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29 January 2011

[NEWS] 110128 Third Round of "Tears of Heaven" Ticket Sales Open for Junsu Fans

Considering how there are a lot of JYJ fans who are in tears over not being able to purchase tickets for Junsu’s musical, “Tears of Heaven“, the producers of the show have decided to open up a third opportunity.

They stated, “For those 30,000 Junsu fans who were not able to obtain tickets, we have decided to hold a third and final performance.” This unexpected performance will hold 4,500 audience members and the tickets will go on sale January 31st. The producers also added, “This musical will definitely demonstrate its sales strength, as it will only have 4,500 tickets available for the 30,000 Junsu fans and musical maniacs to fight over. It’s recommended to move quickly in purchasing the tickets.”

Junsu also expressed his gratitude for the massive sales records. “To those who love musicals and to my fans, I give my wholehearted thanks.”

He also showed confidence in the success of his musical: “I personally like musicals (as I’ve seen many in both Korea and overseas), and I believe that ‘Tears of Heaven’ will be a musical that will not be lacking in anything that would be expected from Broadway theatres. to those shown in Broadway theatres.”

Source: Newsen
Credits: Allkpop
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