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10 June 2010

JaeBum to fly to Korea in mid June, one week later than planned… Why?

2PM ex-leader Park JaeBum will fly to Korea a week later than initially planned to.

An official from movie ‘Hype Nation’ told OSEN on 9th June, “JaeBum will fly to Korea mid June. We will reveal it when his schedule is confirmed.”

When asked if there is a special reason to him returning to Korea later, the official said, “The German ’3D filming team’ will reach Korea on the 15th. The filming can only start after the set is finish, so naturally, JaeBum will fly to Korea later.”

There were plans initially for JaeBum to fly to Korea on the 6th and to start the movie filming from the 14th, but it seems that it will be impossible now.

The movie official added, “The filming in Korea will take about 2 and a half months. With the delay, his schedule will become more tight.”

It is expected that many fans will be present when JaeBum reaches Korea. The official said, “Already about 2000 fans have signed up to turn up at the airport. There is also many inquires comingin about that. With so many people expected to turn up, it seems that it would be impossible to do a press conference.”

Meanwhile, JaeBum has recently been casted for Hollywood movie ‘Hype Nation’.


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