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29 January 2011

[NEWS] 110128 Junsu's iPhone is Shown to be Damaged

After going to the salon and on his way to a restaurant, Junsu pulled out his iPhone. Shot in the back seat of a van, a picture of Junsu's stylist scrolling through funny pictures on her cell phone as a curious Junsu watched is shown. He then brought out his own phone, but the LCD screen was shattered though still functional. The Sports Chosun journalist asked Junsu if it should be fixed but Junsu said there is no need and that "there's no problem with the functionality."

Junsu lives with his manager as well as his multiple cats. On his shattered phone, Junsu started looking at the multiple pictures of his cats that he has stored. As he went through the pictures, Junsu seemed like a dad who was looking at his newborn child.

Credits: Sports Chosun
Shared by: DBSKnights + dbsk dream

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