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15 August 2010

KARA’s Street Performance In Japan Ends Within 3 Minutes

KARA held their first ever live street performance in Tokyo, Japan, but unfortunately, the group had to leave the stage after only three minutes. How come?

It was reported that 3,000 fans came to see KARA, flooding the streets. There were so many people that police officers were even sent to keep the place under control.

Upon KARA’s appearance, the fans went wild and started pushing towards the stage. If the police was not present, the situation would’ve become very dangerous and people could have ended up injured.

Due to these circumstances, the host decided that the girls would leave the stage right after performing Mister. However, that was not the original plan, as KARA had planned to talk after their live performance.

Members of KARA expressed their thoughts about the event that took place. Jiyoung said, “It was surprising to have so many people coming to our performance” while Seungyeon added that “Although it only [lasted] for a short time, we did our very best.”

In the video below, the great number of fans that came to see KARA can be easily spotted as they are surrounding the stage from all directions.

[double click on the video]

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