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15 August 2010

Strong SeoHyun Piggy Backs Jung YongHwa

SNSD’s SeoHyun showed she is absolutey one strong lady when she managed to piggy back her ‘husband’, CN BLUE’s Jung YongHwa.

In the latest episode of We Got Married, the sweet potato couple enjoyed a pocket ball date at the pool room.

Jung refused to teach SeoHyun pocket ball since he had a bitter experience of losing to a girl in a pocket ball match. Having a hurt pride, he could not give a confident answer when SeoHyun pleaded him to teach her pocket ball.

But who can resist the adorable SeoHyun? Jung finally surrendered and taught her.

It became an embarrassing moment again for Jung since he could not score much as expected. On the other hand, SeoHyun showed an amazing pocket ball skill.

Nevertheless, in the end Jung won the match and SeoHyun was punished to piggy back him on the way home on the hill.

SeoHyun is definitely strong to piggy back a man!

Credits: pi@ pimedia.co.kr
Translation: 1takeKK @ cnblue-sky.net
Written by: rose1363 @kpoplive
shared by: dbskdream

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