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07 February 2011

[News] Kim Junsu cried… capturing 500 fans through his tearfully moving acting

From a soldier in shabby military uniform to a middle-aged gentleman, Junsu’s performance in his musical was familiar and in no way foreign. He captured his audiences with his emotionally intense music and his ability to express his emotions freely in various different roles.

Junsu’s musical, “Heaven’s Tears” was performed on February 5th at 2pm in Seoul’s Jangchung National Theatre. Numerous domestic and foreign reporters along with 500 fans reported at the scene, confirming the high level of interest in Junsu’s second musical.

“Heaven’s Tears” portrays a heart-breaking love story that blossomed during the Vietnam war. Group JYJ’s Junsu stars as the lead character “Jun,” and with musical star Yoon Gong-Ju and Broadway star Brad Little’s participation, the musical has been gathering great interest.

The musical was performed in a format which had the lead character Jun (played by Kim Junsu) tell the story of his past after meeting his daughter Tiana (played by Yoon Gong-Ju). The stage changed its appearance according to the flow of the story, and the musical was able to portray a realistic sensation of war through lighting and large set pieces.

On the 5th, Junsu freely portrayed emotions of restrained sadness as he acted out a story of love which could never be achieved with Lin, the female lead. From a portraying naive young man deep in love to acting out a man’s sad thoughts as he leaves his lover behind to go to war, Kim Junsu captured his audiences with shameless innocence and heart-moving acting.

Last song in Act 1, “Can you hear my words,” made an espeically large impact on the audience as the cast sang a song expressing the two lovers’ strong will and portraying their sad emotions. The addictive melody and the participation of the entire cast helped make the chorus even more grand.

Junsu’s singing also shined even more brightly on the musical stage. Junsu’s unique vocals, which range from being beautiful to being more husky, led the story naturally as he used his sweet voice called for his love and switched to a painful voice to express sadness from parting with his lover.

This is a second successful musical for Kim Junsu. “Heaven’s Tears” confirmed his ability as an actor, while “Mozart” had proven Kim Junsu’s potential. He raised his fan’s expectations on his future performances through his excellent acting and stable singing.

Furthermore, similar to his reaction after the musical’s opening night, Kim Junsu shed tears again after his performance on the 5th.

A staff member from the musical told “Money Today Star News” that “Junsu was moved to tears after his performance. He was so deeply absorbed in his role that he couldn’t hold back his emotions and continued to shed tears even after the curtain call. The entire staff applauded his excellent acting.”

Meanwhile, “Heaven’s Tears” is a masterpiece created through three years of preparation. Despite it being an original musical, it is being acclaimed through Frank Wildhorn’s fantastic music and solid storyline.

Starting February 1st, “Heaven’s Tears” is currently being performed at the Haeoreum National Theatre.

Translated by: withJYJ

Original article: http://star.mt.co.kr...ype=1&outlink=1
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