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13 August 2010

Face Analysis of SHINee

It's done by a Korean Student in the Methaphysics section, where she took SHINee's picture to ask their professor and got this result.
好多韩站都有转载,出处已经不明了 = =
It's reposted by a lot of Korean sites, and the original article is now unknown.
Face Analysis procedure : Jonghyun > Onew (Jin Ki) > Taemin > Minho

(Key's analysis is below, under Kibum)

Jonghyun and SUJU's Donghae can be said to be one of the TOP among idols in terms of energy. I don't know if i should say this but it means that, it's easy to stand up and lasts very long.
There's some sexual desire that can be seen from his face, and he's the type to be open and when in a relationship, he's the type to last very long.

After seeing Onew's face, there's no need to say, his "there" is very big, and it'll also last very long (energy). Even though his character is very warm, but once he's filled with sexual desire, there's no idea how he'll be like.

Taemin's not the big kind nor is he the kind that lasts long.
But like Onew, his face is filled with sexual desire. Once he's filled with sexual desire, there's no saying what he'll become.

There's no sexual desire on his face. The professor asked, "Does he like sports?"
Initially, he's already lacking in desire, and he spent it all on sports. And is sorry for his "that part".

(Most importantly, it's Kibum's analysis.)
After staring at Kibum's picture for almost half the day, he said
He shouldn't be a male.
According to the size, He should be right after Onew in terms of energy level.
The professor asked: "Does he like pink?"
After thinking for almost half the day as to what he meant, I answered yes.
The professor said while smiling: "He's really the kind of guy where his actions and face is in sync."
Then he said that Kibum's the Queen-type. Good in sex, character, eating and sleeping.

Please refer to the below notes on their horoscope (8 characters)

In my hand, i held Kibum's photos, where most of them are of during Juliette and RDD promotions period.
I purposely found a few pictures of him without make up for the professor to see.
But the Professor still said that he's the Queen-type.
Said that he's someone who can ride on someone's head; playing. (Can easily control someone and make fun of them?)

[궁합: 쫑키, 온키, 탬키, 밍키] - 쫑키는 종합적으로 봤을 때 사이니 최고! 특히, 속궁합 쪽에 탑.

【八字:钟key、温key、泰key、珉key – 钟key综合来看在SHINee中最高! 尤其是性格八字上占TOP】
Horoscope compatibility: JongKey, OnKey, TaeKey, MinKey - JongKey's Compatibility in SHINee is the highest! Especially when it comes to character compatibility, they're the Top.

(The title is translated according to the Korean article's style. (On the CP) )
The reason why JongKey's in the number one is because, according to their character horoscope, they're different from the rest.
It might be a little wrong to say this but, if Key's a female, the chances of Key being with Jonghyun is very high.
JongKey is the couple with the highest CP because of their character, which is different from the other kids.
Jonghyun's eye and Key's eye, in terms of face analysis, looks to be very compatible, even though i don't really understand what he meant.
Truthfully speaking, Key should be with someone taller, so that his body will be healthy.
However, Jonghyun's height is covered by his energy.
That means that Jonghyun's energy level is so strong that there's a lot of surplus.
If it's said that Key has a lot of fortune luck, then Jonghyun has business luck.
There's no problems if he does business, however Jonghyun needs to bear in mind that he can't play stocks.
Anyway, if Jonghyun and Key marries or lives together
Jonghyun will be the breadwinner while Key will be the housewife.
If Key's the stream, then Jonghyun's the.. living thing that's living inside the stream...
Just something that lives in the water
Which says that it's not Jonghyun who controls Key but it's Key that controls Jonghyun.
To explain this, it means that, even though Key's younger than Jonghyun, but his ideas is deeper than Jonghyun's.

