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30 November 2008

[PICS] DBSK Off to Japan

omo! dont worked to hard DOng Bang Ajusshi..
jae!!! i need towel ..!! tissue!!

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[DOWNLOAD] 081130 SBS Inkigayo Wrong Number Performance ♥

FILE SIZE: 187mb

credits: ramin@fangirlmitz for downloading and re-upping ♥♥♥
source: Dopamine@withyoonho's CB

[PHOTOS] 081130 SBS inkigayo - Yunho + Joongie


credit: 히어로제제 + dnbn + fangirlmitz

[VIDEO + AUDIO] Choosey Lover R. Yamaki's Groove Mix

credit: BabeyyJaejoong@YT

here is an mP3 version from dongbang_iyagi@LJ:

heads-up from: psychedelicred@LJ

big credits to : fangirlrmitz

[PHOTOS] Cute Micky Yoochun Doll [fanmade]

kawaii ne? *XD*
credit: as tagged + tvfxqbaidu + fangirlmitz

[PHOTOS] 081130 Joongie on the Set of 'Heaven's Postman'

Oh jae, why are you so perfect?

credit: tvxfqbaidu + fangirlmitz + dbsk nights
shared by : dbsk dream

[VIDEO] 081130 SBS Inkigayo - Wrong Number + Junsu KBS Immortal

credit: redberry94@YT + dopamine
credit: lov23 + 카마엘 + dnbn

[PHOTOS] Lotte Calendar TVXQ

Credits: as tagged + baidu + fangirlmitz
Take out with full credits~

TVXQ's Xiah Junsu wants to be a part of Super Junior KRY,

After 2 members of Super Junior Kyu Hyun and Ryeo Wook contributed on TVXQ's Mirotic album song "Wish" with Choi Kang Chang Min and Xiah Jun Su, Xiah Jun Su somewhat showed an interest to be a part of Super Junior's sub-unit by dealing it as a joke. "KRY of Super Junior really got the pitch that I personally adore. TVXQ has five members so there is no chance to form a sub-unit. I want to be a part of KRY not SJ-Happy with Eun Hyuk."

TVXQ members are confident and grateful for Kyu Hyun and Ryeo Wook's contribution to their album and a sure support from Cassiopeia plus ELF.

TVXQ wishes Super Junior's 3rd album to release soon which is currently being polished.


Super Junior's 3rd Album on SUKIRA

Super Junior's 3rd album is told to release after their Super Show Encore on January 03 and 04, 2009. According to Super Junior's leader Lee Teuk, their album will include 2 English classic love songs "Ocean Deep" originated by Cliff Richard and "Mandy" originated by Barry Manilow in Korean version.

Lee Teuk gave a little sample of the song but never sang it in Korean to crave the fans of what the English hit songs would sound in Korean. "I like the part of the song "Ocean Deep" because I used to call myself "angel" and I am the one playing the piano of this. Here is the best lyrics I memorized...

"I wanna spread my wings
But I just can't fly
As a string of pearl sapphire blue balloons
The pretty ELF go sailing by

Ocean deep, will I ever find a lover
Maybe she has found another
And as I cry myself to sleep
I know this love of mine I'll keep, ocean deep."

source: Super Junior Kiss the Radio

Changmin got hit? *Please read*

watch in HQ

some news said the fans followed Jaemin into the toilet
and some news said it was only an accident
hm, so you guys must be wodering
whats is the real story?

First, we want to express our gratitude to all that transmitted this situation to SM Entertainment. And we all worried about that if all of the fans neglect the event. But thanks to all of you consider this an important question.

Maybe some of you are still anger, but we must calm down to discuss the event.

In order not to make the thing being expanded, and in order to clarify the misunderstanding, we must deal with things in an effective way.

All as you know, this event is not value to discuss, but we all worried about Changmin, who may be disturbed with this and feel sad.

After contacting with SM Entertainment, and we understand that SM Entertainment only think Changmin just be hit by the bag accidental.

But all we know that the thing is not only the accident. When this happened, the bodyguards and manager didnt immediate save this problem. We hope they can propose the improvement measure.

SM Entertainment doesnt have right to punish the unusual behavior woman. So we must prove the proposal to handle this thing.

Before Thursday, please pass your reactions and suggestion to the SM Entertainment. And well decide how to do depends the SM Entertainments following movement.


Perhaps lots of fans are very surprised about this event, maybe you all see the exaggerating described by Chinese fans.


Thats all because she is so afraid that shell be scolded, she told a lie in order to make the situation be advantageous to her.

But the most provoking thing is that Chinese net pal fabricates the thing, said that Changmin hit the fan with no reason, and that fane is pregnant. Thats all that womans lie, in order to impede the chance of TVXQ to join Red & White Year-End Song Festival.

