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21 August 2010

[News] 2PM go on secret dates to the amusement park

2PM, who were always the 'Heroes' members' romances, went on a secret date to the amusement park.

On the 22nd on SBS 'Heroes', the member who could not freely go to amusement parks after turning into celebrities, had fun going on a secret date, buying soft drinks and going on the rides.

In particular, even though 2PM's Wooyoung usually can't take on scary rides, he went on the roller coaster for the scared Jiyeon of T-ara. Here, Wooyoung grabbed hold of the shaking Jiyeon's hand and showed a manly image.

Meanwhile, Hong Su Ah was unable to partner with Nichkhun who did not participate due to a schedule, and instead partnered up with Lee Whee Jae. Yoo In Na and Junho looked like real couples, having an intimate secret date together.


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