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24 January 2011

[Trans] 110124 TVXQ, First Appearance As Duo On Music Station

Yunho (24) and Changmin (22) who have restarted their activities as Tohoshinki has been invited to perform on the TV program “Music Station” on the 28th of January.

Tohoshinki was reborn this month and after restarting their activities with a bang, they are now going to be performing in this Japanese music program. It has been one year and a month since they have performed, and this will be their first raw performance of their song “Why?” which was released on January 26th.

After a long time without their singing voices and cool performances, the two members of Tohoshinki have sent a message to their fans with a promise, “To everyone, after a long time we are finally here. We have come back to perform on this stage. Please look forward to our new song!”

Furthermore, another must see performance for all Kpop fans will be appearing on the same stage! From the same company, Girl’s Generation will also be performing. They will be performing the Japanese version of the song “Run Devil Run” which ranked #1 on charts. It seems like we will also be able to see some interesting talks between Tohoshinki and Girl’s Generation.

The two groups will also be performing in SM Town Live in Tokyo from the 25th to the 26th of January.

credit: sanspo.com
shared by: sharingyoochun.net+ dbskdream

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