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07 September 2010

News: Sandara Turns Into a “Beast,” Wild Child in the Forest? Has Cute Charisma

Girl group 2NE1, is set to release their full album “To Anyone” and the promotional pictures for one of their title track, “Clap Your Hands,” was released.

YG Entertainment representative, Yang Hyun Suk reveals 2NE1′s new albums and information on their music video shooting on his blog, YG-Life (yg-life.com/yg-life.co.kr).

In this photo released today, Sandara Park is revealed in a picture doing a pose reminiscent to Tarzan, showing beastly make-up and costume, transforming her into a “beast.”

The background is also reminiscent of a forest, making her look like a wild child lost in the midst of it.

Charismatic and beastly, but still looking cute, netizens commented with, “I am so excited and thrilled! The song has got me hooked with your distinct colors,” “The photo hit the jackpot,” garnering a great response.

2NE1 would be making their comeback on SBS Inkigayo on the 12th.


Source: http://news.nate.com…/20100906n19211

Translated by: Belle@DaraGonHideout.com

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