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14 May 2010

[pics] 100512 BeeTV Beautiful Love Mobile Update

[TRANS] 100511 ARENA37℃ June Issue - Junsu’s Interview

- A musical style I've wanted to try all along -

Q: This is Xiah Junsu’s first solo interview. We just saw the shooting scene, and the entire atmosphere gave off a very sexy image and feel.
- (embarrassed) Thank you.

Q: Your solo single “XIAH” include the track “Intoxication.” Whether it was the singing style or the musical style, it presented a very mature feel overall…
- Have you listened to it already?

Q: Yes we have, and we were very shocked because it was too sexy. The lyrics and tune to this song was self-composed by you. How were you able to come up with such a sexy feel for the lyrics?
- This song was composed in the midst of the musical I was involved in back in Korea. This is the first time I’ve used the name “Xiah” to record a song. “Intoxication” was a musical style I’ve wanted to try all along; there is a bit of R&B feel to it. This is a song that can be expressed well even through dance alone. Up till now, I’ve only been singing songs in the J-Pop genre in Japan, even though there are other genres of music. This song is different from what I’ve done in the past, and I think this is a good piece of work.

Q: This is a very sexy song; were there any special requests or expectations when it came to writing the lyrics?
- Yes, I requested for lyrics that gave off a sexier feel. When this song was initially in its demo recording, I tried to sing it by putting in lyrics that were not fully Japanese or English. However, when it came to the chorus, I wasn’t sure why, but I would naturally sing out the words “touch me baby.” (laughs) Because I really wanted to keep these words, I asked for “touch me baby” to be included in the lyrics. Incidentally, Mr. H.U.B also helped in the writing of the lyrics for this song.

Q: So the lyrics finally captured the feel that you wanted?
- Yes, I especially wanted to include an interesting feel in the repetition of the rhythm and melody where there were Japanese lyrics.
For example, “指から络めて身体中まで 秘密の蜜を见つけてく” (Start from our fingers, from head to toe, going to find your secret honey)
I really like the rhyme between "カラ" and “ミツ". (T/N: The note on the original text says "Using the pronunciation of the root characters of KA.RA and MI.TSU to add on to the tune/melody.")

Q: The way you whispered the lyrics in the chorus was really quite good!
- Hopefully the fans would take note of these when they listen to the song. This song needs to be interpreted through the Western style of music. Whilst it is important to grab hold of the right feel and the sense of rhythm, using heavy breathing to sing is also very suitable for the style of this song.

Q: Adding in such sounds would probably relay a very sexual feel…
- It most probably would, when you listen to the pre-mix of the song. Once you have heard the entire song, the feeling is pretty good!

Q: So… it would be sexier?
- Yes. Ah! No! (laughs) It's just that there will be a better presentation on the entire feel or the balance of the different music tracks.

Q: This is probably a new challenge for you…
- This is the first time I’m composing a song of the R&B genre. Before this track, “Xiahtic” was a song that had relatively strong melodies, and would be classified more as a dance track.
This new track is something that one can enjoy in both aspects of singing and dancing.

Q: The song will probably shock even those who aren’t a fan. What do you think?
- (embarrassed) Yes, I will try my best. (laughs)

Q: (laughs) The title “Intoxication” has a meaning of being “indulged” or “enchanted.” It feels like you want to tempt those who are listening…
- Is it really so? (continues to be embarrassed)

Q: Did you feel embarrassed when you were recording the song?
- No, if there were any ladies around, I would probably have, but it was all men in the recording studio. (laughs)

Q: (laughs) On the day of the recording, did you wear the exact same black suit like today, to create the atmosphere of being in the night?
- What I thought was, “Such an outfit would probably match the feel of the song,” so considering that the musical style was sexy, I wore a relatively simple black suit, along with a vest and sarouel pants. When the dance moves combined with the melody of the chorus, the thought that appeared in my mind was “this is how I want to dance it.” That part of the dance matches the design of the pants well.

Q: We can see that dance in the PV…
- Yes, and I hope everyone will pay attention to the dance part in the chorus.

Q: Will there be a female character in the PV?
- No, there will only be men. (laughs)

Q: (laughs) I understand. In the second track “Kanashimi no Yukue,” the sad lyrics contrasted really well with your hoarse voice. The strong, forceful singing, accompanied with the display of great tension within the chorus really made one feel as though a part of the heart has been captured.
- The first track, “Intoxication” could be, in a way, to let everyone appreciate the external appearance of a man.
In the second track “Kanashimi no Yukue,” it was more about expressing the fragile heart hidden within the interior of a man.

