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24 January 2011

Tokyo Kawaii TV uncovered the secrets to SNSD’s flawless legs

A Japanese TV show recently talked about the secrets behind SNSD’s beautiful legs.

On the ‘Secrets of Beautiful Legs‘ section which is a part of Japan’s ‘Tokyo Kawaii TV‘ program aired on January 22nd, the crews of the show flew directly to Korea to uncover the secrets behind SNSD’s flawless legs. They believed that one of the secrets is the skinny jeans that the girls wore during ‘Gee’ promotion. According to them, the skinny jeans made their slim legs more attractive.

To obtain more information, ‘Tokyo Kawaii TV’ also visited SNSD members’ personal trainer, Mr. Kim at a health club to find out the type of exercises the girls have gone through. Trainer Kim said, “In the beginning, SNSD members’ bodies were not in such good shapes then. However, due to their high determination and tremendous effort in working out, the fruits of their labor seemed to be appearing now”. He added, “SNSD members’ leg lines were emphasized by their hip lines. Hip line is important”, stressing the importance of both the work-outs for legs and hips, which SNSD members had been introduced to.

Japanese netizens who watched the show commented, “It seems that the hip is the secret to beautiful legs”, “SNSD members are really pretty”, “They have different charms from Japanese idols” and “In Japan, it seems that people only seem to keep focusing on the members’ legs. I feel bad for them”.

Credit: Sportschosun.com
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