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21 August 2010

[Info] The best drinker in SHINee is ONEW!

Preview for YaHaengSung this week!!

The shining idols that returned as men from boys!
To the question by the MC "Who is the best drinker in SHINee"
All of the SHINee members answered "leader onew"..
Afterwhich Key's vivId testimony
While Onew hyung doesn't drink with the members who does he drink with such that his drinking capacity is getting better and better?!
Onew confessed that his record was drinking 5 and a half bottles
All the MCs who claimed themselves to be heavy drinkers were shocked,
Yoon Jong Shin chatted nonstop about how after Junjin, in 10 years, a idol in who can drink well in SM entertainment has been borned...
They're no longer the shabang young boys!
SHINee who have become adults reveals their drinking experience!

translation: lala_land@soompi

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