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27 February 2010

2PM, troubled with the matter of ‘agreement’ about Jaebum’s permanent secession?

2PM, troubled with the matter of ‘agreement’ about Jaebum’s permanent secession? One industry associate, “One member of the mean, at opposite ends with management company.”

Members VS Company, disagreements emerged at the 2PM fan conference?

On the 25th, news like lightning on a sunny day struck the celebrity industry, with the title of ‘Jaebum’s permanent secession’. Many have their eyes on the matter as management company JYPEntertainment (from now on JYPE) went on with the fan conference as scheduled.

At first, the fan conference which started at 3pm on the 27th at a shopping mall in Seoul’s Songpa-gu Moonjeon-dong, was scheduled for all 2PM members and JYPE associates, as well as 10 fan representatives, however as of now, 4:30pm, it is known that only 4 of the 2PM members are present.

Also it was originally planned that only the pre-finalised fans would be there, however it is said that many fans under the name ‘Hottest’ visited the site to listen to JYPE’s side after hearing the news of Jaebum’s ‘permanent secession’.

A producer of a certain TV station revealed that “I received text messages from an acquaintance who is at the conference site” and that “I heard that while only 4 out of the current 2PM members could attend, different opinions on the issue claiming that ‘all members agreed to Jaebum’s complete secession (as officially announced on the 25th) emerged, causing variation on the company’s stance.”

Additionally, “Even the possibility of a certain other member’s ‘additional secession’ can be detected in the atmosphere” and that “about the issue of Jaebum’s permanent secession, there is possible conflict between the management company and the members themselves.”

Meanwhile JYPE had revealed in an official statement that “Park Jaebum notified the members that he had done something that could impose a serious social problem on the 13th of January, and on the 6th of January, all members stated that ‘it was no longer possible for Jaebeom to continue his career as 2PM.’”

Below is a part of the official statement that JYPE released on the 25th regarding ‘Park Jaebum’s permanent secession’.

“We cannot reveal what exactly the problem is since it is his private matter, but it is worse than myspace issue, and could bring up much trouble. We wanted to discuss this issue with 6 members immediately, but we could not because 2PM members were too excited with Jaebeom’s return, and busy participating year-end award activities. Thus, we told them on January 3rd when all of their activities ended. They were shocked and later came up with conclusion on Jan 6th that it was no longer possible for Jaebeom to continue his career as 2PM.”


This is the first Korean news outlet report re: JYPE/2PM – Hottest meeting today

From the translators (2pmalways): Please be advised that this is the only news that is coming out form the Korean media as of now. It may contain factual errors of information based on preassumptions of the reporter

  • Original Korean: New Daily
  • Translations: Janne @2pmalways
  • Coordinator Cassina @2pmalways
  • shared by dbskdream

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