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21 February 2010

Jo Kwon's first love is in After School?

WGM's mystery of Jo Kwon's first love, Oh Bang Sil, has still not been solved.

On this week's episode, Jo Kwon and Ga-In have a fight again over Oh Bang Sil.

Jo Kwon and Ga-In went out to shop with their Afghanistani friend, Fahim. When After School's "Because of you" is played in the store, Jo Kwon suddenly says "Bang Sil." At this comment, a jealous Ga-In reacts, "What? Bang Sil?"

Jo Kwon's speechless face expression is shown and Ga-In says that she's going to leave. Fahim is also clueless about the couple's fight.

However, Jo Kwon hugs Ga-In and the music is suddenly turned off. The couple's tension is eased but the mystery still remained unsolved.

In this episode, Ga-In also says that she wants to go to Egypt, where Bang Sil is.

After this episode, fans are wondering if Oh Bang Sil is After School's Raina. They are saying that they thought it'd be Wonder Girls' Sunmi or Hyun-A but now they believe that it's probably After School's Raina.


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