend because you worry about her, asking questions like ‘Are you eating well though I’m not around?’ and ‘Are you doing well without me?’. But you can’t actually ask her about it, because you’ve already broken up,” Jaejin explains.

It was a big change for bassist Jaejin, who took Hongki’s place as lead singer in FT Triple. “My image as a bassist for FT Islad, and main vocalist for FT Triple are very different. You could say that it’s a little empty with only three of us onstage, but I think that’s okay – thanks to good camera angles. But the most amazing thing is that now, yous ee my face for more than half of a three-minute song – it’s quite amazing.” Jaejin laughs.

Exam Fever

While Jaejin has been busy with preparing for their concerts and with activities for FT Triple, he’s also had to mug for his college entrance exams, which were held on 12 Nov 2009.

When asked how he found the papers, he felt that his Mathematics paper was the toughest, but feels that he will do better than expected.

“Funnily enough, I completed my paper really quickly. When I looked at the other students after I finished the paper, they were all scribbling furiously!” he laughed.

While most students look forward to the end of exams so they can relax, Jaejin lamented that he was too busy with preparing for the group’s upcoming concert tour. There is one thing that he’s looking forward to – finding a girlfriend in university! “I want to be part of a CC – a campus couple!” he declared.

Asian Activities

While FT Island has kicked off their concert tour in Korea, they are also gearing up for activities all over Asia.

Their first overseas stop in 2010 will be in Singapore for a fansigning and meeting session.

FT Island Autograph Session
Date: 29 Jan 2010
Venue: IMM Garden Plaza

FT Island Fanmeeting and Handshake Session
Date: 30 Jan 2010
Venue: Dragonfly @ St. James Powerstation

This will be followed by the Thailand leg of their “Men’s Stories” concert tour in Thailand (6 Feb 2010) and their first showcase in Taiwan (27 Feb 2010)

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Credits: teens + primanoona.com

Golden Bell Awards for Children Version – SORRY, SORRY

Sorry Sorry Parody by Lee Hyukjae

091218 – 091224 Sukira Transcripts

We Fully Deserve the Daesang

Leeteuk: In the past, after sitting for my exams, I would call the hotline to check my results, the voice prompt would say “Your current preliminary qualification status…” Listening to this made me feel I was already a university student. “Your current ranking is the #237…”, the first day it was #237, the second day, when I called again, it became #200. In my heart I was thinking, this is quite good, (my ranking) is always rising.

Eunhyuk: Previously, when I was taking part in the auditions, among the staff, one noona told me that I had a chance this time, and added in that if I did a good job, I could immediately sign a contract. Although I wasn’t selected, at that point in time, I felt as if I had already become a star.

Leeteuk: The deepest feelings that I had recently was during the award ceremony not too long ago… Coming from our mouths this might seem a little proud, but we are the fully deserving triple award kings.

Eunhyuk: Heheh, we received 3 awards, the biggest record in history.

Leeteuk: The Bonsang, the popularity award, and the biggest one… The Daesang… Ahahahahahaha.

Eunhyuk: We are the best.

Leeteuk: Really, we just cried. For Eunhyuk, even after he left the awards ceremony, he was still crying.

Eunhyuk: I’ve grow so old, and I’ve never cried like this before. I cried for an entire hour, without being able to stop. I got tired of crying, and wanted to stop and take a rest, but when I saw the words “Daesang” written on the trophy, my tears couldn’t stop falling again.

Leeteuk: That is because when you were in school, you have never received such a big prize.

Eunhyuk: Yeah, true… I’ve never received it before… Anyway, thank you.


Eunhyuk: Everyone, do you know, Leeteuk is the king of typos.

Leeteuk: Yeah, that’s right, it’s my nickname.

Eunhyuk: Be it writing or reading, all along, he doesn’t look through things thoroughly. When looking at news, he looks at it roughly, and after reading it, when you ask him about the content, he would say he’s not sure.