If it's said that JongKey's compatibility is the highest, then OnKey's the best marriage choice. In marriage compatibility, JongKey lost to OnKey.
Onew has very high perceptions of his female partner, has great power fortune, and is very strict when it comes to looking for his partner, which means to say that Onew's partner will be someone who's very outstanding.
If Key's the stream, then Onew's the rock in the stream.
The stream will hit on the rock non stop, and after prolonged periods of time, the shape will start to change.
If there's no earth shaking problems, the rock will not easily leave the stream, so OnKey is a CP that will last very long together.
Above, where it's said that the stream will hit on the rock non stop, it isn't to say that the rock will be roded but it says that it'll become stronger.
Onew's power fortune is high, Key's money fortune is high, and if both of them is intent on making money, they'll be New Zaibatsu (Ambitious Rich Men)
If Onew dedicates his life to politics, and if Minho becomes Onew's secretary, and if Key's dedicated in being a good wife, Onew will then have a good chance to become a Potential President.
Which means to say that Onew has quite a huge Power Fortune, even though it's a little out of topic, but it says that it's a huge pity that Onew's a singer, as he's someone that can do well in a much bigger place.
The saying where Onew's warm and smooth like a rabbit is correct.
Even though it's different when it comes to bed and society, however, in love and marriage, it'll be very smooth and warm.
If Key's a female, OnKey after marriage, their children will have a great future.

If JongKey's Compatibility, OnKey's Marriage, then TaeKey's romance.
Taemin's weak on the outside but strong on the inside, while Key's a female in and out.
If both of them dates, their surrounding will be filled with pink elements, but it's not marriage.
If Key's chocolate, then Taemin's sweet.
If both of them dates, it'll be very sweet, however it won't be a romance like fire, it'll just be very sweet and long lasting.
However, if chocolate and sweet is eaten for long period of time, it'll cause weariness of each other, thus they have no Marriage luck.
Both of them are very sweet, so even if they aren't lovers, they can also be friends.
They're both the kinds that after a long relationship,they'll never see each other again after they break off.
If it's said that Taemin's filled with ambition, usually someone who's filled with ambition would be very ambitious and has huge desire for food, which implies that he's someone that's represented by fire.
Even though Taemin's face is filled with sexual desire, but according to his face analysis, his attitude towards ambition and love's obsession isn't that great, so during breakups he'll be very cool.
Key will be mentioned below, but it's said that Key's also the type to be very cool during break ups.
Finally, TaeKey's relationship will be very sweet and warm, but when they break up, it'll be very cool and calm.
Even though it's said that Minho's energy isn't that great, but it's not saying that Minho's heartless.
Ancient days, formally introducing the queen in front of the crowd but at the back, there's a concubine which he dotes on a lot and only on her and doesn't share.
Minho's this kind of person, even though his energy level isn't high, he's the most romantic and emotional man in SHINee.
If Key's the stream, then Minho's the willow tree.
For Minho, instead of Key being the stream, he's more like the pond or the river.
Beside the river, there's a willow tree, the scenery is that beautiful, MinKey is this kind of existence.
According to their face analysis, both of their looks in the CP is the best, it's like when placed anywhere, it'll be like a beautiful scenery.
To summarize it, according to their face, Key needs to be with someone who's tall to be healthy and safe.
MinKey and TaeKey is different in a way, that even after they break up, they'll still meet, and Minho will hold on to Key's hand and never let go.
Because Minho's just like the Willow tree, soft hearted and emotional.
So Minho's the type that after a break up, he'll cry and be hurt till he falls sick.
Because Minho's pretty lonely, so when he sees someone, he'll want to do his best even until death to be close.
After saying this, it makes me remember that Minho's getting closer to a SUJU sunbae lately.
Amongst MinKey, compared to Key, Minho's the kind that will never let go, he's the CP that will date and break off.

(Professor's opinion: JongKey>OnKey>TaeKey>MinKey)

Talking about Key, the professor has said more than once that he's the Queen-type.
He's someone that can control someone else happily
The professor said that, even when faced with someone who wants to kill him, he'll still be able to think of a way to control that person.
If he's placed in the North Korea Dynasty, and if placed in front of the King, he'll also be the vixen(fox) that's able to win his love and care. (doting)
The professor has been calling Key a vixen(fox) for a certain period of time.
So he's not of a Male type.
And, even if Key's alone (not in a relationship), he'll still be able to see far in terms of his future and he's very perceptive and quick-witted.
Full of ambition, he's already very ambitious, and yet he has huge fortune.
Thus, he's more compatible with the business-fortune Jonghyun or the Power-Fortune Onew.
Key draws a very clear line between work and private life, in career, even though he's very impatient, but weirdly in Love and Feelings, he might be a little selfish.
Regardless of work or private, career or love, Key's always a Queen-type.

Queen, Vixen(fox) all can be used to refer to Key.

Cr. Baidu for Chinese trans.
Eng. Trans by, Alatariel.
Source: sm_shinee

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