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15 February 2011

110211 HanGeng’s choice of Girlfriend, Someone Quiet

Mainland Chinese star Han Geng who has separated from Korean boy band Super Junior and started a solo career accepted i-CABLE entertainment channel’s Big Trend interview to talk about his future plans. Han Geng said, “My new album will show a different Han Geng. I hope to hold a concert in mainland China and Hong Kong. He also wants to release albums for fans from different countries (T/N: I think he means to sing in their local languages), but it is too difficult to learn Cantonese! For film, he hopes to have an opportunity to work with Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung.” When talking about criteria for choosing a girlfriend, he blushed and said, “I like girl who is quiet, kind-hearted and does not bicker because I don’t like to talk that much either. If the other talks too much, I will not know how to respond. However I have not met the right person at the moment.”

translated by: hannie@geng-bao.net
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