Leeteuk: Recently, on my CY, I wanted to write “365days passed very quickly” but in the end, I wrote it as “356 days…”. And there is one of my classic experiences, when I was in China, and I left a message for the Korean fans, I wanted to write “from”. I was impatient, and the internet connection wasn’t that good, so I wrote it as “form”.

Eunhyuk: Form Leeteuk

Leeteuk: Yeah, I have too many classic typos.

Shindong when eating

Eunhyuk: Leeteuk, you eat your rice very quickly right?

Leeteuk: Yeah, about the same as Shindong.

Eunhyuk: His speed is really too fast.

Leeteuk: He doesn’t eat his rice, he drinks his rice.

Eunhyuk: Sometimes, when everyone is eating, and he is the only one not eating, I would ask him why he is not eating, and he would say he’s already finished eating, and is resting.

Leeteuk: I looked at his rice bowl and dug out two spoonfuls, and asked him if he had no appetite. He said this was already his second bowl.

Junsu had his money taken away

Eunhyuk: When I was in middle school, there was once our S.R.D* members arranged to go to the amusement park and have fun. Who knew, that morning, my stomach hurt like mad, and I gave them a call saying I couldn’t go. After that, I kept lying on the bed. Later at night, they called to say, at the amusement park entrance, they met a group of hyungs who were snatching money, and all their money got taken away. In the end, they could only stand at the main gate and take a look, before coming back.

Leeteuk: Yeah, I have an impression, I took their money and had fun.

Eunhyuk: Oh, so it was you… Anyway, thinking about it now, at that time, my stomach hurt at the right time.

*S.R.D is a group that was formed by Eunhyuk, Xiah Junsu and 2 other friends wile they were in school. S.R.D stands for Sing, Rap & Dance.

Source: Kimseohye

Korean to Chinese translations by Kimseohye

Chinese to English translations by –dreamx @ sj-world.net


SM denies using Hangeng, SJ Beijing Concert will still be held

Super Junior’s Chinese member, Hangeng’s request of the termination of his contract has caused an uproar. There have been rumors that SM entertainment is using Hangeng to cause a publicity stunt for the Beijing concert and also that Hangeng may not be attending the concert. Due to these rumors, Net Ease Music Channel on the 29th has had an exclusive interview with the representative for the Beijing concert. The representative claims that everything has been going as planned and has not received any news about Hangeng not attending the concert.

Earlier, Korean group Super Junior-M (known as SJ-M)’s leader Hangeng sued SM Entertainment, to terminate his contract because of the unfair terms. Therefore it has been concluded that Hangeng will not be participating in any SJ-M’s schedule this year. According to Korean news site, Newsen, 57% of the fans who voted, support Hangeng leaving and becoming a solo, while 24% wishes he would not leave SJ. The soon to begin Beijing concert is in a nerve wrecking situation as it is in the preparing stage. The representative has reported: “Everything is fine, the hotel, airplane tickets, the concert tools are all being prepared on schedule.” When asked about the tickets for the concert, the representative also responded with a smile of confidence and that everything is fine.

About the rumor SM entertainment is using Hangeng for the Beijing concert next year, the representative responded saying “This is not true, the tickets are already sold out, so there would be no need to do such thing. Even so, there is no need to pull such a low publicity stunt, if Hangeng quits SJ, in the future, if he continues being an idol, this will affect his image.”

When the reporter asked the representative, “If Hangeng was to be absent for the concert would a lawsuit be filed against him?” The representative said, “We did not think about this because everything has been going on as planned.” The concert will be presented on time for the fans.

original article is here
Translated by asian517 @ sj-world.net

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SM denies Henry going Solo. “We did not accept any interview.”

