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24 July 2010

[NEWS] Latest UFO Replies from Seungri

*Translations from left to right*

To: Big Bang

Victory. Taeyang hyung came out with a new album. When is yours coming out?

From: Seungri

[BigBang] I still don’t have plans to yet. -Seungri-

To: Big Bang

Seungri ah, is your body better? We miss you! Dear, do you miss us?

From: Seungri

[BigBang] Of course I miss you T -Seungri-

To: Big Bang

Seungri hyung, today i saw you and Taeyang on Strong Heart. the best!!!! hehe…

From: Seungri

[BigBang] you can watch it from China? -Seungri-

Source: baidu
Translation: Maggie @ ibigbang

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