- Compared to a closure, having to accept that fact that “things have already changed” is much harder -

Q: This can also be considered as a mature song…
- Yes, these two tracks really give off two entirely different feelings, right? I hope everyone will listen to them.
What I liked about the song is this part, “幸せは 终わるより かわる方が ぼくにはさみしい” (What I have exchanged for a happy ending is my endless sorrow).
When I first read the lyrics, that was what I really felt. Even though different people may feel differently while listening to the song, ultimately, there will be a change in the way you feel. For example, this incident may not have happened to you, or you may have heard it from the words of others, however, [after listening to the song] there will be a similar resonance that you can understand that type of pain.
Eventually… It is like the heart of the one you love is no longer with you, and you turn your back to leave, is it not?
In fact, this is better; compared to a closure, having to accept the fact that “things has already changed” is much harder.
I think for the lyrics of this song is expressed from a perspective that being in love is a blessing, and from the bottom of my heart, I really feel it’s not bad!

Q: Tell us the reason for using the name “Xiah” for this single.
- Sure, this single has incorporated what I want others to view me as, and what I’ve been meaning to say in my heart. I hope to be able to show a different side of Xiah, so that’s why I used it as the title of this single. The fans in Japan have seen the part of me that is “Junsu,” and I hope in the future, I can let everyone see the “Xiah” side of me.

Q: This can be considered as taking a brand new step! So then, what traits do you think a sexy man should have?
- (thinks) Traits of a sexy man?

Q: In your life, are there men whom you think are sexy?
- Because I am a man myself, I won’t really think if other men are sexy or not. (looks troubled) Erm… this is a bit hard to answer.

- I will not cry in front of women. Even if I do, I won't do it alone, but in front of my elders and my brother -

Q: Let’s switch to another question then; in “Kanashimi no Yukue,” there is a phrase that goes “かないて” (don’t cry), how do you respond towards a woman’s tears?
- (immediately) I’m not good [in responding towards a woman’s tears].

Q: What if the woman were to cry in front of you?
- I will become helpless. (laughs)

Q: So you won’t know what to do?
- It’s more of me not being able to take it. (laughs)

Q: (laughs) Will you ask her “What happened?”
- I would say “What’s wrong?”

Q: That’s really a very gentle way of asking.
- Yes, of course. (laughs)

Q: Do you cry too?
- I will not cry in front of women. Even if I do, I won’t do it alone, but in front of my elders and my brother.

Q: In this case, what do you think of when we speak of a mature man?
- In essence, he should be someone who cares for others.

Q: Someone who thinks for others?
- Yes, I think that is what a real man would do; it’s not about having authority or fame, but the best kind of man to be is to be able to care for others.

Q: Do you constantly keep this thought on your heart?
- Yes, I want to become that kind of man, who always put ladies first. But it’s not only to ladies, but to men as well. To be able to constantly care for others, I feel that such men are most charismatic!

Q: And this is related to whether or not one is sexy…
- Yes, I think that’s a very important point!

Source: ARENA37℃ June Issue + baidutvxq
Translation: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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[TRANS] 100512 ELLEgirl June Issue – Changmin’s Interview

What is your ideal dream date?
A diary is only meant to be read by your other half; if someone were to let me read their diary during a date, to me, it would amount to a proposal.

What is your ideal dream date?
I really like Harajuku. Compared to the shopping, I would rather go for French pancakes, but the queue is rather…

What is your ideal dream date?
I want to plan the schedule for my date…the details have to be decided before we do anything.

DBSK’s Shim Changmin’s Hopes For Future Works

“In short, I want to improve in my acting skills. As this drama is my acting debut, so everything was quite hard for me. Initially, I was quite stiff in both my facial expressions and in my movements.”

Changmin spoke these words with an extremely bright smile. Changmin, who is only 22 years old this year, is a member of the popular vocal group DBSK, who has received countless awards in their music career. Recently, Changmin has been in Korea focusing on his debut drama, a romance comedy called “Paradise Ranch”. This time, due to ELLEgirl’s photo shoot, Changmin is finally able to return to Japan after a long period of absence. In the drama, Changmin plays the young and complex role of a guy who, after having met his ex-spouse, learns to live life together with her again.

