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27 November 2010

The revealing of 2AM’s 3D movie concert

The revealing of 2AM’s 3D movie concert, 2am!

In order to let fans get a more comfortable experience of the charms of 2AM’s live performances, 2AM had specially produced the 3D movie concert 2am which will start screening on December 9th. A preview was held at a cinema in Seoul at 4:30pm on November 23rd. The movie captured the unrevealed sides of 2AM who had just released their first full-length album this year. 2am is a new generation of 3D movie concert which will allow fans to enjoy the movie and music simultaneously.

Through this movie, fans will be able to hear the great vocals of 2AM. They will also get to hear the life stories of the 2AM members who have been actively participating in various variety shows and dramas and their truthful talks. The three-dimensional images brought by the movie will allow the viewers in the cinema to experience the hot atmosphere of the live concert. Such new type of concert is anticipated to bring a brand new kind of enjoyment to the fans.

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