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24 July 2010

Key Phone Call Conversation on ShimShimTaPa (100723)

G= Gyuri S=Shindong K=Key

[PART 1]
G: Key you're a 91er right?
K: Yea I'm 20.
G: Yea he's a dongsang to me (younger brother). I'm a 88er.
S: Oh I see..you guys are 3 years apart?
G: Yea.
S: Ok Key we're gonna ask you a question right now. Who do you think is the prettiest member from Kara?
K: ahahaa
G: (softly) it's nicole...nicole
S: 1..2..3!
K: Gyuri noona!!
G: Aw you better think of what you want to eat (she's saying she will buy food for him)
S: Aren't you sleepy?

[PART 2]
K: No I'm fine. We're spending a joyful time every day lately!
S: Oh yea your new song Lucifer is awesome!
G: Yea Lucifer dae-bak ("great" in korean)
K: Oh you guys heard it already? Aw thank you! Please love our song!
S: And you guys released your mv!
K: Oh yes :)
G: And Key your new hair cut is quite unique and surprising
S: Yea I was so surprised! And it seemed like you copied my hairstyle for Suju's 4th album!
G: Hey Shindong! You're image is way different though!

[PART 3]
S: There seems to be rumors that you kinda got some ideas from my previous hairstyle?
K: hehee...yea it's not that I didn't get any influence from that but I honestly just wanted to try something new and different.
S: Hahaa you can't say "noo" cause I'm your sunbae (upper-class men) right?
K: hehee yea well sunbae-neem (Shindong) did this type of hairstyle first so I think it's true I got some influence from it ;)
S: Noo I copied the character in Dragon Ball Comic too. So it's okay.

[PART 4]
G: So Key you said you were at home (SHINee's dorm) right?
K: Yea
G: Who are you with?
K: I'm alone right now.
S: Wait a sec..other members aren't with you?
K: Oh it's cause even if our practice ends late, our members seem to get really hungry. So they said they're gonna go eat gogi (korean bbq/meat).
G: Aww they left our Key and went to go eat gogi?
K: It's because I've been trying to keep a healthy diet so I try not to eat at night. Cause if I start eating a lot, I can't stop.

[PART 5]
G & S: Yea that true...it must be tough.
S: Yea and you know that Key is most known for his high-skilled girl group dancing! Oh my he's soo good at dancing to girl group songs!
G: Yes thats true!
S: He memorizes every single one! So what is your most favorite girl group dance recently?
K: Uhh....recently...probably Miss A?
G & S: Ohhh~
K: It's too bad I can't show it to you guys right now.

[PART 6]
S: Okay so let's make a promise. Since SHINee will start their new album schedule soon, they'll come out on SSTP right? Then during the radio talk we'll turn on Miss A's song and you have to show us your dance okay?
K: Well of course!
G: Yaa~ Kibum you're the best! Kibum jjang! (Kibum is Key's real name)
S: Okay so now I'll let you promote SHINee's new album Lucifer. We'll give you 1 minute. START!

[PART 7]
K: So since our 'Love like Oxygen' SHINee's 2nd Full Album came out w/ the title Lucifer. There are 13 new songs. And our members all worked hard and so I hope you guys give us a lot of love.
G: Aigooo~ You talk so well too! (I think Gyuri really adores Key...maybe he's close w/ all of Kara since he's super super best friends with Nicole)

[PART 8]
S: Oh and since SHINee's album was released, there was a news article titled "SHINee Yok (Yok = cuss word)" and so as a SM sunbae I was surprised and clicked on the article. And thank god it was not about them cussing but was a title of a song in their album!
K: Yes and that song was written by Jonghyun-hyung.
S: Ohh but the title is yok?
K: Yea it is a song title but the article said "SHINee Yok" so it was kinda misleading.
S: Yea I was so surprised.
K: Yea me too.

[PART 9]
S: Okay Key thank you!
G: Yes thanks!
S: So now you can request a song to play on our radio.
K: Is it okay if I request OUR song?
G & S: Of course!
K: Oh really? Then can you play SHINee's new song?
S: Okay which one?
K: Um Lucifer :)
S: I hope you guys work hard.
K: Oh thank you.
G: Thanks Kibummie for answering our phone call!
K: heehee
G & S: You have to come out of SSTP!
K: Yes thank you!

source: WeaReShining01@YT | translation: DBSK1004@YT

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