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10 June 2010

[NEWS] Where in the world is SHINee?

They are having fun with actor Oh Man-seok.

The adorable and lovable SHINee boys have found new fun in the SHINee World! Photos of the SM boy band and actor Oh Man-seok in a reality show surfaced online May 31st. The photos show the stars on a beach for the filming of the show titled “‘Maritime Exploration in the Republic of Korea.” Of course, I have only answered part of the question. Members Tae-min,Min-ho,and Jong-hyun were the only ones participating in the show. Where wasOnew and Key? Onew was probably busy with his “Nocturnal” show and his “Brothers Were Brave” musical. Key, on the other hand, was trying to find the key to being a true Santa Claus in Spring! Ok, so Key was missing in action, but he is still Yoo-guen’s personal Santa Claus.

SHINee/Oh Man-seok‘s “Maritime Exploration in the Republic of Korea” ” will be apart of a SBS TV Independence Day Special August 8th and 15th.

credit : POPSEOUL!+ dailydofshinee
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