Sohu Korean news: Last week, after the news about Hangeng wanting to terminate his contract with his company, the fact that whether SJ-M will continue their activities in China had became the media’s main focus. Before that, a news published that “Henry felt unfair for Hangeng” and “Henry going solo”. About this, SM company called Sohu Korean entertainment to release a statement that they did not go through any interview. The following is the full statement from SM :

One: About the news that Henry felt unfair for Hangeng, our company would like to clarify that when we reached the place to perform, we did not receive any sort of interviews. The organizers, Guangdong Weishi and Dongguan TV station did not give us any arrangement for any interviews so therefore, this news is not true.

Two: About the news dated 23rd December 2009 by Guangzhou’s Xinkuaibao (Henry going solo and was paid 50k to perform) and 24th December 2009 by Yangcheng Wanbao, the truth is: Super Junior-M’s Korean members are slated to perform at a countdown concert in Korea and it was confirmed months ago. Thus, the organizers on our side has always stated: “Super Junior-M will not attend the activity as a group but instead, the only artistes that are attending are Zhang Liyin and Henry.” And Henry is attending this activity to sing “love me” with Zhang Liyin as a performing guest.

Three: Our company, S.M.Entertainment’s official statement: The previous articles, together with articles that states that “it(the news) has created a bad impact between S.M company’s artistes and has caused misunderstandings between the artistes” or any reports that are fake has violated the “Internet announcement requirement”(?) and the “Internet information service idea”(?) laws. If the media releases any news that has not been confirmed in the future, S.M would not hesitate to take legal measures to the related parties that wrote the news.

Original Source. ycwb.com & korea.sohu.com
Translated by τнє ғιяѕт тυпє ♪ @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Super Girl Album Taiwan Version B – Donghae

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2NE1 ‘I Don’t Care’ is 2009 best selling song on Monkey3

2NE1’s ‘I Don’t Care’ has been chosen as the top selling song of the year on Monkey 3.

Music specialty site Monkey3 (www.monkey3.co.kr) collated results from its charts for the period of 1st January till 20th December 2009 including streaming and download charts, and then came down with ‘This year’s best song’.

And the results show 2NE1’s ‘I Don’t Care’ at #1 and Big Bang-2NE1 collaboration ‘Lollipop’ at #2, So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Tell Me Your Wish’ at #3, Brown Eyed Girls‘ ‘Abracadabra’ at #4, and GDragon’s ‘Heartbreaker’ at #5.

Monkey3 music source team leader Lee JungGyu said, “2009 has been a year of girlgroups. So Nyeo Shi Dae, 2NE1, Brown Eyed Girls, f(x), KARA, T-ara etc have all shown their talents and song and dance capabilities, and they are strong up on charts. And of them, 2NE1’s songs received much popularity.”

Also, Monkey3 did a poll on 4 categories ‘This year’s best newcomer’, ‘This year’s best girlgroup’, ‘This year’s est boyground’ and ‘This year’s best MV’ from 18th November till 3rd December. A total of 2433 netizens participated in the polls.

Poll results are as follows:

‘This year’s best newcomer’

  1. 2NE1 (54%, 638 out of total 1192 votes)
  2. f(x) (29%,347 votes)
  3. MBLAQ (6%,74 votes)
  4. 4Minute (5%,60 votes)
  5. BEAST (4%,50 votes)

‘This year’s best girlgroup’

  1. So Nyeo Shi Dae (37%, 51 out of 137 votes)
  2. 2NE1 (36%, 49 votes)
  3. f(x) (12%,16 votes)
  4. Brown Eyed Girls (10%,14 votes)
  5. 4Minute (4%,6 votes)

‘This year’s best boygroup’

  1. 2PM (44%, 389 out of 883 votes)
  2. SHINee (19%,164 votes)
  3. Super Junior (13%,113 votes)
  4. Big Bang (11%,97 votes)
  5. MBLAQ (8%,71 votes)

‘This year’s best MV’

  1. So Nyeo Shi Dae ‘Gee’ (52%,114 out of 221 votes)
  2. GDragon ‘Heartbreaker’ (15%,34 votes)
  3. 2PM ‘Again & Again’ (9%,19 votes)
  4. Brown Eyed Girls ‘Abracadabra’ (14%,30 votes)
  5. Super Junior ‘Sorry Sorry’ (5%,12 votes)

SNSD TaeYeon and Super Junior ShinDong awarded the radio newcomer awards at MBC Drama Awards

So Nyeo Shi Dae TaeYeon and Super Junior ShinDong have been awarded the best newcomer award for radio category during 2009 MBC Drama Awards.

