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21 August 2008

Dbsk Dream Team

Hi! Im Shasha!
Hello World, Im from Malaysia and im known as Shasha in this blog
Im the creator of this blog, and Anisa and Fary are my partners- They really help me ALOT by posting the news, and updating stuffs
My main reason of making this blog is to share all the kpop news with everyone
(... uh i think that reason is so fake and common-_-)
Oookay, I'll be honest with you people!
Actually, 3 years ago- I was soo inlove,-_- um OKAY obsessed with DBSK
So i started googling everything abt them, read forums and fangirling every second
oh then bla bla bla, i decided to open a blog and post all their news!
Well that explains why its DBSK DREAM now right?!
Then bla bla bla, 1 year later- I started to like other groups.
Like Big Bang, WG, F(x), BoA, F.T Island and Super junior a little bit
Then tada! This so called DBSK dream blogspot doesnt have Dbsk's news no more, its full with all kind of artistes that we like!
Especially KPOP,duh lol
Okay, i think i've typed too much now o.O I could make a paragraph roflmao. Kay-
Good day everyone
p/s: im 16 and still a student.

Anyyeong! Im Fary!
I have the same age and country as Shasha's and Anisa's!
keke~ well, im not very good in writing *about me*
but, Shasha insist me to write something here -_-'' So here it is
Im fary,and im sooo inlove with Chansung from 2pm! *isnt he just adorable!?*
but I LOVE all the other members and other bands too ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Please show your love to your favourite group by reading our news here ^-^
Come again!

Hellooo! Im Anisa!
Im 16 years old and i live in Malaysia!
i love to eat spicy food XD (same as jaejoong.. right?) XD
and i love chicken! chicken is dubu's fav food XD
jaejoong is my first love XD well actually park yoochun is my first love XD
i cant take my eyes over jaejoong XD so i guess jaejoong should be my first love =D
and i also like super junior siwon she's just hott , from muscles, to smile~ awwwww *cant stop smiling & my current obsession is SHINee Onew XD he's just cute with his smiles that can make all noona melts! i have the same birthday with Taylor Swift! LOL . my birthday is one day before SHINee Onew and two days before Xiah Junsu's~ be jealous XD joke.joke.
Ah!!! The important is enjoy our news!!!!! and do talk with us in the cbox:)
and don't forget to visit our blog daily XD
ps:/ i'm addicted to 2pm as well XD

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SyiraM said...

All the admins are cute ;)

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