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16 November 2010

SJ Shindong injured his shoulder!

Super Junior Shindong’s shoulder is injured. On the 11th, Shindong’s girlfriend Nari, wrote this sentence on her twitter: “Oppa whose shoulder ligament swelled very badly during filming. He even used wrapping. Although (he’s) using a brace, but when (he) coughs, it hurts” and “(He) had to rest for 4 weeks, but he ate painkillers and rushed to his schedule again. Don’t get hurt again”, expressing her deep feelings towards he injured boyfriend. In fact, through the MBC FM “Shindong, Park Gyuri Shim Shim Tapa” photos revealed on the 11th, Shindong draped a coat over to hide his injury, but traces of his hanging arm can still be seen. However, Shindong took painkillers, and left the country on the 12th for the 3rd Asia Tour Concert “Super Show 3” in Nanjing. The concert which sent fans into a frenzy was held on the 13th. Fans who heard of the news expressed their worries towards Shindong and Nari. “Get well soon”, “Leeteuk’s broken finger, followed by Shindong’s injury” “If my boyfriend was injured like this, and still wanted to go to work, I’d cry really badly” etc.Super Junior is scheduled to return to Korea on the 14th.

Source: Sports Chosun
Chinese to English translations: --dreamx @ sj-world.net
Thanks to Rokkugo☆~♪ for the tip! =

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