“Because I’ve never been married before [so it was pretty hard to get into the role] (smiles). However, the feeling of having to accept someone from a different background, does have a similar resonance with my own life experience. I will firstly try to accept the differences between the both of us. To meet someone who meets our ideals perfectly from the start, is an impossible thing in life generally, not only in the area of love. Could you say then that I don’t believe in love at first sight? Of course, love at first sight do occur. However, the foremost condition is to be able to first accept each other’s differences (smiles).”

Having said all these, a mischievous smile flashed across Changmin’s face. If only we can see this same smile in Japan’s TV dramas.

“My standard in the Japan language need to be better [before I can act in Japan’s TV dramas] (smiles). I’ve been singing for everyone before, and of course, I want to continue singing. But I have not decided on the style and the type of genre to sing. I hope my fans and supporters will wait patiently for it.”

Standing at a height of 186cm, to be featured in a Hollywood movie should not be a problem, and to be active in the international entertainment scene will no longer be just a dream. “When I was schooling, I wanted to further my studies overseas, so I would study really hard in my English language, and at that time, my English was pretty fluent, but I have forgotten most of my basics now. I am planning to continue my studies once the shooting for this drama ends. I really admire artistes like Takeshi Kaneshiro, who can not only speak fluently in many languages, but is also very active in other countries’ entertainment scenes. I hope to become an artiste who can both sing and act, regardless in Japan or Korea. This is my dream now. So I have to work hard to improve on my Japanese.”

Possessing both talent and star quality, Changmin, who is also very hardworking, will surely fulfill his dream very soon. In his diary, where he has been writing for the past three years, does he also write about his strong desire towards fulfilling his dreams?

“Yesterday was a rare day off, so I wrote about the details of the drama shoot in the diary. I wrote till, ‘Has the progress of the drama shoot been smooth?’ ‘It’s good, don’t worry’ (laughs). There are two purposes in keeping a diary [for me]. Firstly, you can recall all your past years’ memories when you read your diary. While looking back on your past, you might even realize that what used to hurt you and cause you pain is of no significance now. In this way, you can also gauge how much you have grown.”

The second purpose is really romantic! “One day, when I meet someone whom I want to marry, I will pass my diary for her to read. This is to show her how I was as a person before marriage, and the thoughts that I think every day. It is also to tell her that this is the Changmin who wants to marry her. I would like her to understand me as much as she can. Other than her, no one else will get to read my diary!”

What is your ideal dream date?
Where I work, like the location of the photo shoot is too small, so I would definitely go some place where there is a beach.

Love Q+A

Q:Are you the type who would plan for your date?
A:It is still better to have your own arrangements. I am the type who would plan out the details of the date beforehand. Most people would usually chose to be spontaneous in their dates, but I am not comfortable with this type of dates. Even though it may be just one matter, I would still like to decide beforehand what to do.

Q:If you were to go for a spin, where would you want to go?
A:The places where I normally work at are usually very small and cramped, so I would like to go somewhere that is spacious; the beach is not bad idea. I’m very confident in my driving skills!

Q:Are you okay with your girlfriend wearing revealing clothes?
A:I’m okay if it’s with me. Having said that, I’m someone who will generally not interfere with such issues, so if she does go out in revealing clothes I won’t get mad. I’ll probably just get a little jealous.

Q:Comparing the clothes that you’ve worn for the shoot today, are there any pieces that are similar to your own personal clothes?
A:I think it should be MARIN. I like lacework, so I’m always wearing clothes with that. When it comes to my sense of dressing, I was only enlightened when I was 20 years old (laughs). I finally understood that “I must dress up properly!” so that was when I started to put on jackets also.

Q:How do you feel about a date at Harajuku?
A:Even if we are not there to shop, a leisure walk around would make me happy too. For all you know, that place might be a pretty suitable place for a date. The last time I went to Harajuku, I really wanted to eat the French pancakes but the queue was too long so I gave up (laughs).

Source: ELLEgirl June Issue + baidutvxq (Interview Article) + baidutvxq (Dream Date Article) + SharingYoochun
Translation: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Eversense BIGBANG (Joy) CF

[TRANS] 100513 Yunho from Magazine "The Television"

I would like to perform together with Matsu Takako-san. Ladies older than me are sweet and lovely, too.

