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09 July 2010

Onew’s word of warning to Jung YongHwa, “Don’t hurt SeoHyun’s heart”

SHINee Onew gives a word of warning to C.N Blue Jung YongHwa.

Recently on KBS late night variety show ‘Night Star’, C.N Blue Jung YongHwa and Lee JungShin were guest appearances. And it was revealed that Jung YongHwa and Onew are close friends of the same age.

Onew is also close friends to SeoHyun, make-believe wife of Jung YongHwa on MBC We Got Married. On the show that day, Onew said, “Don’t you dare hurt SeoHyun’s heart.”

Gil then said to Onew, “It seems like a scene where friends fight over girls at drinking places,” causing laughter during the filming.

The show is set to air on 11th July at 11.15pm.

S: TVDaily

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