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15 February 2011

110214 Star Call- Sungmin & Donghae (Eng Trans)

(SM) Hi I’m Sungmin.It’s Valentine’s Day.
(DH) Today is Valentine’s Day?
(SM) yes.I received lots of chocolate.
(DH) how many?
(SM) me?three thousand fifty thousand…
(DH) what??That’s ridiculous.
(SM) actuality,I didn’t received anything. T.T
(DH) huh?You received~Then What is the fans gave us chocolate in home?? (SM) eh~I didn’t go back to home. so I didn’t know.
(DH) huh?where are you living these days?
(SM) no no I mean,after my schedule,I didn’t go back to home.
Anyway,I’ll eat chocolates which you gave us and put on weight. I really appreciate the fans for their endless support and love.
(DH)Because you gave us a lot of love, we received a lot of chocolate and we are getting a lot of love.
I hope always blessed with good health. Valentine’s Day..Let with us.
(SM) I envy you.
(DH) Why?

Cr: 5uperjunior @ YT

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