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23 November 2010

[FANACCOUNT] JaeChunSu in LAX Airport

We found out via twitter around 9:30pm that JYJ was going to airport (LAX) right after their concert to catch the 11:30pm flight to Korea. It took us a while to decide to go to the airport because this was our first time "stalking" anyone, and we didn't know if we would actually be able to find them. We arrived at the airport at around 10:00pm. We parked in the international parking lot, and crossed the street to get towards the LAX building. My friend and I were running because we thought we might miss seeing them. Once we started running to get through the doors of LAX, we glanced over at a hot guy smoking outside by a pillar. Then we did a double take as we realized it was Jaejoong. My jaw literally dropped and I was staring at him with bulging eyes as we walked through the doors. Once we were inside we noticed around 20 fans hanging around, carrying light boards. This confirmed that it was Jaejoong. I was hyperventilating and talking gibberish to my friend while hitting her, lol. My friend was calm, though, and she said, there goes Micky. He walked right past us, but I didn't even notice!! Then he stood in the baggage checkout line. Then I noticed red hair, and I was like OMG! Junsu! So we stared at them until they started walking. They were surrounded by a lot Korean staff members. Then we followed them. Then they got in line to board the plane. They got into an express lane, so they disappeared quickly.

Credits: Anonymous@DBSKnights
Shared by: DBSKnights + dbsk dream

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