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07 September 2010

News: 2NE1 Hip-Hop Song, “Clap Your Hands” Revealed

Set to be released on the 9th, girl group 2NE1‘s first studio album’s track, “Clap Your Hands” teaser was revealed.

2NE1′s agency, YG Entertainment, and its representative, Yang Hyun-Suk, revealed one of the title tracks of the new album through his blog, “YG-LIFE.”

“Clap Your Hands” has a good rhythm backed by percussion instruments, showing the dominating and intense hip-hop song style expected from 2NE1. In the meantime, 2NE1′s hot hip-hop music has caught the attention of many fans.

On the same day that the teaser music to “Clap Your Hands” were revealed, promotional pictures of the music video was also released.

With strong smoky-eye make-up and henna tattoo, with a unique forest background, the 2NE1 members showed a different charisma compared to the photos released for “Can’t Nobody.”

The three title songs for 2NE1′s albums present a unique promotional activity. Before “Clap Your Hands” was released, “Can’t Nobody” and “It Hurts” were also revealed, instantly showing up in real-time searches in various online portals, and raising the expectations and excitement for 2NE1′s first studio album.

2NE1′s first studio album, “To Anyone” is set for domesstic release on September 9, as well as a world-wide release via iTunes on the same day, and a comeback stage on SBS “Inkigayo” on the 12th.


Source: http://news.nate.com…/20100906n19782

Translated by: Belle@DaraGonHideout.com

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