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27 November 2010

[NEWS] “Idol groups can’t last more than 5 years” YG clarifies rumors

The members of Big Bang have been swept up in a rather unusual controversy due to the long delay in their album release and their continued hiatus. Rumors began circulating about how the relationship between the members was turning sour, bringing back the old stereotype that idol groups can never last past five years.

A representative of YG Entertainment clarified, “It’s difficult for us to give a clear comeback date since all of the members are personally contributing to the album production. They put more priority on having standards met to their satisfactions as opposed to releasing something quickly. It seems that such a controversy came about due to the delays in their comeback, but the members have become closer than ever by working on this album together.”

Another representative that spoke with Osen revealed, “I actually asked the members themselves and they thought it was weird, answering, ‘It’s hard to even be as close as we are.’

They’re boys, so they play and joke around a bit harder than usual. When I told them about the rumors going around, they actually responded, “At least they don’t think we’re delaying our comeback because of our music skills. It’s better that they create rumors like that instead.‘”

The representative continued, “The members always laugh and maintain an energetic atmosphere whenever they’re together and are closer than they’ve ever been, actually.”

(source: allkpop)

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