2009 MBC Drama Awards ceremony took place on 30th December from 9.55pm. TaeYeon has won the award for her vocal personality on her radio show MBC TaeYeon’s ChinChin radio. TaeYeon said, “Thank you for giving me this good award. I want to thank everyone who had helped me at radio shows right from the start.”

And ShinDong has won for his radio show ‘ShinDong-Kim ShinYeong’s ShimShimTapa’. ShinDong said, “It is possible with a good writer and director. I want to thank ShinYeong noona, and also the Super Junior members who are working hard in such tough times.”


Boom pays a visit, Lee Teuk and EunHyuk win variety newcomer awards on SBS Entertainment Awards

Currently serving his military duties, Boom gives a surprise visit during 2009 SBS Entertainment Awards on 30th December.

He had made a surprise appearance during the awarding of newcomer awards on SBS Entertainment Awards.

The newcomer awards for variety category have gone to Boom, Super Junior Lee Teuk and Eun Hyuk for their appearance on ‘Strong Heart’.


T-Max does another OST for drama ‘God Of Study’!

Group T-Max will do another soundtrack project for the new KBS 2TV drama “God of study”. The group will sing the main title track of the drama titled For Once”.

“For Once” is a song that comes with a strong melody and plays in modern rock genre where group T-Max will represent their powerful voice into the single. To add even more anticipation, it is reported that the Ost. production team for this drama is the same team behind SBS Drama “You’re Beautiful” soundtrack album.

Previously, group T-Max has gained success with the song “Paradise” for popular drama Boys over Flowers.

“For Once” will be release for the first time via ‘God of Study’ 1st episode in the upcoming January 4, 2010.

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DBSK and Big Bang at 51st Japan Record Awards

K-Netizens joke, “This trio is a new boyband?”

Recent photos of SHINee, So Nyeo Shi Dae and f(x) rehearsal for joint stage on KBS Music Bank Christmas/Year-end special have attracted the attention of netizens.

Some say that trio SNSD SooYoung, SHINee JongHyun and f(x) Amber as seen in fantaken photos likes a boyband?

The photos:

Some netizens’ comments:
  • “I thought Amber looks pretty in the photos”
  • “Not really so for SooYoung”
  • “In the first glance, I thought Amber was a SHINee member… Sorry sorry”
  • “Amber is really cool”
  • “Last photo Amber looks sweet”
  • “The 3 of them are both pretty and handsome at the same time”

After School UEE does ‘Single Ladies’ for 2009 SBS Entertainment Awards

30 December 2009

SM Entertainment refutes Super Junior lawsuit claims

In reponse to widespread rumors circulating that 5 other Super Junior members besides Hankyung had also filed lawsuits against SM Entertainment for unfair contract terms, the latter has issued a strongly worded statement on 29th December to refute the claims.

In the aftermath of Hankyung filing a lawsuit against SM Entertainment, there were reports afterwards that 5 other Super Junior members, Leeteuk, Yesung, Kangin, Eunhyuk and Donghae had done likewise. It also stated that because of Hankyung's nationality, his case was made public first before the others.

But SM Entertainment has issued a strong rebuttal stating that the news report claiming that 5 Super Junior members had filed lawsuits against them for unfair contracts were fabricated and untrue. And if such fabricated reports are published again in future, SM Entertainment will seek legal action against the publisher and the reporter.

