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24 July 2010

[NEWS] YG Family talks about Taeyang on “Real Sound”

First up was fellow Big Bang member G-Dragon. When asked about Taeyang he said,

To me he’s a friend who fits best with the word ‘friend’… The album is really good. Watching from the side, I’m glad that Young Bae (Taeyang) likes it. Because it’s his own album, I believe that he needs to like it more than anyone else… From an outsiders perspective, the music is really good and I think he will do well.

Although Taeyang was often unsatisfied with his performances, he respectfully continued to smile for the On Style cameras. Even after winning first place on M! Countdown he questioned himself as to whether he was worthy of winning first place. He said that he felt as though he won, not because he did well, but because people liked him and recognized him. He also shared how he really wanted to sleep but he was having trouble sleeping. At that point, 2NE1’s Sandara came in and said that she was dealing with insomnia too.

On Style’s cameras also took viewers backstage at Inkigayo where 2NE1’s CL, Minzy, Sandara and Big Bang’s T.O.P came in support of Taeyang. T.O.P expressed that he was disappointed to find that he wasn’t the only one who came to support Taeyang, because he was hoping that his visit would be more special but was glad to be a part of the warm YG family.

Later Taeyang’s friends prepared a suprise house party to celebrate his album’s success. At the party, Seungri gave Taeyang a bottle of champagne and was asked about what kind of hyung Taeyang was to him. He said,

He is a hyung that is readily prepared and is earnest about even the trivial things, a hyung that is right. The only thing I worry about as a dongsaeng is that he gets a lot of stress because he worries a lot. It often gets to the point where he gets poor complextion. I wish Youngbae-hyung wouldn’t get too stressed and enjoy what he is doing now. I think he is a hyung that is earnest about everything and when on stage seeks perfection. Also I hope that Taeyang will sing and dance as he pleases on the stage, that he wanted to stand on so badly, while satisfying the many fans that have waited for him. I’ll be cheering for you at the bottom of the stage. Taeyang-hyung, fighting!

Next Minzy was asked the same quesion. She expressed,

I don’t know… Sometimes he’s nice and other times he’s mean. Oppa is a bad guy. He’ll do well… I believe he will always do well… However, even after achieving his dreams, oppa will probably go beyond that

To this Taeyang responded,

That’s right… After I beat Usher…! Usher… is the best… Just wait… you never know what the future holds for people.”

Lastly, On Style followed Taeyang onto the set of his GQ photoshoot. There viewers were able to meet his hair designer, makeup artist, and clothing stylist who have worked together since Big Bang first started. His makeup artist confessed that she has a lot of work to do because Taeyang is always practicing during any breaktime and so is always sweaty. His stylist revealed that he is a bit difficult to work with because he won’t wear anything he doesn’t like and said that it takes a lot of effort to get him to try anything new. However, in the end she acknowledged Taeyang as a fashionista.


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