TVXQ not only having activity in Korea, but also overseas market. We dont want to see that Changmins image being influence by this terrible rumor.

And all we can do is to stop this rumor, and let all of you understand the truth.

If you know the foreign language, please translate this announcement, and help us to post on the websites to those overseas fans.

And then, even they dont know this situation, theyll know that the posts by Chinese net pal are lies.

We all know that Cahngmin didnt have any worse rumors in last five years. So we dont want to see this stupid lie and rumor injury his reputation.

And please remember one thing, when you want to retort the rumor, be sure calm down. Dont let others think that we are too extreme because of spoiling our idol.

Although we didnt the origin, but we have lots of evidences that Changmin been hit.

Its very clear that womans spirit is unusual. And if she doesnt afraid to face others, why she disappeared? She also installs the virus on her website, let all user who login in her website virus. These all telling us what is truth!

And as we declared before, SHE IS NOT BEING PREGNANT, AND NOT MARRIED!

Above all, although contact with SM Entertainment is important, but the most important thing to do is to stop the rumors and gossip. Stop this event expanding overseas, and let the overseas fans know the truth. If you are overseas fans, and knowing foreign languages, especially the Chinese fans, please help us!

If you see the rumor on some website, such as Yahoo Japans voting area, fans club, and so on. Please post this Announcement of IMAX, let them know the truth. We also need Japanese fans help.


credits:loveissammi @soompi

Credit Video by : Promise U

Sunye excited about being an university girl

In the first episode of KBS Quiz Expedition shown on 23rd November (recorded on 14th), the Wonder Girls and Wheesung were the invited guests on the new variety program as they went to Dongguk University. This was particularly meaningful for Wonder Girls leader, Sun Ye as it was her first visit to Dongguk University as a student after being accepted for the 2009 semester.

Sun Ye was accepted by Dongguk University together with YoonA (So Nyeo Shi Dae) and Joo. She chatted about being accepted into the university and hopes to quickly adapt to life as a student. Thanks to the program, Sun Ye was able to visit her new school campus much earlier ahead of schedule.

KBS Quiz Expedition hosted by Lee Hyuk Jae, Ji Suk Jin and Park Ji Hyun was for high school students who had cleared their examinations and parents who were curious about university life. It was coincidental for Sun Ye that the first episode was recorded at Dongguk University, her new school.

Before recording, Sun Ye met Dongguk University’s principal, Oh Young Kyo. Sun Ye expressed, “This is my first time visiting the campus after passing the entrance exams so I am very excited. But I was even more nervous when I met the principal. Everything will be my first time so I am very excited and anticipating it. I must adapt properly to university after starting school and get along well with my classmates”, as she looks forward to 2009.

So Hee remarked about Sun Ye in university, “She can go camping now so I am very envious of her. I am very curious about it as I have not gone before.”

source: wonderland

New singer Cous Yuki - another Jaejoong lookalike?

yeah he does has a bit look like JJ
but i think JJ is cuter
hm correction *wayyy cuter
right girls? XD

New singer Cous Yuki’s close resemblance to the Dong Bang Shin Ki member Hero JaeJoong has sparked a whole series of discussion on internet cafes and discussion boards.

Well, that’s fame for him for now. But this guy may just have more installed for him for the close resemblance, similar to what happened to ITT’s Jang Yoo Joon.

Cous Yuki…

I dont think these 2 pictures look like JJ
Told ya JJ is cuter! XD~

Hero JJ ~ the real cutie <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_PAMQzsCoiXs/STGEo9X4OHI/AAAAAAAACEE/XDYpIDGA8D4/s1600-h/jj2.jpg">

credits: Kbites

29 November 2008

Fun recent facts about our 5 lovely men (DBSK)

