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14 September 2010

Changmin interview with SPUR mag!

A love story, tales about work... the latest catch up on Changmin without make up!

Charming Changmin

This time, for Changmin who hasn't come back in a while, SPUR Pink proposed the 'pink!' theme. Other than clothes, talking about love and his work also... in general, these stories will make your heart turn into shades of pink.


Born in February 1988. B blood type. Coming to Japan this time, he cheerfully said "I ate my favorite Ramen and Udon!" This past summer, he participated in the SM World tour held in Seoul, LA, and Shanghai.

When I'm in love, no matter what I see, I always feel "really happy"!

"In days that are refreshing and cool, I always feel like wearing pink colored clothing." Changmin, matched with the clothes that he is wearing, showed expressions full of charm. Occasionally gentle, sometimes lazy. But today, he also looks like someone confessing their inner thoughts to the person they like, showing a very confused expression!!

"Although people say that when you're in love, your heart will turn pink, my heart actually turns purple! When I become attracted someone, I start having a build up of emotions. No matter what I see, I will feel like 'ah~ I'm so happy'. I think that whenever I'm in love, I will always fall into this positive and energetic state." Changmin said with a touch of embarrassment.

With regards to the movie 'Notting Hill', Changmin said, "I love this the most" with a smile, once again taking us into the comedic side of relationships, because watching it will make you very happy. So, what is the ideal lover and relationship that Changmin draws in his mind?

"If I had a girlfriend, I would probably be in contact with her everyday so I can let her be at ease. But when I want to focus my mind on my work, she would understand me. Women who are 'far-sighted' are my ideal types. For each other, we shouldn't be too restricting over one another that would cause the both of us to feel unpleasant. I would also want to understand her and be a boyfriend that doesn't interfere with her work.

But, being jealous and controlling once in a while, I guess would also be an expression of love too. Just like this, continuing to influence each other positively and having a relaxed relationship would be the best."

But now, "compared to love, I'm more addicted to tennis, which has just started!" he said with his eyes sparkling, just like a teenager.

"I started to play tennis because I wanted to exercise my body and lost some weight. When I was filming for my television drama, the amount of my food-ingestion was limited. That stimulated me to furiously eat after I was done, so I became fatter (laugh).

What did I learn through the filming? Too much. I also came across things that required a lot of thought and pondering over. For example, I've always been doing activities in a group, so even though my condition isn't that good, there will be people who cover for me. But during the filming this time, I honestly felt that I must carry all the burden myself so I won't let down the staff members who have always given me so much support. Because of this, I have grown and matured.

I can grasp Japanese better, and I will work hard to sing and dance, whether I'm in Korea or Japan, whether I'm an actor or a singer... I don't want to stay in one place. I want to continue doing activities. I also truly want to become an artist who can achieve results in everything that I do."

Exposing his deeply-hidden feelings and blossoming with an even stronger and brighter radiance, Changmin's pounding heart of pink, compared to love or other things, is surviving on his will to work his best!

Source: [baidutvxq]
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