"No Limit ~Heading To The Ground~", which were the hot topics, since Tohoshinki's leader Yunho had taken the leading role, will be the long-awaited DVD! It will be released on June 16.

"Since it was my first time to act, I had many pressures, but I thought that there was no big difference between actors and artists. If there is the melody on the scripts, that will be music. I have been performing different characters by each song, so you can say that they are common. Above all, I thought that my feelings could be conveyed if I did my best, so I wholeheartedly performed the role Cha Bong Gun."

Bong Gun is a trouble maker, causing trouble around him. But, at heart, he is solid, pure, and passionate, those are common characteristics with Yunho.
"I also thought that the characters are similar during my acting. In the beginning, Bong Gun easily gets angry, he is mentally immature. But meeting many people, he grows up. This time, since it was my first drama and that the location site and staffs differ from regular times, there were new experiences everyday, and there was some difficulty. However, performing in this drama, I think that I was able to get matured, as a person."

Yunho stood up against many difficulties in the drama. What are those points, which he can now laugh away!?
"I think it was the days before my debut, the trainee days. Since I was living in a local region that time, it took 4 hours just to come and go. My dancing and singing abilities were far poor than now, and I experienced hardships. But I had a dream that one day I can sing on stage, so I went through my lessons always with full passion."

Going through those days, Yunho is now a star that represents Asia. But his conscientious efforts and modest ways have not changed at all.
"Of course, including dramas, I would like to take the challenge for many images in the future. In order to do so, I will make continuous efforts. I want to be hardworking person than anybody else."

Lastly, if you want to perform in a Japanese drama, who would you like perform with?
"Matsu Takako-san. When I saw 'HERO' (2001, FujiTV), her character was intelligent, cheerful, and also sexy. I really felt her charm. In a way, she is my heroine. Ladies older than me are sweet and lovely, too. (Lol)"

Source: The Television Vol 19 & Heroko
Translation: smiley @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Big Bang, Trans Fixion - 승리의 함성 (The Shouts Of Reds Part2) (Feat.Kim Yu Na)

Top, Taeyang and Daesung at Han River

Credit: 둥둥차@DCBB
reup by Dbsk Dream

Big Bang at the Opening of Rick Owens Shop

cr:늘지금처럼 @bestiz
reup by Dbsk Dream

[INFO] 100513 Asia's Top 30 Artists Ranked The Most HOT

(More than 50 million votes)

2.Super Junior
(More than 25 million votes)
3. Rain
(More than 2 million votes)
4. Wonder Girls
(More than 800,000 votes)
5. BigBang
(More than 800,000 votes)
6. SS501
7. FT.island
8. Xing
9. Super Nova
10 . SHINee
11 . Kattun
12 . Boa
13 . Epik High
14 . NEWS
15 . lolli pop
16 . Fahrenheit
17 . Seven
18 . So Nyeo Shi Dae
19 . Arashi
20 . U-kiss
21 . ZhangLiyin
22 . Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace
23 . 2pm
24 . Teppei
25 . Hay ! Say ! Jump
26 . Battle
27 . Paran
28 . Kara
29 . Yaya yah!
30 . Jay Chou , X-JAPAN

Source: ...Withtvfxq + http://www.lovekoreastar.com/ + Just♥HongGi + krsminitw + baidu Hey!Say!JUMP
Translation: tvxqhwaiting @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

[CF Teaser] BIGBANG with Yu-na Kim ::: Shouting Project!

[Clip #1] BIGBANG ::: HYUNDAI「Shouting Korea」(HQ)

Junsu in What's In? Magazine

credit: 속마음 at poplez + Dbsk Dream

Junsu in Prime EX

Sulli & Luna Promotional Photos


F(X) Promotional Photos


[TRANS] 100513 4th The Musical Awards - Junsu's Nomination For "Best Newcomer"

some of the toughest competitors amongst musical productions and
nominees alike, the 4th award ceremony, 『ザミュージカルアワード』 will be held at
the Sejong Cultural Centre Theater on the 7th of June at 7PM.

Junsu who acted in the musical [Mozart!], [Romeo and Juliette]'s Enoku,
[Notre Dame]'s Chesuhyon along with other musical actors have been
nominated for the category of "Best Newcomer".

The award ceremony will be on broadcast on cable channels Mnet, KMTV, QTV and others at 10:00 PM on the 7th of June.

