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23 November 2010

[FANACCOUNT] Welcoming JaeChunSu in Las Vegas

On the 13th some friends and I were hanging out getting ourselves excited for the showcase when we decided to go to the airport and wait for JYJ to come in. We got there around 10pm. We waited for just about an hour(maybe a little more) and around 11 or 11:30 they finally arrived. We followed them out of the airport and into the parking garage. My friend went up to their manager and asked if we could get autographs, he said that they were checking in at the hotel and if we hurried to the hotel we could get autographs from them then (and surprisingly he actually told us what hotel they were staying at). When we got to the hotel we waited by the front desk for half an hour and didn't see anyone. My friend spotted their manager and asked him again if we could get an autograph, he said no that they were sleeping.

Then on the 14th after the showcase we went back to the hotel and waited by the front desk for about an hour. We decided to walk around and see if we could find them. We ran into other fans that said they had seen them but they didn't know where they went. So my friend and I walked around a little more and right as we were about to give up hope I saw JaeJoong to my right playing poker. My friend went up to him and asked for an autograph but he was in the middle of a game so I told him that we would wait. Maybe 15 seconds later he called us over and autographed something for the each of us. A few tables down YooChun was playing, at first their manager said we couldn't get autographs but YooChun said it was ok and signed something for my friend and I. We were just about to leave when we saw JunSu walk over. He signed something for us and after we said thank you he said 'Thankoo' that was the most adorable thing we had heard that whole night~! In person they look even better then they do in pictures, on TV or on the computer, I didn't think that was possible ^^

She is soooo lucky!
Credits: Anonymous@DBSKnights
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