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03 October 2010

2PM new hairdo?

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Shinee are sauces

SHINee the Five-Member Sauce
SHINee members are working hard to be the best contemporary band, but are they also a five-member sauce?

The shining idols had a successful comeback last night on KBS Music Bank with new offering Hello. The catchy tune was a quick hit, and the members immediately posted above picture in their website to thank fans.

‘To those who participated today in Music Bank’s pre-recording, thank you very much ~ On Sunday, please join us again.’

Those at the pre-recording though were able to witness something else apart from the performance.

A fan account retells how Key started naming members as sauces. Key began by dubbing himself chili paste sauce. Then he went on to baptize Taemin as the mayonnaise, Minho as black bean paste and Onew as soybean paste.

Key was stumped when it came to Jonghyun, until Onew whispered to his ears. Key then pronounced: "Mold! We are 5-member Sauce!"

Check out the fan-made pictures below, illustrating their sauce personas. And catch more of SHINee’s Hello in this Sunday’s SBS Inkigayo.

Source: shinee.smtown, 스타카토@샤갤, lala_land@soompi
Written by: aetria@kpoplive.com

Super Junior is going to attend in 2010 Family Concert 9th on November 27

Credits: mook_yeye @ twitter.com
Shared By: devilish★ruler @ SJ-WORLD.NET

Kyochon Chicken Poster Version II

Credits: mydear @ weibo
Reuploaded: black_cat @ SJ-World.net
Take out with FULL & PROPER CREDITS!

Donghae Promortional Items at Maxim CTL Event

Credits : polarelle
reuploaded: black_cat@SJ-World.net
Take out with FULL & PROPER CREDITS!

Sukira Update Leeteuk & Eunhyuk

Credit: KBS Sukira’s Official Website

[Info] JYJ World Tour Schedule – Added Venue

click the image
source: tinsel

[Video] Tohoshinki – History in JAPAN SPECIAL Cut

credit: CassAriel2310

0:17 Yunjae Katsudong

Yunho: I want, I need, I want, Katsudon Tabetai (Wanna eat Katsudon) ehhhh yeah ehh yeahhh woooo oooo Katsudon Tabetai!!

Jaejoong: Katsudon Ni Naritai (Wanna be Katsudon) oh baby~

2:15 Yunjae call (silly talk)

Yunho: Jeajoong-san!
Jaejoong: Hai! (yeah!)
Yunho: Sutekiiiiii—-!!!! (you’re so niceeeeee!!!!)
Jaejoong: waaa~ bokumo suteki~ onajidesuneeee~ (I think you’re so nice too, it’s the same~) hahaha!
Jaejoong: Yunho!?
Yunho: Hai! hai!
Jaejoong: Yunho!
Yunho: Hai!
Jaejoong: Yunho! nandayoooo~! (what are you doing~!?)
Yunho: ah~ watashimo nandayoooo~! (I’m gonna ask you too, what are you doing~!?)

trans by: sharingyoochun

01 October 2010

[Photo] Key Daily Photo

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