The statement was signed off by SM Entertainment's CEO Kim Young Min and the affected Super Junior members.


[Trans] 091229 Tohoshinki Strictly Gaurded – Entered The Hall After “Interview Period”

Korea’s popular group Tohoshinki, who is attending Kouhaku Uta Gassen for the second consecutive time in two years, also attended the rehearsals held on the 29th. In the midst of disbanding rumours, their rehearsal was not revealed to the press. The 5 members were unable to respond to interviews, and the mood was one of high alert.

On the Internet, fans have been expressing their worries – “This might be the last Kouhaku Uta Gassen where you can see all 5 of them together.” In the midst of that, the 5 members of Tohoshinki participated in the rehearsal held at NHK Hall, at 7pm, which was after the “interview period”.

Press coverage at the venue ended at 6pm. During the rehearsal, at the time when the press was shut out of the venue, an official from AVEX warded the queries of the media and only explained that “it was due to their schedules”. In the end, their stage was not revealed, the members could not meet the press, and there was a tense mood all around.

Tohoshinki will be attending the TBS 「Japan Record Awards」 on the 30th and TBS 「Countdown TV」 on the 31st. There has been no announcement for any schedule that will take place from 1 January onwards. The members arrived in Japan a few days ago, but AVEX declined to disclose whether they came together, as well as other similar queries.

Rumours of disbanding emerged in July when the 3 members, Jejung, Junsu and Yuchun, came into conflict with their management company over their exclusive contracts. They attracted a lot of overseas attention when the 5 of them did not perform together in Korea even once, after the outbreak of the conflict, but continued to appear on Japanese television. However, in the middle of this month, an event that was planned to be held in Japan in January (10 performaces) was suddenly cancelled, and the fan’s worries about their disbandment grew even more.

It has not been decided yet, as to whether or not they will be having promotions for the remaining contract they still have with 「Oronamin C Drink」, their new single 「BREAK OUT!」 which will be released on 27 January, and their ‘Best Album’ which will be released on 17 February.

The fans’ wish for the New Year is “peaceful settlement”. They’ll be keeping a close watch on whether or not the year-end performances will be their last.

T/N: The report may be true, but please keep in mind that this news source has a tendency to be rather sensationalistic.

Source: [daily sports online]
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[Fanart] Paradise Meadow

credit: captor
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Kim JongMin, “My ideal type are HyunA and Goo Hara”

Coming back to the K-variety circle after 2 years, Kim JongMin picks 4Minute HyunA and KARA Goo Hara as his ideal type of woman.

Kim Jong Min was on KBS Variety Awards on 26th December when he met up with the G7 members coincidentally.

He was caught by Kim TaeWoo walking past the waiting room for G7 members backstage holding a toothbrush and toothpast in one hand. And Kim Jong Min revealed, “I would normally not miss even 1 episode of ‘Invincible Youth’.”

And when asked who is the prettiest of the 7 members, Kim JongMin said, “Not one but 2 of them. I normally like girls who can dance sexily and well.” and picked Goo Hara and HyunA.

HyunA and Goo Hara had danced in front of Kim JongMin to make him choose them as his ideal type and this had Kim JongMin blushing.


HyunA the first 4Minute member to have solo debut coming January

One of the groups which received much attention amidst the ‘girlgroup craze’ this year 4Minute member HyunA will be the first member to have her solo debut.

It is revealed that HyunA will release her first solo album coming January 2010. Early this month, it was announced that HyunA and JiYoon were preparing for their solo singer debut and has attracted much interests from fans.

Much anticipation is for HyunA’s solo debut since she has received much acknowledgement for her performance and dance capabilities even before her debut as part of 4Minute.

Meanwhile, HyunA is currently doing the recording works for her solo album. She will also be doing promotions after the album release.


The best keyword in '2009 Gayo Daejun' was 2PM

The night of the 29th at 9:50 '2009 SBS Gayo Daejun' was opened in Ilsan Kintex where 2PM showed a variety of shows in front of their fans and received lots of applause.