Source: XIAHTIC + baidutvxq
Translation: tvxqhwaiting @ OneTVXQ.com
Special Thanks: kimuchi3005 @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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100512 Big Bang promoting VMAJ

Homin at the Conference Part 2

credits: as tagged + Baidu+ Dbsk Dream

f(x) releases NU ABO Lite for Apple Appstore

[INFO] 100513 Intoxication Shooting Site


〒260-8733 千葉市中央区中央3-10-8
3-10-8 Chuo, Chuo-ku, Chiba-shi 260-8733

Brief Description:

The Saya-do Hall is a unique piece of architecture. The building was built as the Chiba division of Kawasaki Bank in 1927 by architect Matakichi Yabe (1888-1941).
It became the Chiba division of Mitsubishi Bank in 1943, and was afterwards used from 1971 to 1990 as the Chuo Ward Residents’ Center after its acquisition by Chiba City.
When the Chuo Ward Office and the CCMA were built in this location, the city decided to use "Saya-do style" construction in order to preserve this valuable building.
The hall is currently used for various performance art shows and music concerts.

Source: [ccma-net.jp + city.chiba.jp]
Translation credits: Supernike911@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net

Do not remove/add on any credits

f(x) Victoria for "'RUNWAY BRIDE"

f(x) Victoria for "'RUNWAY BRIDE" in Elle (May 2010)

cr:nate + Dbsk Dream

[TRANS] 100513 Avex's Balance Sheet for The First Quarter of 2010, Tohoshinki's Best Album Sold 700,000 Copies

Major music company Avex Group Holdings released their balance sheet on the 13th showing that they have made a profit of 800 million yen (≈$8.6 milllion) in the first quarter of 2010 (compared to a loss of 900 million yen in the previous quarter). Their total sales were 118.1 billion yen (≈$1.3 billion), indicating a growth of 0.3%. On the other hand, their operating profits showed an incline of 14.1% and brought in 5.5 billion yen (≈$59 million).

There weren't many releases from their major artists, but the stable profits they acquired from selling concert tickets, etc. guaranteed their business. On the other hand, because of the need of expenses to promote and advertise for their new businesses, their operating profits decreased.

In the first quarter, they only has one million-hit CD, which is EXILE's album "Ai Subeki Mirai he" and it has sold 1.46 million copies so far. Tohoshinki and Amuro Namie are up next, and each artist's best album has sold approximately 700,000 copies so far.

It is estimated that in the first quarter of 2011, Avex will experience a decrease of 0.1% in total sales which still bring in 118 billion yen (≈$1.2 billion); but their operating profits will increase 52.7% which will bring them 8.5 billion yen (≈$92 million). It is expected that their total profits will increase approximately 4.1 times and bring in 4 billion yen (≈$43 million).

Source: Sankei
Translation: linhkawaii @ OneTVXQ.com
Credits: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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Hyori and Rain parodied on Happy Together

Earlier today, KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together 3″ aired a special episode with guest stars Lee Hyori, Rain, Goo Hara (Kara), and Lee Joon (MBLAQ).

Shin Bong Sun and comedian Park Myung Soo celebrated top stars Lee Hyori and Rain’s special guest starring appearance with a hilarious performance of Love Song and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Shin Bong Sun wore a similar eye make-up and wig to Lee Hyori’s and displayed a powerful performance. Her facial expressions and dance moves were perfect along with her apparel. After this, Park Myung Soo came out in Rain’s clothing and also gave an awesome performance which gave everyone a good laugh.

4 MINUTE New Concept Photo

BoA, Yunho and Changmin meet James Cameron

Possible fanfic based on picture above?

Award winning and Avatar director, James Cameron was recently in Korea to talk about 3D content creation and after addressing the media yesterday, he met up with SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man and artists like BoA, TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin in another event to announce their 3D collaboration on the 14th.

This event was particularly anticipated by fans of BoA as it was her first official public appearance in Korea for more than a year since the 2008 SBS Gayo Daejun.

It was announced that this will be a 3-way collaboration between Cameron, SM Entertainment and Samsung. Cameron and the production crew of Avatar will film various SM Entertainment concerts and music videos in 3D while Samsung will in turn display the footage through their 3DTV’s in stores.

BoA, Yunho and Changmin all expressed their delight in producing new content with 3D technology while Lee Soo Man said that this might have been a dream in the past, but 3D is now the future and is looking forward to embracing this.

cr: allkpop+as tagged + Dbsk Dream
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