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16 November 2010

HOTTESTS Around The World Wish They Were Japanese - 2PM Mobile

2PM will open their official cellphone site “2PM Hottest Japan Mobile”. They are scheduled to open in the following order: docomo - November 15th 11:00~, Softbank – November 17th 11:00~, au- November 18th 11:00~. [Note: docomo, Softbank & au are cellphone carries in Japan]

2PM will complete their Japanese debut on November 24th with the release of their DVD “Hottest ~ 2PM 1st MUSIC VIDEO COLLECTION & The History”. Since they already have an exceptional number of pre-orders, their official mobile site is also expected to have a large turnout.

“2PM Hottest Japan Mobile” will have the latest information from their official website, as well as pictures and you can view videos before their official release as well as preparations. If you register, you will get a special message card from 2PM on your birthday, you can reserve concert tickets before the general public, you can apply to see them, you can buy original goods and plans are also in progress for getting rare presents. So step up and get your digital member certificate. You can only read the member and staff blogs, etc… through this service. Many amazing things are being planned. The membership service fee is 315 yen (~4 USD) per month.

Also on November 17th, 2PM will release videos through Japan’s mobile movie distribution. The videos released will be their music videos, “Without U” “Heartbeat” “Again&Again”, “10 out of 10” and “My life 4 U”.

November 17 – Chaku Movie Distribution
210 yen (~2.50 USD) each – “Without U” “Heartbeat” “Again&Again” “10 out of 10” “My life 4 U”

Translated by: [info]gator_yoong
Source: Barks

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