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07 February 2011

[News] The audience claim “much more than expected” in response to Junsu’s performance

The audience gives two thumbs up for Group JYJ Kim Junsu’s performance as a musical star.

Kim Junsu plays the character “Jun” in “Heaven’s Tears,” which opened on February 1st at Haeoreum National Theatre. Jun is a Korean soldier dispatched to Vietnam during the Vietnam War. In Vietnam, he meets a Vietnamese woman, Lin, and falls in love.

Kim Junsu performed directly following the Sul-Nal holiday and provided the audience with a secure performance. Although he seemed nervous at the beginning of the musical, he became more confident as the story progressed. In fact, his witty improvisations added joy to Jun and Lin’s innocent romance.

Known to be one of the very best singers from idol groups, Junsu’s ability to understand and perform the musical pieces was beyond what was expected. Junsu used his sweet beautiful voice and husky singing styles to highlight the differences in emotions felt during romance and tragedy. The first solos of the first and second acts, “Should I say this?” and “I must learn” was especially impressive. Despite it being quite early in the musical, the audience was moved to applause.

After the day’s performance, the audience also gave favorable reviews in response to Kim Junsu’s passionate acting. They praised Junsu, the musical actor, saying that “it was more than expected,” “his singing was outstanding,” “His acting and pronunciation greatly improved from ‘Mozart,’” and “I saw without expectations but in the end I cried without even knowing.” There was also affectionate encouragement with one audience member saying, “although I am a fan, some improvement is still needed in order for Junsu to succeed as a musical actor.”

Kim Junsu debuted into the musical scene last year with his performance in “Mozart.” In “Mozart,” he displayed abilities that were very unlike that of a rookie and won two awards in “The Musical Awards” and was awarded the title of “Best Male Rookie” in “Korean Musical Awards.” After realizing his potential through “Mozart,” Junsu has vowed to appear on the musical stage every year. “Heaven’s Tears” is his second choice.

Musical actor, Kim Junsu’s power was also demonstrated in his ability to create a box office hit. 15,000 seats sold out in 5 minutes during the first round of ticket sales and 13,000 seats sold out in 3.5 minutes during the second round of sales. The third round of ticket sales, which occurred during January 31st, had its tickets sell out within 2.5 minutes. Junsu’s ticket-selling power was comparable to Jo Seong-Woo in “Jekyll & Hyde.” In fact, due to the line of sold-out sales, scalpers are selling tickets at an unprecedented 3 million won.

“Heaven’s Tears” is a musical masterpiece portraying a heart-aching love story blossomed during the Vietnam War. It’s a global project developed by Sul and Company and Creative production aimed at world markets. It has been developed by visiting five different countries (Hungary, New York, Canada, Czech Republic, and Japan) and has undergone 3 .5 years of preparations. The music has been composed by “Jekyll & Hyde’s” Frank Wildhorn, who is also well known in Korea.

Meanwhile, “Tears of Heaven” will perform in Haeorem National Theatre from Febrary 1st until March 19th.

Translated by. withJYJ
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