- Though Changmin may not look like the Casanova of the group, he certainly is.
- Yunho tends to sleep with his mouth wide open. The members say it’s a problem he’ll never be able to fix. Jaejoong finds that very embarrassing on plane rides, so he does Yunho a favor and puts a blanket to cover his face.
- Junsu eats really quickly.
- They have all had girlfriends in the past and have all gotten their first kisses (Yes, including Changmin).
- The five of them have many female celebrity friends. However, regular women are the ones that win over their hearts.
- Yunho appears manly, but when the cameras are off, he acts the cutest.
- Jaejoong makes weird, exaggerated expressions while sleeping.
- Jaejoong, Yoochun, TOP (from Big Bang) and Hyunjoon (from SS501) are all great friends. They never bring other people along when having a get together.
- Jaejoong and Micky are drinking buddies.
- Changmin doesn’t like to drink with his hyungs, he’d rather drink alone.
- Junsu talks to his twin brother, Junho, on the phone more than a guy would talk to their girlfriends.
- Yunho is very forgetful.
- Yoochun is not a night person, nor is he a morning person.
- Both Junsu and Changmin can’t drink very well.
- Yunho is very bad at games, he’d push a few buttons and he’d already lose. His argument? “I’ve been called the Game King, but I have yet to show the members.”
- Changmin doesn’t show his inner feelings/emotions. Rare times like the 2008 MKMF where he was overcome with happiness and cried.
- Yoochun loves playing games and he believes he’s good at them. Therefore, he never has any rules.
- Jaejoong’s cellphone contains many candid shots of the members (Ex. When they’ve just finished showering, are using the restroom). He says that he loves the members very much and he wants to be set apart from other people by having something nobody else can see.
- Changmin is currently learning how to play the guitar. He would love to perform playing the guitar one day.
- Jaejoong really likes to expose himself.
- While Junsu loves games too much, Jaejoong shows no interest in games.
- When Yoochun sees an attractive girl, he’s unable to take his eyes off of her.
- Junsu doesn’t really have a sense of style. When going shopping, he’d buy the full outfit on the mannequins.
- Yoochun likes to roll his pants up. It’s a new style he’s trying to endorse.
- Yoochun (as well as the rest of the members) are very supportive of SHINee. Before their debut, Yoochun would always buy food for them and supported them by giving them advice.

credits : s@nbi + CHOON

[TRANS]112708 Music Japan - Tohoshinki Special

user posted image

credits: Yunho-sshi+Malaysian Cassiopeia

[INFO]Popular Demand - Kiss The Baby Sky

Kiss The Baby Sky

Due to pupular demand from fans, TVXQ will be releasing Kiss the Baby Sky as one of the track in their upcoming 25th single, "Bolero". The song will be include along with another new track, "Wasurenaide/Dont Forget".

Kiss the Baby Sky had been used as the autumn theme song for Zoom-in Weather Forecast Corner, and since then, the show had been receiving lots of call from viewers asking about the song.

During an interview, TVXQ had bring a good news, saying that the song will be included in their upcoming single. Xiah Junsu expressed that it is wonderful thing to have their song as the theme and the feeling become more amazing because the song is written by one of the member himself, Micky Yoochun.

On other side, Yunho said that he was asked by someone if the song is really made by Yoochun. And Yoochun himself expressed that the song came up with new melody and the key chosen for that song is a bit high for himself, but since he have the other members to count on, he thought it will be okay to use the high key. He also added, when the members listen to it, they said, "The key is too high".

Yoochun also showing his gratitude by thanking the show for making the song as the theme song and being one of the factors why the song had been receiving lots of love from everyone. He also expressed it as "dream come true".

Since the song had been used as the autumn theme for Zoom-in Weather Forecast Corner, the show had been receiving lots of request for TVXQ to release the song on CD. And now, the song will be released on cd, as one of the track in TVXQ new single, "Bolero" which will be realese on 21st January 2009.


credit : hilary922003@crunchyroll+Malaysian Cassiopeia

[INFO]Tohoshinki Is A Trend In Japan

TVXQ / Tohoshinki is a trend in Japan. TVXQ was listed as a trend on November 14th's NHK's Zoom In Super Show.

On the show they were revealing the results of a survey poll for "The biggest Trends of 2008." Number 1 was the Iphone 3G, Number 2 was Nintendo, and TVXQ was listed as Number 3 on the poll. TVXQ was the only living thing on the poll.

credits: kbites+vita@asiafanatics forums+Malaysian Cassiopeia


BIGGEST FANCLUB - Guiness World Record

okay maybe some of you already knew this

The fanclub of Asia's Top Artists group TVXQ, known as Cassiopeia has been recorded to The Guinness World Record Book of 2008, for the BIGGEST fanclub of an artist! Cassiopeia consist of over 800,000 OFFICIAL members when last counted. This is not even including the non-official members. With this, TVXQ has the biggest fanbase in the world!

Credits: Cassiopeia HK + Dek-D.com + stripesoflove@CyxionSource for ShenYuePop: OchibCredit for ShenYuePop.com: ShenYue! + Dbsker

No way!

[click the pictures to view it]

i bought mirotic version b, and now im planning to buy mirotic version c
but, this article says *only ppl that 19 above can buy it?
what is this!?!

oh yeah, thanks to kak cik for this post
and credits to soompi

[PHOTOS] DBSK SBS gag Concert Smile Again

big credits to : dbsknights
shared by : dbsk dream
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