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21 February 2010

New 2PM Spris music video for SPRIS released

Spris released a photobook "2PM Style Propose" of 2PM.

This photobook is being given to any customer who buys any of the things 2PM wore during the photoshoot. This photobook combines all 3 concepts of Spris' spring season clothings.

In this photobook, 2PM's trademark look, "Beast idol" is shown. Their cute and friendly looks are shown as well.

This special edition has only 20,000 copies and is given out based on a first come, first serve. This photobook also comes with a poster and is expected to sell out quickly.

Spris also released a music video "Crazy for 4S" on Feb. 5th, which they produced with 2PM. On Feb. 19th, Spris also released a behind the scenes video and the dance version of the music video on their website.

The behind the scenes video shows the natural and friendly side of 2PM while the dance version of the music video uses dance moves based on athleticism.


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