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29 August 2010

Brown Eyed Girls’ GaIn: “Don’t Leave Me Kwon”

Brown Eyed Girls member GaIn had asked 2AM JoKwon to not leave her just because she had showed him her fresh, make-up free face.

GaIn passed this message onto JoKwon on the set of MBC We Got Married, aired on the 28th of August.

The episode showed the couple enjoying their time at home after finishing their photoshoots in Bali. GaIn recorded a message to JoKwon that states, “I showed you my fresh face, so don’t even think of leaving me,” and screamed“Ya!” afterward, which shows the awkwardness GaIn felt while recording her message.

Not only did GaIn showed her eye-liner-free face to JoKwon, but the couple also shocked the viewers through a surprise kiss that was aired on the 21st of August. The couple also hung their kissing-photo from the wedding photoshoot on their wall to prove the true bonding they both share.

source: star.mt.co.kr

translation: netizensusadae @kpoplive

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