2PM had a head spinning performance with SNSD and showed a previously mentioned spectacular new ending and showed a surprise change into girl groups showing that they are well rounded and their talent could be verified.

Also on this day, the biggest interest was the music drama parody of "You're Beautiful" and through Wooyoung could 2PM could show their cute image and helped look back on the 2009 music industry which left a lot of meaning.

After '2009 Gayo Daejun' ended the audience that was at the performance said "2PM is the best" "I wasn't a 2PM fan but now I can return as a fan" showing their interest in 2PM.

CREDITS: Lee Eun Ji free@tvdaily.co.kr, to♥gl4ever@2ONEDAY.COM(TRANS)

f(x)‘s Victoria transforms into a party girl

Victoria, leader of girl group f(x) has made a surprising transformation into a elegant party girl.

She modeled for jacket photos of a compilation album called Groovy Honey House Vol. 1, which showed a different side of her. This is a debut album for a new label called Groovy Honey, which launched on the 10th of December. Their style of music is house, electronic, round, and jazz.

The album consists of several American artists, and is not Korean in anyway, except for Victoria's face on the album cover.

Maybe they thought the face of a girl group member would raise the sales of the album. I'm not sure about that, but it certainly gained some attention.


Making of Sorry, Sorry Answer

The WonderGirls to carry out their promotions in China alongside with that in the States

How will the WonderGirls carry out their promotions in China?

It has been revealed that WonderGirls will be releasing their official album in China coming mid-January 2010. And plans are that their Chinese promotions will be carried out side by side to their American promotions.

A JYP Entertainment staff said, “They will sing the Chinese versions of ‘Nobody’ and ‘Tell Me’ etc. And they will start promotions after the album release.”

Already, the WonderGirls had held their independent concert in Shanghai previously on 1st December, and has received overwhelming response and popularity. There are plans for the WonderGirls to make a name in the Chinese music market, working towards the title of a world star.

And when asked if their American activities will be put aside with their Chinese promotions, the staff said, “They will release an album in the States in February. And they wil do their best for their American promotions too.”


Reasons to GDragon’s tears during 2009 Gayo DaeJun solo performance?

Big Bang GDragon’s tears flowing down his cheek during his performance has roused much curiosity amongst netizens.

During his performance of ‘Heartbreaker’ on 29th December for 2009 SBS Gayo DaeJun, he was seen in tears when performing, and had many fans and viewers curious and surprised.

With that, many fans and netizens have attributed that to the plagiarism issues brought up against him for his 1st solo album ‘Heartbreaker’ in August, and then all the criticisms against him once more for some scenes said to be inappropriate for youths during his 1st solo concert recently.

Some fans also went up to GDragon’s me2day page and wrote messages like “Close your 2 eyes and block your 2 ears, we will protect you”, “It hurts my heart to see you in tears. Please don’t cry. Have strength” etc.


Kid rapper B.I. raps to Big Bang’s ‘Hallejulah’

Jaejoong & Junsu's Message to Taegoon's TaeGoon’s Tokyo Concert Subbed

[VIDEO] 2009 SBS Gayo Daejun 2009.12.29 FULL!!!

anisa: guess what? i did watch the full show yaw XDD watch it! you wont regret it XDDD enjoy~ if u want the cut version, i meant if u wanna watch the part that only has ur fav artistes, just tell me XDD i will give u the link.

2PM "you're beautiful" parody sbs dayo gaejun

anisa: so funny! i cant wait for the sub version XDD wooyoung as go minam and nickhun as taekyung XD and 2pm, wait 1:59... is just funny XD

[Fan Photo] Key ,jonghyun.minho in SBS Gayo Daejun 091229

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[PIC] SuperJunior Kibum At A (Middle) Nap’s Photoshoot

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[PIC] Super Junior Signing For Spao


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